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The following is the List of aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, both past and present.

Pre-1945 Imperial Japanese Navy



Reconnaissance and liaison

  • Mitsubishi 2MR 1923 carrier reconnaissance aircraft (Type 10 Carrier Reconnaissance Aircraft)
  • Nakajima C6N 彩雲 "Saiun" Myrt 1943 Navy reconnaissance plane
  • Yokosuka R2Y 景雲 "Keiun" 1945 reconnaissance


  • Kyushu K10W Oak Type 2 intermediate trainer.
  • Mitsubishi K3M Pine 1930 naval crew trainer.


Flying boats and seaplanes

Modern Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

(post 1945)

Flying boats

  • Consolidated PBY-6A 1955 Reconnaissance & anti-submarine flying boat
  • Grumman JRF-5 1955 Search and rescue flying boat
  • Grumman UF-2 1961 Search and rescue flying boat
  • Shin Meiwa UF-XS 1963 experimental flying boat.
  • Shin Meiwa PS-1 1968 Reconnaissance & anti-submarine flying boat
  • Shin Meiwa US-1 1975 Search and rescue flying boat
  • ShinMaywa US-2 2007 Search and rescue flying boat US-1A kai US-1A 改(kai)(kai=improved)


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