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List of freshman class members of the 113th United States Congress


List of freshman class members of the 113th United States Congress

The 113th United States Congress began on January 3, 2013. As of November 11, 2013 there are 14 new senators (3R, 10D, 1I) and 70 new representatives (31R, 39D).


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New members of the 113th Congress


This is the list of the freshman members in Senate Class 1, plus two members who were elected and one who was appointed (after the 113th Congress began) to fill unexpired terms in Senate Class 2. Twelve of the fourteen freshmen were first elected in 2012 into full terms that began with the Senate that commenced in 2013. Of the other freshmen, two were elected and one was appointed to fill unexpired terms that will end with the Senate that commenced in 2013.
State Image Senator Incoming class seniority Party change? Prior political experience Birth year
Arizona Flake, JeffJeff Flake (R) 2nd
(87th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Jon Kyl (R)
Member of the U.S. House 1962
Connecticut Murphy, ChrisChris Murphy (D) 4th
(89th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Joe Lieberman (I)
Member of the U.S. House
Connecticut Legislature
Hawaii Hirono, MazieMazie Hirono (D) 5th
(90th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Daniel Akaka (D)
Member of the U.S. House
Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii
Hawaii House of Representatives
Indiana Donnelly, JoeJoe Donnelly (D) 3rd
(88th overall)
Open seat
Richard Lugar (R) defeated in primary
Member of the U.S. House
Maine King, AngusAngus King (I) 7th
(92nd overall)
Open seat
Replaced Olympia Snowe (R)
Governor of Maine 1944
Massachusetts Warren, ElizabethElizabeth Warren (D) 10th
(95th overall)
Defeated Scott Brown (R) in general election
Special Advisor to the President for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
University professor
Massachusetts Cowan, MoMo Cowan (D) N/A
(100th overall)
Open seat
Appointee replaced John Kerry (D)
Chief of staff to Governor Deval Patrick 1969
Massachusetts Markey, EdEd Markey (D) N/A
(98th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Mo Cowan (D)
Member of the U.S. House
State Representative
Montana Walsh, JohnJohn Walsh (D) N/A
(100th overall)
Open seat
Appointee replaced Max Baucus (D)
Lieutenant Governor of Montana
Adjutant General of Montana
Nebraska Fischer, DebDeb Fischer (R) 11th
(96th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Ben Nelson (D)
State Senator 1951
New Jersey Chiesa, JeffreyJeffrey Chiesa (R) N/A
(100th overall)
Open seat
Appointee replaced Frank Lautenberg (D)
Attorney General of New Jersey 1965
New Jersey Booker, CoryCory Booker (D) N/A
(99th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Jeffrey Chiesa (R)
Mayor of Newark, New Jersey 1969
New Mexico Heinrich, MartinMartin Heinrich (D) 6th
(91st overall)
Open seat
Replaced Jeff Bingaman (D)
Member of the U.S. House
Albuquerque City Council
North Dakota Heitkamp, HeidiHeidi Heitkamp (D) 12th
(97th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Kent Conrad (D)
Attorney General of North Dakota
Tax Commissioner of North Dakota
Texas Cruz, TedTed Cruz (R) 9th
(94th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Kay Bailey Hutchison (R)
Solicitor General of Texas 1970
Virginia Kaine, TimTim Kaine (D) 8th
(93rd overall)
Open seat
Replaced Jim Webb (D)
Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee
Governor of Virginia
Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
Mayor of Richmond
Wisconsin Baldwin, TammyTammy Baldwin (D) 1st
(86th overall)
Open seat
Replaced Herb Kohl (D)
Member of the U.S. House
State Assemblywoman

House of Representatives

District Representative Party change? Prior background Birth year
Alabama 1 Byrne, BradleyBradley Byrne (R) No Alabama State Senator (2003-2007), Alabama Two Year College Chancellor 1955
Arizona 1 Kirkpatrick, AnnAnn Kirkpatrick (D) Yes U.S. Representative for AZ-1 (2009-2011), State Representative 1950
Arizona 5 Salmon, MattMatt Salmon (R) No U.S. Representative for AZ-01 (1995-2001), State Senator 1958
Arizona 9 Sinema, KyrstenKyrsten Sinema (D) New seat State Senator, State Representative 1976
Arkansas 4 Cotton, TomTom Cotton (R) Yes Farmer, Captain US Army (ret.) 1977
California 1 LaMalfa, DougDoug LaMalfa (R) No State Senator, Farmer 1960
California 2 Huffman, JaredJared Huffman (D) No State Assemblyman, Attorney 1960
California 7 Bera, AmiAmi Bera (D) Yes Physician 1965
California 8 Cook, PaulPaul Cook (R) No State Assemblyman, Yucca Valley city council 1943
California 15 Swalwell, EricEric Swalwell (D) No Dublin city councilman, Attorney 1980
California 21 Valadao, DavidDavid Valadao (R) New seat State Assemblyman, Dairy Farmer 1977
California 26 Brownley, JuliaJulia Brownley (D) Yes State Assemblywoman, Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board 1952
California 29 Cardenas, TonyTony Cardenas (D) New seat California State Assembly, Los Angeles City Councilman 1963
California 35 McLeod, Gloria NegreteGloria Negrete McLeod (D) No State Senator, State Assemblywoman 1941
California 36 Ruiz, RaulRaul Ruiz (D) Yes Physician 1972
California 41 Takano, MarkMark Takano (D) New seat Teacher 1960
California 47 Lowenthal, AlanAlan Lowenthal (D) New seat State Senator, State Assemblyman, Long Beach City Council 1941
California 51 Vargas, JuanJuan Vargas (D) No State Senator, State Assemblyman, San Diego City Council 1961
California 52 Peters, ScottScott Peters (D) Yes Port of San Diego Commissioner, San Diego City Council President 1961
Connecticut 5 Esty, ElizabethElizabeth Esty (D) No State Representative 1959
Florida 3 Yoho, TedTed Yoho (R) No Veterinary physician 1955
Florida 6 DeSantis, RonRon DeSantis (R) New seat Lieutenant US Navy Reserve, prosecutor 1978
Florida 9 Grayson, AlanAlan Grayson (D) New seat U.S. Representative for FL-8 (2009-2011) 1958
Florida 18 Murphy, PatrickPatrick Murphy (D) Yes Businessman 1983
Florida 19 Radel, TreyTrey Radel (R) No Television reporter 1976
Florida 22 Frankel, LoisLois Frankel (D) New seat Mayor of West Palm Beach, State Representative 1948
Florida 26 Garcia, JoeJoe Garcia (D) Yes Director of the Office of Minority Economic Impact and Diversity, DoE 1963
Georgia 9 Collins, DougDoug Collins (R) New seat State Representative 1966
Hawaii 2 Gabbard, TulsiTulsi Gabbard (D) No Honolulu City Council, Captain Army National Guard, State Representative 1981
Illinois 8 Duckworth, TammyTammy Duckworth (D) Yes Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, VA, Lieutenant Colonel US Army 1968
Illinois 10 Schneider, BradBrad Schneider (D) Yes Management consultant 1961
Illinois 11 Foster, BillBill Foster (D) Yes U.S. Representative for IL-14 (2008-2011), Physicist 1955
Illinois 12 Enyart, WilliamWilliam Enyart (D) No Adjutant General of Illinois, Major General National Guard 1949
Illinois 13 Davis, RodneyRodney Davis (R) No Congressional staffer 1970
Illinois 17 Bustos, CheriCheri Bustos (D) Yes East Moline alderman 1961
Indiana 2 Walorski, JackieJackie Walorski (R) Yes State Representative, Television reporter 1963
Indiana 5 Brooks, SusanSusan Brooks (R) No U.S. Attorney for S.D. Ind., Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis 1960
Indiana 6 Messer, LukeLuke Messer (R) No State Representative 1969
Kentucky 6 Barr, AndyAndy Barr (R) Yes Lawyer 1973
Maryland 6 Delaney, JohnJohn Delaney (D) Yes Businessman 1963
Massachusetts 4 Kennedy III, JosephJoseph Kennedy III (D) No Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County 1980
Michigan 5 Kildee, DanDan Kildee (D) No Genesee County Treasurer, Genesee County commissioner 1958
Michigan 11 Bentivolio, KerryKerry Bentivolio (R) No Reindeer farmer, Teacher, Sergeant First Class US Army 1951
Minnesota 8 Nolan, RickRick Nolan (D) Yes U.S. Representative for MN-08 (1975-1981), Minnesota House of Representatives 1943
Missouri 2 Wagner, AnnAnn Wagner (R) No United States Ambassador to Luxembourg, Chair of the Missouri Republican Party 1962
Montana AL Daines, SteveSteve Daines (R) No Businessman 1962
Nevada 1 Titus, DinaDina Titus (D) No U.S. Representative for NV-3 (2009-2011), Nevada Senate Minority Leader, University professor 1950
Nevada 4 Horsford, StevenSteven Horsford (D) New seat State Senate Majority Leader 1973
New Hampshire 1 Shea-Porter, CarolCarol Shea-Porter (D) Yes U.S. Representative for NH-1 (2007-2011) 1952
New Hampshire 2 Kuster, Ann McLaneAnn McLane Kuster (D) Yes Attorney, lobbyist 1956
New Mexico 1 Grisham, Michelle LujanMichelle Lujan Grisham (D) No Bernalillo County Commission 1959
New York 6 Meng, GraceGrace Meng (D) No State Assembly 1975
New York 8 Jeffries, HakeemHakeem Jeffries (D) No State Assembly 1970
New York 18 Maloney, Sean PatrickSean Patrick Maloney (D) Yes First Deputy Secretary to the Governor of New York, White House Staff Secretary 1966
New York 24 Maffei, DanDan Maffei (D) Yes U.S. Representative for NY-25 (2009-2011) 1968
New York 27 Collins, ChrisChris Collins (R) Yes Erie County Executive 1950
North Carolina 8 Hudson, RichardRichard Hudson (R) Yes Congressional staffer 1971
North Carolina 9 Pittenger, RobertRobert Pittenger (R) No State Senate 1948
North Carolina 11 Meadows, MarkMark Meadows (R) Yes Real estate investor 1959
North Carolina 13 Holding, GeorgeGeorge Holding (R) Yes U.S. Attorney for E.D.N.C. 1968
North Dakota AL Cramer, KevinKevin Cramer (R) No North Dakota Public Service Commission 1961
Ohio 2 Wenstrup, BradBrad Wenstrup (R) No Physician, Lieutenant Colonel US Army Reserve 1958
Ohio 3 Beatty, JoyceJoyce Beatty (D) New seat State Representative 1950
Ohio 14 Joyce, DavidDavid Joyce (R) No 1957
Oklahoma 1 Bridenstine, JimJim Bridenstine (R) No Lieutenant Commander US Navy Reserve, Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium executive director 1975
Oklahoma 2 Mullin, MarkwayneMarkwayne Mullin (R) Yes Businessman 1977
Pennsylvania 4 Perry, ScottScott Perry (R) No State Representative 1962
Pennsylvania 12 Rothfus, KeithKeith Rothfus (R) Yes Lawyer 1962
Pennsylvania 17 Cartwright, MattMatt Cartwright (D) No Lawyer 1961
South Carolina 7 Rice, TomTom Rice (R) New seat Horry County Council Chairman 1959
Texas 14 Weber, RandyRandy Weber (R) No State Representative, Pearland City Council 1953
Texas 16 O'Rourke, BetoBeto O'Rourke (D) No El Paso City Councilman, Businessman 1972
Texas 20 Castro, JoaquinJoaquin Castro (D) No State Representative 1974
Texas 23 Gallego, PetePete Gallego (D) Yes State Representative 1961
Texas 25 Williams, RogerRoger Williams (R) New seat Secretary of State of Texas 1949
Texas 33 Veasey, MarcMarc Veasey (D) New seat State Representative 1971
Texas 34 Vela, Jr., FilemonFilemon Vela, Jr. (D) New seat Attorney 1963
Texas 36 Stockman, SteveSteve Stockman (R) New seat U.S. Representative for TX-9 (1995-1997) 1956
Utah 2 Stewart, ChrisChris Stewart (R) New seat Author, businessman, US Air Force officer 1960
Washington 6 Kilmer, DerekDerek Kilmer (D) No State Senator, State Representative 1974
Washington 10 Heck, DennisDennis Heck (D) New seat State House Majority Leader 1952
Wisconsin 2 Pocan, MarkMark Pocan (D) No State Representative, Dane County Board of Supervisors 1964


  1. ^ While he caucused with the Democrats, Lieberman was an independent.

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