List of airports in Melilla

This is a list of airports in Spain, sorted by location.

Airports in Spain (mainland)

Location served Community ICAO IATA Other Airport name
Public airports
A Coruña Galicia LECO LCG [1]
Albacete Castile-La Mancha LEAB [1] ABC [2]
Alicante Valencia LEAL ALC [3]
Almería Andalusia LEAM LEI [4]
Asturias Asturias LEAS OVD [5]
Badajoz Extremadura LEBZ BJZ [6]
Barcelona (El Prat) Catalonia LEBL BCN [7]
Bilbao, Biscay (Vizcaya) Basque Country LEBB BIO [8]
Burgos Castile and León LEBG [2] RGS [9]
Córdoba Andalusia LEBA ODB [10]
Girona Catalonia LEGE GRO Girona-Costa Brava Airport [11]
Granada / Jaén Andalusia LEGR GRX [12]
Huesca Aragon LEHC [3] HSK Huesca-Pirineos Airport [13]
Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz Andalusia LEJR XRY [14]
León Castile and León LELN LEN [15]
Lleida Catalonia LEDA [4] ILD Lleida-Alguaire Airport [16]
Logroño La Rioja LELO [5] RJL Logroño-Agoncillo Airport [17]
Madrid Madrid LEMD MAD [18]
Madrid Madrid LECU MCV [19]
Madrid Madrid LETO TOJ [20]
Málaga Andalusia LEMG AGP [21]
Murcia / San Javier Murcia LELC MJV Murcia-San Javier Airport [22]
Pamplona Navarre LEPP PNA [23]
Reus, Tarragona Catalonia LERS REU [24]
Sabadell Catalonia LELL [6] QSA [25]
Salamanca Castile and León LESA SLM [26]
San Sebastián, Guipuscoa Basque Country LESO EAS [27]
Santander Cantabria LEXJ SDR [28]
Santiago de Compostela Galicia LEST SCQ Santiago de Compostela Airport (Lavacolla Airport) [santiago]
Seville (Sevilla) Andalusia LEZL SVQ [29]
Teruel Teruel Province LETL Teruel Airport
Valencia Valencia LEVC VLC [30]
Valladolid / Villanubla Castile and León LEVD VLL [31]
Vigo Galicia LEVX VGO Vigo-Peinador Airport [32]
Vitoria-Gasteiz / Foronda Basque Country LEVT VIT [33]
Zaragoza Aragon LEZG ZAZ [34]
Military Airports
Alcantarilla Murcia LERI Alcantarilla Air Base
Granada Andalusia LEGA Armilla Air Base
León Castile and León LELN LEN León Air Base
Madrid Madrid LEGT Getafe Air Base
Morón de la Frontera / Seville Andalusia LEMO OZP Morón Air Base
Rota Andalusia LERT Rota Naval Air Base
Salamanca Castile and León LESA SLM Matacan Air Base (Matacan Air Base)
Santiago de Compostela Galicia LEST SCQ Santiago de Compostela Military AIrport
Valladolid / Villanubla Castile and León LEVD VLL Villanubla Air Base

Airports in the Balearic Islands

Location ICAO IATA Airport name
Ibiza LEIB IBZ [35]
Majorca LEPA PMI Palma de Mallorca Airport (Son Sant Joan Airport) [36]
Majorca LEPO Pollença Seaplane Base [37]
Majorca LESB [38]
Minorca LEMH MAH [39]
Minorca LESL San Luis Aerodrome

Airports in the Canary Islands

Location ICAO IATA Airport name
El Hierro GCHI VDE [40]
Fuerteventura GCFV FUE [41]
Gran Canaria GCLP LPA [42]
La Gomera GCGM GMZ [43]
La Palma GCLA SPC [44]
Lanzarote GCRR ACE [45]
Tenerife GCXO TFN [46]
Tenerife GCTS TFS [47]

Airports in Ceuta and Melilla

Location ICAO IATA Airport name
Ceuta GECE JCU [48]
Melilla GEML MLN [49]

Spain's busiest airports (2012)[7]

A more extensive list of passenger numbers at Spanish airports can be found at /articles/List_of_the_busiest_airports_in_Spain

Rank Airport Location Code Total
% Change
1. Madrid Airport Madrid MAD 45,195,014 Decrease9.0 373,185 359,362,155
2. Barcelona Airport Barcelona BCN 35,145,176 Increase2.2 290,004 96,519,698
3. Palma de Mallorca Airport Palma de Mallorca PMI 22,666,682 Decrease0.3 173,957 13,711,903
4. Málaga Airport Málaga AGP 12,582,191 Decrease1.9 102,153 2,711,468
5. Gran Canaria Airport Las Palmas / Gran Canaria LPA 9,892,288 Decrease6.1 100,390 20,603,186
6. Alicante Airport Alicante ALC 8,855,441 Decrease10.7 62,468 2,525,608
7. Tenerife South Airport Tenerife TFS 8,530,817 Decrease1.5 56,210 3,904,961
8. Ibiza Airport Ibiza IBZ 5,555,071 Decrease1.6 57,737 2,616,049
9. Lanzarote Airport Lanzarote ACE 5,169,386 Decrease6.8 44,787 2,108,324
10. Valencia Airport Valencia VLC 4,752,020 Decrease4.6 59,824 11,125,537

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