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List of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien episodes


List of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien episodes

This is the list of episodes for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien airing from June 1, 2009, to January 22, 2010.


  • 2009 1
    • June 1.1
    • July 1.2
    • August 1.3
    • September 1.4
    • October 1.5
    • November 1.6
    • December 1.7
  • 2010 2
    • January 2.1
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No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
1 Will Ferrell[1] Pearl Jam ("Got Some")[1] June 1, 2009
Move to LA, Greetings from Hillary Clinton, the letter "D" from the Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios tour tram, Conan's Ford Taurus
2 Tom Hanks[1] Green Day ("Know Your Enemy")[1] June 2, 2009
Brian Williams' interview with Barack Obama, Twitter Tracker, Shopping spree on Rodeo Road, Tom Hanks gets hit with low flying meteor
3 Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bradley Cooper[1] Sheryl Crow ("Run Baby Run")[1] June 3, 2009
Moral Outrage, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Pierre Bernard make entrance through tunnel, In the Year 2000/3000, Jack McBrayer appears as his 30 Rock character Kenneth Parcell
4 Gwyneth Paltrow, Joel McHale[1] John Mayer Trio ("California Dreamin'")[1] June 4, 2009
Conan at the Foley stage, Glen Campbell's mugshot, Conan's Tabloid Moment
5 Ryan Seacrest, Patton Oswalt Chickenfoot ("Oh Yeah") June 5, 2009
Tonight Show Traffic-copter, Conan's Super Mario Bros. backdrop, all the children born during Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Celebrity Survey
6 David Duchovny, Anna Friel Bill Burr June 8, 2009
Conan and Andy go canoeing, Trull Busters!, Noches de Pasion con Señor O'Brien
7 Eddie Murphy, Angela Kinsey Bonnie Raitt & Taj Mahal ("She Caught the Katy") June 9, 2009
Conan at the focus group, Twitter Tracker
8 Dane Cook, Steven Ho Rancid ("Last One to Die") June 10, 2009
FiatChrysler Jeep, Iran Presidential Debate, David Hasselhoff as spokesman of World Oceans Day, Andy'll Try It!: Bakon Vodka, Donald Trump classes up Conan's parking space
9 Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan Neko Case ("This Tornado Loves You") June 11, 2009
Mugshots of Conan, Law & Order talkshow, Conan & Slash buy guitar, Norm Macdonald's Rock of Love, Norm Plus One
10 Jamie Foxx, Kevin Nealon Jamie Foxx ("Digital Girl") June 12, 2009
Fart Party IX: Boner's Revenge, Conan's Tabloid Moment, Paris Hilton stops by unannounced, Interview with North Dakota's State Budget Manager, Calls from moms
11 Will Arnett, Joe Torre Spinal Tap ("Heavy Duty") June 15, 2009
Conan buys wax figures of Fonzie and Tom Cruise, Worst seat at the studio, Naming rights
12 Larry David, Lauren Conrad Gavin Rossdale ("This Is Happiness") June 16, 2009
Tom Cruise stalks Fonzie in the bathroom, Joe Biden visits Bellevue Elementary School, The Tonight Show Audiencey Awards
13 Kobe Bryant, William Shatner Incubus ("Black Heart Inertia") June 17, 2009
Fonzie and Tom Cruise at Lakers parade, Conan brings in huge statue, Casting for NBC's new film
14 Eva Mendes, Christopher Mintz-Plasse The Dead Weather ("Hang You from the Heavens") June 18, 2009
Jordan Schlansky vs. USC Marching Band, Twitter Tracker
15 Shia LaBeouf, Phil Jackson Holly Williams ("Mama") June 19, 2009
A message from All on TV, Conan takes Pierre Bernard out to a Greek diner, A rebuttal from Conan's father, Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog at the Bonnaroo Music Festival
16 Cameron Diaz, Johnny Strange Pete Yorn ("Don't Wanna Cry") June 22, 2009
Conan meets the neighbors, Tonight Show Traffic-copter
17 Lisa Kudrow, Billy Mays & Anthony Sullivan Elvis Costello ("Sulphur to Sugarcane") June 23, 2009
Tribute to Ed McMahon, TMZ Wild
18 Brandon McMillan, Kerry Washington Wilco ("You Never Know") June 24, 2009
Conan's Tabloid Moment (With Wax Fonzie and Wax Tom Cruise), Twelve-foot-high Jehovah's Witnesses, Andy'll Try It!: Salli
19 Brüno, Stephen Moyer Cirque du Soleil Zumanity June 25, 2009
Conan visits the Intel Science Fair, Max Goes to the Airport
20 Snoop Dogg, Jerry Ferrara Adele ("Hometown Glory") June 26, 2009
Sleep American, the Appalachian Trail Visitors' Bureau, Universal Studio's King Kong attraction, A Message from All on TV, In the Year 3000


No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
21 Howie Mandel, Alanis Morissette Death Cab for Cutie ("Little Bribes") July 6, 2009
A Message from All on TV, Checking in on Max in Europe, Conan explores the Universal lot, Sanford or Steel?
22 Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Connolly Andrew Bird ("Oh No") July 7, 2009
Mike Merrit's Inner Thoughts, Andy goes to Announcer school, Twitter Tracker
23 Meredith Vieira, Andy Hillstrand Al Madrigal July 8, 2009
Pro-Marijuana ad, Checking in on Max in Europe, The Tonight Show Tour-riffic Tram-tacular!, Celebrity Survey
24 Larry King, Zooey Deschanel Playing for Change ("Stand By Me") July 9, 2009
People injured while building the studio, The Tonight Show Back Row Irish Stepdancers, Reporting Live: Andy reports on the California wildfires, Who Wore it Best?
25 Bob Newhart, Cat Deeley Ray LaMontagne ("Meg White") July 10, 2009
Eric Hoffman gets kidnapped by Nike personnel, Conan visits the prop house, Noches de Pasion con Señor O'Brien
26 Jeff Goldblum, Bill Engvall Hair ("Hair"/"Let the Sunshine In") July 13, 2009
Home video of seven year-old Sonia Sotomayor in Puerto Rico, Meteor parody, The Tonight Show Tour-riffic Tram-tacular!, New State Quarters
27 Michael Phelps, Paget Brewster Sugar Ray ("Boardwalk") July 14, 2009
Late-night Sonia Sotomayor nunchucks infomercial, Republican's negative Barack Obama ad, The Tonight Show Kiss Cam, Andy plays in the 2009 All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game
28 Dana Carvey, Anthony Anderson Allison Iraheta ("Barracuda") July 15, 2009
Fox' depiction of Barack Obama's first pitch at the All-Star game, Lindsey Graham asks Sonia Sotomayor questions, Obamanopoly, Knight Rider studio, Celebrity Misquotes
29 Gerard Butler, Venus Williams Daughtry ("No Surprise") July 16, 2009
Arnold Schwarzenegger television ad, Bob Costas's Barack Obama interview, The Tonight Show Band run their own car wash, Interview with Bernie Madoff's prison consultant, Andy'll Try It!: Lady Gaga's flame-shooting bra
30 Seth Green, Steven Ho Demi Lovato ("Here We Go Again") July 17, 2009
Original moon-landing footage plus ALF, Mike Merrit's Inner Thoughts, America's Nicest Bathroom, Twitter Tracker
31 Adam Sandler, Peter Sarsgaard Kate Voegele ("99 Times") July 20, 2009
Original moon-landing footage plus Mr. T, Pet Airways, Slim Jim Shortage, Conan gives Jordan Schlansky apartment advice
32 Jonah Hill, Cheryl Hines Dan Naturman July 21, 2009
Hillary Clinton in New Dehli, Bad Happy Meal, The Tonight Show Tour-riffic Tram-tacular!, Shameless Kodak plug, The Tonight Show Photo Gallery
33 James Spader, Jack McBrayer Mat Kearney ("Closer to Love") July 22, 2009
The Real Parts of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Anti Arnold ad, Getting to know Ronnie Gutierrez, In the Year 3000
34 Zach Galifianakis, Keke Palmer Jason Aldean ("Big Green Tractor") July 23, 2009
Taco Bell chihuahua tribute, Dodgers trivia (cameo appearance by Tommy Lasorda), Conan's Tabloid Moment, Interview with an NRA spokesperson
35 Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne Eric Hutchinson ("OK It's Alright with Me") July 24, 2009
Checking in on Max in Europe, Dumbledore hits Hollywood, Conan and Andy dub Ghost in the Shell at Manga Entertainment
36 Meryl Streep, Judd Apatow The Fray ("Never Say Never") July 27, 2009
NBC's response to GLAAD, William Shatner reading Sarah Palin's farewell speech, Celebrity Survey
37 Heidi Klum, Steve Zahn Jimmy Carr July 28, 2009
911 Call for Henry Louis Gate's arrest, Q&A about Michael Vick, Mr. Met Has Anger Issues, Mike Merrit's Inner Thoughts, The Tonight Show Back Row Dog Circus, Andy'll Try It!: iFly with Wax Figure Tom Cruise
38 Rainn Wilson, Rachel Maddow Chicago ("25 or 6 to 4") July 29, 2009
Blue and Black Lager Fake Ad, William Shatner reading Sarah Palin's tweets, Conan House-Hunts with Jordan Schlansky
39 Paul Giamatti, Jack Dagger Regina Spektor ("Laughing With") July 30, 2009
Interview with Oklahoma City public relations director, Interview with the inmate who interviewed Bernie Madoff, Googling with the Stars
40 Hank Azaria, Adam Richman Ben Harper & Relentless7 ("Fly One Time") July 31, 2009
Checking in on Max in Europe, The Tonight Show Kiss Cam, Andy and Mike's Beer Summit, Twitter Tracker


No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
41 Ashton Kutcher, Charlyne Yi Gomez ("Airstream Driver") August 3, 2009
Newly discovered Mozart song (Cheers Theme), Michael Phelps Blew Off the Pope, Max Is Back!, Ashton Kutcher and Bob Saget try to get into the studio, Conan, Please Blow Up My Car! contest introduction
42 Jeremy Piven, The Human Cannonballs The All-American Rejects ("I Wanna") August 4, 2009
Distorted Obama birth certificate, Conan & Andy on the Aisle
43 Sienna Miller, Steve Schirripa Deon Cole August 5, 2009
NBC Primetime Preview Show, LaBamba and the Undie Run, Wax Tom Cruise and The Fonz get shot out of a cannon
44 Jonas Brothers, Ed Helms Jonas Brothers ("Paranoid") August 6, 2009
Obama's health care speech, Twitter is down!, Conan, Please Blow Up My Car! contest plug, In the Year 3000
45 Eric Bana, Mary Lynn Rajskub Flo Rida ("Jump") August 7, 2009
Disneyland cutbacks, Conan Goes to the Universal Studios Gift Shop, Prisoners Working on The Tonight Show, A rebuttal from Conan's father
46 Kyra Sedgwick, Hugh Dancy Lyle Lovett ("Choke That Chicken") August 10, 2009
Bark Week, Obama's AFTRA Message, Celebrity Survey
47 Jon Hamm, Freestyle Motocross Athletes Cobra Starship with Estelle ("Good Girls Go Bad") August 11, 2009
Andy'll Try It: Inversion Table, Conan Questions GM
48 Gordon Ramsay, B. J. Novak Willard Wigan August 12, 2009
Conan, Please Blow Up My Car! - Submissions
49 Piers Morgan All Time Low ("Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)") August 13, 2009
Conan, Please Blow Up My Car! - Grand Prize, Falling Domino's Pizza Employees, Conan's Tabloid Moment
50 Shaquille O'Neal, Demetri Martin Jack Ingram ("Barefoot and Crazy") August 14, 2009
Triumph at dog hotel
51 Bill Maher, Nick Cannon Kings of Leon ("Use Somebody") August 24, 2009
Interview with Obama family, In the Year 3000, Penny designs
52 Quentin Tarantino, Mark Feuerstein Smokey Robinson ("Don't Know Why") August 25, 2009
Mexican Drug Law, Meeting Universal Neighbors
53 Bradley Cooper, Jon Lovitz Franz Ferdinand ("What She Came For") August 26, 2009
Noches de Pasion con Señor O'Brien
54 Mike Tyson, Keith Barry Matisyahu August 27, 2009
Tonight Show Mini-Dose of Joy (Puppies dressed as cats), Celebrity Survey
55 Nigel Marven, DJ Qualls Colbie Caillat ("Fallin' for You") August 28, 2009
The Tonight Show Tour-iffic Tram-tacular!
56 Norm Macdonald, Thomas Haden Church Pitbull ("Calle Ocho/Hotel Room Service") August 31, 2009
Tonight Show Mini-Dose of Joy (Puppies dressed as cats redux), Norm's long joke, Iceroad Tollbooth Operator


No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
57 Elijah Wood, Mila Kunis Cheap Trick ("Sick Man of Europe") September 1, 2009
Prop Auction, Punch Line Dancers
58 John McCain, Frank Caliendo Third Eye Blind ("Bonfire") September 2, 2009
Hangin' with Hayes, Swine Flu PSA
59 Sandra Bullock, The Little League World Series Champions Gina Yashere September 3, 2009
Tonight Show Traffic-copter, The Interrupter
60 Jennifer Connelly, Zane Lamprey Ziggy Marley ("I Love You Too") September 4, 2009
Conan, Please Blow Up My Car! - Finalist Chosen
61 Kate Beckinsale, Richard Lewis, Dhani Harrison Dhani Harrison ("Birthday") September 8, 2009
Celebrity Survey, "Birthday" is played on the new Beatles Rock Band
62 Tom Arnold, Tim Meadows Reba McEntire ("Consider Me Gone") September 9, 2009
Adult Store Surveillance Camera Footage, Wiggin' Out!, Conan Helps Suzie Learn To Drive
63 Dennis Quaid, Mr. & Mrs.G. Paolo Nutini September 10, 2009
NFL Made for TV Movie, Feminist Pornography
64 Antonio Banderas, Bill Hader Chris Cornell September 11, 2009
In the Year 3000, The Tonight Show Tour-iffic Tram-tacular!
65 Charlize Theron, Steven Ho Dave Matthews Band September 14, 2009
The Tonight Show Audiencey Awards, Kanye at the VMAs, Edible Tennis Balls
66 Jennifer Aniston, Melanie Oudin Phoenix ("1901") September 15, 2009
Conan Cleans Pools
67 Aaron Eckhart, Michael Strahan Yeah Yeah Yeahs ("Heads Will Roll") September 16, 2009
Mike Merritt's Inner Thoughts, Andy on Celebrity Jeopardy!
68 Megan Fox, Louis C.K. Kevin Skinner ("If Tomorrow Never Comes") September 17, 2009
Andy'll Try It!: Conference bicycle, Noches de Pasion con Señor O'Brien
69 Courteney Cox, Ted Danson Nelly Furtado September 18, 2009
Barack Obama heckled by Statler and Waldorf, Canada's Got Talent, Triumph at the Chabad Telethon
70 Ricky Gervais, Chicken Charlie Lynyrd Skynyrd September 21, 2009
Conan Saves Megan Fox, Before Photoshop
71 Rebecca Romijn, Lisa Lampanelli Monsters of Folk ("Say Please") September 22, 2009
Swine Flu PSAs, Conan and Andy dub Blood: The Last Vampire
72 Martin Short, Tim Gunn Wynonna Judd September 23, 2009
Swine Flu PSAs, New Fall Trends
73 Dave Salmoni, Joel McHale India.Arie September 24, 2009
Audience Plugs, Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant
74 Teri Hatcher, Seth MacFarlane Rodrigo y Gabriela Cancelled
NOTE: Episode uncompleted due to O'Brien suffering a concussion while running a marathon with Teri Hatcher. Episode #42 was aired instead.
75 Drew Barrymore, Joseph Talamo Paramore September 28, 2009
Conan's head injury
76 John Krasinski, Patton Oswalt Quinn Dahle September 29, 2009
Celebrity Survey, Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant
77 Kate Walsh, Jesse Eisenberg Brad Paisley September 30, 2009
Sesame Street does health care, Tonight Show Hamster 500


No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
78 Michael Moore, Seth MacFarlane Rodrigo y Gabriela October 1, 2009
Conan visits a Barbershop quartet convention, Blame It on LaBamba
79 Drew Carey, Joe Buck Joshua Bell with Tiempo Libre October 2, 2009
Conan vs. Newark
80 Ellen Page, Kevin Nealon Dierks Bentley October 5, 2009
Conan vs. Newark Continues, Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant
81 Edward Norton, Kristen Bell Anvil October 6, 2009
In the Year 3000
82 Jason Bateman, Selena Gomez Toby Keith October 7, 2009
The Tonight Show Tour-iffic Tram-tacular! (knife throwing), Black Drinking Day with Deon Cole
83 Christian Slater, Jimmie Johnson Backstreet Boys October 8, 2009
Hillary Clinton on the Newark feud, Andy's Advice to Levi Johnston, Yo Jay-Z Buy NBC
84 Jeff Garlin, Zack Hample Lady Antebellum October 9, 2009
The Michael Vick Project, Conan interviews Ajay Bhatt
85 Jamie Foxx, Jason Alexander Grizzly Bear ("Two Weeks") October 12, 2009
Breaking Weather News, Newark feud update, Black Jewish Drinking day with Deon Cole and Todd Levin
86 Ice-T, Eddie Izzard The Flaming Lips ("Watching the Planets") October 13, 2009
Breaking Weather News, Newark feud update, Conan Freckle Registry commercial
87 Serena Williams, Ken Jeong Rascal Flatts October 14, 2009
Breaking Weather News, Celebrity Survey
88 John C. Reilly, Sanjay Gupta Matt Braunger October 15, 2009
Conan and Andy's Cialis commercial, Countdown to Mayor Booker
89 Cory Booker, Max Records Dashboard Confessional October 16, 2009
Max Weinberg in Cory Booker's office, Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog at pet boutique store.
90 Kathy Griffin, Chesley Sullenberger Wolfmother October 26, 2009
New State Quarters, Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant
91 Garry Shandling, Paula Deen Julian Casablancas ("11th Dimension") October 27, 2009
Andy'll Try It!: CJ Jeans and electric paper airplane launcher
92 Chris O'Donnell, Lindsey Vonn Uncle Kracker ("Smile") October 28, 2009
Audience Plugs
93 Denis Leary, Rob Mies The Swell Season ("Low Rising") October 29, 2009
Conan visits the new Ford Taurus SHO
94 Don Young, Susie Essman Alice in Chains ("Check My Brain") October 30, 2009
Halloween Mini-Dose of Joy: Puppies Dressed as Frankenstein, Deon Cole at Halloween Horror Nights, Dennis Anderson smashes Don Young's giant pumpkin with Gravedigger


No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
95 Ewan McGregor, Shaun White Tegan and Sara ("Hell") November 2, 2009
Andy's vest made from leftover Halloween candy, Celebrity Survey
96 Neil Patrick Harris, Paul Teutul, Sr. Creed November 3, 2009
Celebrity Trap (Dolph Lundgren), Before Photoshop
97 Amy Poehler, Magic Johnson & Larry Bird The Bravery November 4, 2009

William Shatner reads Levi Johnston's tweets, Conan talks via satellite to two gay fishermen (Brian Stack and Brian McCann)

NOTE: Larry Bird appears via satellite, a first for the current iteration of The Tonight Show.
98 Jim Carrey, Olivia Wilde Zac Brown Band November 5, 2009
William Shatner reads Levi Johnston quotes, Conan hangs out with Wing Pang (first appearance since episode #45)
99 Cory Monteith, Harland Williams Pixies ("Here Comes Your Man") November 6, 2009
Andy's motorized podium, Deon Cole on blackface ("A Black Thing You Ought to Know")
100 Kelsey Grammer, Major Brian Dennis and Nubs David Gray November 9, 2009
A Message from All on TV, A Message from Conan's Father, Disneyland Shanghai map, Andy'll Try It: Neckline Slimmer and Facial Flex
101 Jessica Biel, Super Dave Osborne John Fogerty November 10, 2009
Deon Cole reviews Precious via satellite, The Tonight Show Audiency Awards
102 Heather Locklear, Drew Pinsky Rod Man November 11, 2009
Noches de Pasion con Señor O'Brien (cameo by Mario Lopez)
103 Al Gore, Jim Parsons Jason Mraz November 12, 2009
Going Green PSAs, In the Year 3000
104 Reese Witherspoon, Gabourey Sidibe Kris Allen ("Live Like We're Dying") November 13, 2009
The World's Tallest Dog & The World's Tallest Dachshund, New Trendz
105 Kristen Stewart, Judd Apatow Carrie Underwood ("Temporary Home") November 16, 2009
Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant, Going Green PSAs
106 50 Cent, Jane Lynch 50 Cent November 17, 2009
Andy flips off the NFL
107 Seth Green, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt The Brian Setzer Orchestra November 18, 2009
Celebrity Survey
108 Nicole Kidman, Anderson Cooper Leona Lewis November 19, 2009
Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant, Going Green PSAs
109 Eva Mendes, Jon Bon Jovi Bon Jovi ("We Weren't Born to Follow") November 20, 2009
Andy's motorized podium, America's New Oprah, Altered movie posters
110 Taylor Lautner, Jon Lovitz Timbaland with Nelly Furtado and SoShy November 23, 2009
Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant (cameo by Jerry Springer), Tonight Show Major League Soccer Cup Final Small Talk Moment, America's New Oprah
111 Jack McBrayer, Marisa Miller Weezer ("(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To") November 24, 2009
America's New Oprah, Just Shut Up and Drink It: Jones Soda Tofurky and Gravy Soda
112 Norm Macdonald, Gretchen Bleiler Dan Cummins November 25, 2009
America's New Oprah, Special Thanksgiving edition of Twitter Tracker
113 Pee-wee Herman, Donald Faison Bon Jovi ("Superman Tonight") November 26, 2009
A Message from Conan's Father, Mini-Dose of Joy: Puppies Dressed as Thanksgiving Dinner, Conan's Thanksgiving Dinner (with Jordan Schlansky, Pierre Bernard, and Wing Pang)
114 William Shatner, AnnaLynne McCord Mary Poppins ("Step in Time") November 30, 2009
Conan Wax Figure, In the Year 3000


No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
115 Tobey Maguire, Chris Colfer Rickie Lee Jones ("Wild Girl") December 1, 2009
America's New Oprah, Pierre Bernard models a $5 million jockstrap
116 Jenny McCarthy, Gabriel Iglesias Switchfoot ("Mess of Me") December 2, 2009
America's New Oprah, Andy's day with Wax Conan
117 John Travolta, Rod Stewart Rod Stewart ("Rainy Night in Georgia") December 3, 2009
Andy on the local news, Conan and Andy's Comcast song, Conan Meets the Neighbors
118 Rachel McAdams, Mindy Kaling Diane Birch ("Nothing But a Miracle") December 4, 2009
Tiger Woods joke caddy, Andy's Comcast commercial, America's New Oprah
119 Howie Mandel, Deepak Chopra Michael McDonald ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas") December 7, 2009
Tiger Woods joke caddy, Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant, America's New Oprah
120 Josh Brolin, Tillie the Dog Artist Chad Daniels December 8, 2009
Tiger Woods joke caddy, Celebrity Survey
121 Snoop Dogg, Carl Reiner Snoop Dogg December 9, 2009
Tiger Woods joke caddy (cameo by Bob Saget), Dumbledore out on the town
122 Ben Stiller, Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio Thirty Seconds to Mars ("Kings and Queens") December 10, 2009
Moral Outrage, America's New Oprah. Lance Armstrong makes a cameo appearance via satellite during Stiller's interview.
123 Zach Braff, Bear Grylls Tony Bennett ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas") December 11, 2009
William Shatner and Sarah Palin read excerpts from each other's autobiographies, Conan's Apology Song to Diane Sawyer
124 Tom Arnold, Cheryl Hines Adam Lambert ("Whataya Want from Me") December 14, 2009
The Tonight Show Holiday Card (cameo by Mike Tyson), A Song for the Mormons
125 Megan Mullally, Mike Sorrentino & Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Norah Jones ("Chasing Pirates") December 15, 2009
Velcro Christmas Tree, Andy's video game voice-over, Deon Cole on The Princess and the Frog
126 Wanda Sykes, James Cameron Myq Kaplan December 16, 2009
Velcro Christmas Tree, commercial
127 John Krasinski, Claire Smith Robin Thicke December 17, 2009
Learning About the News While on the News, Conan Works at Best Buy, Conan's Tabloid Moment
128 Nigel Marven, Sam Worthington Foreigner December 18, 2009
Velcro Christmas Tree, Conan's Apology
129 Christina Applegate, David Gregory Silversun Pickups ("Substitution") December 21, 2009
Wax Conan Around the Office, Twitter Tracker
130 Lance Armstrong, Carson Daly Kid Cudi December 22, 2009
Drunken Dumbledore, Mini-Dose of Joy: Puppies Dressed as the Nativity scene, Conan and Andy on the Aisle
131 Elijah Wood, Derek Fisher Dwayne Perkins December 23, 2009
A Message From All On TV, Holiday Stamps, Noches de Pasion con Señor O'Brien



No. Guests Musical/entertainment guest(s) Original air date
132 Ethan Hawke, Patton Oswalt Katharine McPhee ("I Had It All") January 4, 2010
Tonight Show Flash Mob, New Years Resolutions, In the Year 3000
133 Queen Latifah, Chris Pratt Juston McKinney January 5, 2010
Tuning In Late To The News, Icy cold stare from Ice Cube, Triumph visits a dog spa
134 Matthew Broderick, Robin Tunney Kesha January 6, 2010
Dubai Tower Elevator Chat, Learning Na'vi, Celebrity Survey
135 Jackie Chan, Emily Blunt Jencarlos January 7, 2010
Security Fluffer Commercial, List of Red Flags, Audience Plugs
136 Michael Cera, Aziz Ansari OK Go ("This Too Shall Pass") January 8, 2010
NBC Rumors List, Detroit Job, Gatorade Andy, Deon Cole on racial terms
137 Gary Oldman, Dax Shepard Vampire Weekend ("Cousins") January 11, 2010
Conan's Hunky Vampire Assistant, The Tonight Show Audiency Awards
138 Tom Brokaw, Zachary Levi Rosanne Cash ("Sea of Heartbreak") January 12, 2010
Deal Or No Deal, Slow News Day, staff writer Deon Cole declares Conan a ho
139 Ricky Gervais, Bryce Dallas Howard Whitney Cummings January 13, 2010
Obama Supports Conan, Global Leaders Weigh In, Olympic Changes, Kenneth Interrupts, Learning About The News While On The News, Classic Tonight Show Moment
140 Rob Lowe, Jane Krakowski Hilary Hahn January 14, 2010
New NBC Show, CoCo Does Porno, Classic Tonight Show Moment, Conan Sells the Show, Andy's Letter
141 Jeff Bridges, Mary Lynn Rajskub Lifehouse ("Halfway Gone") January 15, 2010
Parking Lot Shootout, Classic Tonight Show Moment, staff writer Deon Cole declares Conan a pimp
142 Martin Scorsese, Colin Firth Kooza from Cirque du Soleil January 18, 2010
Classic Tonight Show Moment, Deon Cole declares Conan is black
143 Quentin Tarantino, Paul Bettany Spoon ("Written in Reverse") January 19, 2010
Classic Tonight Show Moment, Norm Macdonald brings Conan a gift basket
144 Adam Sandler, Joel McHale Joss Stone with Raphael Saadiq ("Big Ol' Game") January 20, 2010
Classic Tonight Show Moment, Ed Helms sings Conan a song, the $1.5 million skit (Bugatti Veyron Mouse, set to the tune of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction")
145 Robin Williams Barry Manilow ("(Where Do I Begin?) Love Story") January 21, 2010
Classic Tonight Show moment, Pee-wee Herman explains the Tonight Show controversy, the $4.8 million skit (2009 Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird watches restricted Super Bowl footage while wearing a mink Snuggie), Ben Stiller gives a The More You Know public service announcement, Robin Williams performs an Irish jig, Conan sings "The End of the Show Song".
146 Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell Neil Young ("Long May You Run") January 22, 2010
The $65 million sketch (Smithsonian Institution's fossil skeleton of a ground sloth spraying beluga caviar on an original Pablo Picasso painting); The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien retrospective montage; Conan's exit interview with Steve Carell; Beck, Will Ferrell, Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper, Conan, Viveca Paulin, and The Tonight Show Band perform "Free Bird"


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