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List of airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Title: List of airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Lubao, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bangoka International Airport, List of airports in the Gambia, List of airports in Mauritius, List of airports in Burundi
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This is a list of airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name
Public airports
Aba Orientale FZJF Aba Airport
Abumumbazi FZFE Abumumbazi Airport
Aketi Orientale FZKN Aketi Airport
Bambili-Dingila FZKB Bambili-Dingila Airport
Bandundu Bandundu FZBO FDU Bandundu Airport
Banga FZCI Banga Airport
Basankusu Équateur FZEN BSU Basankusu Airport
Basongo FZVR BAN Basongo Airport
Bau FZFF Bau Airport
Beni Nord-Kivu FZNP BNC Beni Airport
Beni Nord-Kivu FZNS Wageni Airport
Beni-Dibele FZVO Beni-Dibele Airport
Beno FZBE Beno Airport
Beongo FZEO Beongo Airport
Bibanga FZWB Bibanga Airport
Bindja FZBQ Bindja Airport
Binga Équateur FZGE Binga Airport
Boende Équateur FZGN BNB Boende Airport
Bokada FZFG Bokada Airport
Bokela FZDR Bokela Airport
Bokote FZBW Basengele Airport
Bokungu Équateur FZGF Bokungu Airport
Bolila FZGC Bolila Airport
Bolongonkele FZBP Bolongonkele Airport
Boma Bas-Congo FZAJ BOA Boma Airport
Bongimba FZBB Bongimba Airport
Bonkita FZBF Bonkita Airport
Boshwe FZBK Boshwe Airport
Bosondjo FZGB Bosondjo Airport
Boteka FZGT Boteka Airport
Bukavu Sud-Kivu FZMA BKY Kavumu Airport
Bukena FZRE Bukena Airport
Bumba Équateur FZFU BMB Bumba Airport
Bunia Orientale FZKA BUX Bunia Airport
Busala FZCR Busala Airport
Buta Orientale FZKJ BZU Buta Zega Airport
Celo-Zongo FZAD Celo-Zongo Airport
Dekese FZVT Dekese Airport
Diboko FZUP Diboko Airport
Dikungu FZVP Dikungu Airport
Dilolo Katanga FZSI Dilolo Airport
Dingele FZVD Dingele Airport
Djokele FZBL Djokele Airport
Doko FZJB Doko Airport
Doruma Orientale FZJD Doruma Airport
Dungu-Uye FZJC Dungu-Uye Airport
Engengele FZFC Engengele Airport
Faradje Orientale FZJK Faradje Airport
Fungurume Katanga FZQF Fungurume Airport
Gandajika Kasai-Oriental FZWC GDJ Gandajika Airport
Gbado FZFV Gbado Airport
Gbadolite Équateur FZFD BDT Gbadolite Airport
Gemena Équateur FZFK GMA Gemena Airport
Goma Nord-Kivu FZNA GOM Goma International Airport
Goyongo FZFJ Goyongo Airport
Gwaka FZFW Gwaka Airport
Idiofa Bandundu FZCB IDF Idiofa Airport
Idumbe FZVU Idumbe Airport
Ikela Équateur FZGV IKL Ikela Airport
Ilebo Kasai-Occidental FZVS PFR Ilebo Airport
Imesse FZFB Imesse Airport
Inga FZAN Inga Airport
Ingende FZEI Ingende Airport
Inkisi Bas-Congo FZAS Inkisi Airport
Inongo Bandundu FZBA INO Inongo Airport
Ipeka FZBU Ipeka Airport
Ishasha FZNI Ishasha Airport
Isiro Orientale FZJH IRP Matari Airport
Isiro-Ville FZJA Isiro-Ville Airport
Isongo FZBH Isongo Airport
Ito FZCU Ito Airport
Kabalo Katanga FZRM KBO Kabalo Airport
Kabinda Kasai-Oriental FZWT KBN Tunta Airport
Kabombo FZRD Kabombo Airport
Kahemba Bandundu FZCF Kahemba Airport
Kailo Maniema FZOO Kailo Airport
Kajiji FZCK Kajiji Airport
Kala FZFL Kala Airport
Kalemie Katanga FZRF FMI Kalemie Airport
Kalima Maniema FZOD KLY Kalima Airport
Kalima Maniema FZOC Kamisuku Airport
Kalonda FZUV Kalonda Airport
Kamina Katanga FZSB Kamina Airport
Kamituga Sud-Kivu FZPB Kamituga Airport
Kampene FZOE Kampene Airport
Kananga Kasai-Occidental FZUA KGA Kananga Airport
Kania FZRG Sominka Airport
Kaniama Katanga FZTK KNM Kaniama Airport
Kansimba FZRK Kansimba Airport
Kapanga Katanga FZSK KAP Kapanga Airport
Karawa FZFS Karawa Airport
Kasaji FZSJ Kasaji Airport
Kasenga Katanga FZQG KEC Kasenga Airport
Kasese FZTS Kaniama Airport
Kasese FZOS Kasese Airport
Kashia FZWI Kashia Airport
Kasonga FZUF Kasonga Airport
Kasongo Maniema FZOK KGN Kasongo Airport
Katako'kombe Kasai-Oriental FZVG Katako'kombe Airport
Katale FZNB Katale Airport
Katubwe FZUT Katubwe Airport
Katwe FZQH Katwe Airport
Kempa FZBG Kempa Airport
Kempile FZBV Kempile Airport
Kenge Bandundu FZCS Kenge Airport
Kerekere FZJR Kerekere Airport
Kiapupe FZOF Kiapupe Airport
Kikongo FZCW Wamba Airport
Kikwit Bandundu FZCA KKW Kikwit Airport
Kilomines FZKF Kilomines Airport
Kimano Ii FZMP Kimano Ii Airport
Kindu Maniema FZOA KND Kindu Airport
Kinshasa (capital city) FZAA FIH N'Djili International Airport (Kinshasa Int'l)
Kinshasa (capital city) FZAB NLO N'Dolo Airport
Kipata-Katika FZDK Kipata-Katika Airport
Kipushia FZWF Kipushia Airport
Kiri Bandundu FZBT KRZ Kiri Airport
Kisangani Orientale FZIC FKI Bangoka International Airport
Kisenge FZQP Kisenge Airport
Kisengwa FZWR Kisengwa Airport
Kodoro FZER Kodoro Airport
Kole Sur Lukenie Kasai-Oriental FZVC Kole Sur Lukenie Airport
Kolwezi Katanga FZQM KWZ Kolwezi Airport
Konde FZAU Konde Airport
Kongolo Katanga FZRQ KOO Kongolo Airport
Kutusongo FZVF Kutusongo Airport
Kwilu-Ngongo FZAW Kwilu-Ngongo Airport
Libenge Équateur FZFA LIE Libenge Airport
Lisaki FZQI Kamatanda Airport
Lisala Équateur FZGA LIQ Lisala Airport
Lodja Kasai-Oriental FZVA LJA Lodja Airport
Lokutu FZIZ Lokutu Airport
Lombo FZFN Lombo Airport
Lomela FZVE Lomela Airport
Lubao Kasai-Oriental FZWS Lubao Airport
Lubero FZNF Lubero Airport
Lubondaie FZUE Lubondaie Airport
Lubudi FZQU Lubudi Airport
Lubumbashi Katanga FZQA FBM Lubumbashi International Airport
Luebo Kasai-Occidental FZUN Luebo Airport
Luena FZTL Luena Airport
Lugushwa FZPC Lugushwa Airport
Luishi FZQW Luishi Airport
Luisa FZUG LZA Luisa Airport
Lukala FZAP Lukala Airport
Lukombe FZVK Batwa Airport
Lulinga FZOG Tshionka Airport
Luniemu FZJN Luniemu Airport
Lunkuni FZCN Lunkuni Airport
Luozi FZAL LZI Luozi Airport
Lusambo Kasai-Oriental FZVI LBO Lusambo Airport
Lusanga Bandundu FZCE LUS Lusanga Airport
Lusinga FZRL Lusinga Airport
Luvua FZRO Luvua Airport
Mahagi FZKC Mahagi Airport
Malanga FZDA Malanga Airport
Malebo FZBN Malebo Airport
Mangai Ii FZCM Mangai Ii Airport
Manono Katanga FZRA MNO Manono Airport
Manzalele FZDQ Manzalele Airport
Masi-Manimba FZCV MSM Masi-Manimba Airport
Matadi Bas-Congo FZAM MAT Tshimpi Airport
Mbandaka Équateur FZEA MDK Mbandaka Airport
Mboie FZUI Mboie Airport
Mbuji Mayi Kasai-Oriental FZWA MJM Mbuji Mayi Airport
Mentole FZEP Mentole Airport
Mitwaba FZQV Mitwaba Airport
Moanza FZDO Moanza Airport
Moba Katanga FZRB BDV Moba Airport
Mokaria-Yamoleka FZFH Mokaria-Yamoleka Airport
Moma FZUH Moma Airport
Mombongo FZFR Lokutu Airport
Mongowakenda FZDN Mongowakenda Airport
Monkoto Équateur FZGX Monkoto Airport
Mpaka FZFQ Mpaka Airport
Muambi FZUJ Muambi Airport
Muanda (Moanda) Bas-Congo FZAG MNB Muanda Airport (Moanda Airport)
Mukedi FZDP Mukedi Airport
Mukoy FZRC Mukoy Airport
Mulungu FZMC Mulungu Airport
Munkamba FZWL Munkamba Airport
Musese FZUO Musese Airport
Mushie Bandundu FZBJ Mushie Airport
Mutena FZDJ Mutena Airport
Mutoto FZUM Mutoto Airport
Mutshatsha FZQN Mutshatsha Airport
Mvula Nsanda FZAY Mvula Nsanda Airport
Mwadingusha FZQJ Mwadingusha Airport
Mweka Kasai-Occidental FZVM MEW Mweka Airport
Mwene-Ditu Kasai-Oriental FZWE Mwene-Ditu Airport
Ngi FZDH Ngi Airport
Ngumu FZES Ngumu Airport
Nioki Bandundu FZBI NIO Nioki Airport
Nkolo-Fuma FZAR NKL Nkolo-Fuma Airport
Nyunzu FZRN Nyunzu Airport
Nzamba FZDF Nzamba Airport
Nzovu FZMD Nzovu Airport
Obaye FZNQ Obaye Airport
Obokote FZOJ Obokote Airport
Oduku FZVV Oduku Airport
Oshwe Bandundu FZBD Oshwe Airport
Pepa FZRJ Pepa Airport
Phibraki FZOT Phibraki Airport
Popokabaka Bandundu FZCP Popokabaka Airport
Punia Maniema FZOP PUN Punia Airport
Punia-Basenge FZOQ Punia-Basenge Airport
Pweto Katanga FZQC PWO Pweto Airport
Rutshuru Nord-Kivu FZNC Rutshuru Airport
Rwindi FZNR Rwindi Airport
Sandoa FZSD Sandoa Airport
Saulia FZOR Saulia Airport
Semendua FZBS Semendua Airport
Shabunda Sud-Kivu FZMW Shabunda Airport
Shongamba FZVH Shongamba Airport
Tandala FZFT Tandala Airport
Tingi-Tingi FZOB Tingi-Tingi Airport
Tono FZDE Tono Airport
Tshela Bas-Congo FZAH Tshela Airport
Tshibala FZUR Tshibala Airport
Tshikaji FZUS Tshikaji Airport
Tshikapa Kasai-Occidental FZUK TSH Tshikapa Airport
Tshumbe (Tshombe) FZVJ Tshumbe Airport
Vanga FZCD Vanga Airport
Wasolo FZVL Wasolo Airport
Watsha FZJI Watsha Airport
Wembo FZVN Wembo Airport
Yalingimba FZGI Yalingimba Airport
Yangambi Orientale FZIR YAN Yangambi Airport
Yasa FZDS Yasa Airport
Yedi FZKI Yedi Airport
Yembe FZEM Yembe Airport
Yemo FZGY Yemo Airport
Yuki FZCY Yuki Airport
Military airports
Kamina Katanga FZSA KMN Kamina Air Base
Kisangani Orientale FZIA Simisimi Air Base (Simisini Air Base)
Kitona Bas-Congo FZAI Kitona Air Base
Kotakoli FZFP Kotakoli Air Base

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