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List of massacres in Afghanistan

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Title: List of massacres in Afghanistan  
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Subject: Massacres, List of massacres in Jamaica, List of massacres in the Dominican Republic, List of murders, List of massacres in North Korea
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List of massacres in Afghanistan

The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Afghanistan (numbers may be approximate):

Durrani Empire and Anglo-Afghan War

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Massacre of Elphinstone's Army January 6–13, 1842 Between Kabul and Jalalabad via Gandamak Approx 16,500 4,000 soldiers of the British East India Company and 12,000 civilians and camp followers

Soviet war in Afghanistan

  • Note: During the Soviet war between 600,000 and 2,000,000 Afghans were killed. This list is incomplete.
Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Hazara massacre [1] by Hafizullah Amin 1979 Thousands disappeared without trace
Maivand Massacre by the communist PDPA 1979

War in Afghanistan (1992 - 2001)

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Mass bombardment of Kabul by Hezb-i Islami 1992-1993 Kabul thousands
Afshar massacre by Sayyaf's Ittihad-e-Islami February 10–11, 1993 Kabul 800-2000 700-750 kidnapped by Ittihad and presumed dead
Mass bombardment of Kabul by Hezb-i Islami January 1994 Kabul 24,000
Mass bombardment of Kabul by the Taliban 1995 Kabul 800 - 4,000
Mass bombardment of Kabul by the Ahmad Shah Massoud Kabul Thousands
15 massacre campaigns by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda 1996-2001 northern, central and western Afghanistan Unknown United Nations: "These are the same type of war crimes as were committed in Bosnia and should be prosecuted in international courts".[2] See some campaigns listed below.
Mazar-i-Sharif massacre by the Taliban 1998 Mazar-i-Sharif 4,000-8,000
Denial of UN emergency food supplies to 160,000 starving refugees by the Taliban 1998 northern Afghanistan thousands 160,000 affected[3]
Istalif campaign by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda 1999 Istalif unknown city with 45,000 homes razed completely[4]

War in Afghanistan (2001 - present)

  • Note: According to the United Nations, 75-80% of civilian casualties in the War in Afghanistan were caused by the Taliban and other resistance groups from 2009 to 2011.[5][6][7] This list is incomplete and does not represent these official figures properly.
Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Dasht-i-Leili massacre by Junbish-i Milli under the alleged supervision of the United States military. December 2001 Dasht-i-Leili desert 250-3000
2007 Shinwar shooting by the US Marines March 4, 2007 Shinwar District 19 50 injured
Hyderabad airstrike by US-Afghan forces June 28, 2007 Gerishk District, Helmand 45-100 23-40
Nangar Khel incident by the Polish Armed Forces August 16, 2007 Khel, Paktika Province 6 3
Deh Bala wedding party bombing July 6, 2008 Deh Bala, Dih Bala District, Nangarhar province 47
2008 Indian embassy bombing in Kabul by the Taliban Haqqani network July 7, 2008 Kabul 58 141 wounded
Wech Baghtu wedding party attack by the United States military November 3, 2008 Wech Baghtu village, Shah Wali Kot District, Kandahar province 37 27 wounded
Granai airstrike by the US Airforce May 4, 2009 Granai, Bala Buluk District, Farah Province 86-145
Taliban car bomb in Kandahar August 25, 2009 Kandahar 30 dozens wounded
2009 Kabul Indian embassy attack by the Taliban Haqqani network October 8, 2009 Kabul 17 63 wounded
Narang night raid by NATO forces December 27, 2009 Ghazi Khan Ghondi village, Narang District, Kunar province 10
Khataba raid by US Special Forces February 12, 2010 Khataba village, Paktia Province 5
Sangin airstrike by NATO forces. July 23, 2010 Sangin, Helmand province 39-52
2010 Badakhshan massacre by the Taliban August 5, 2010 Badakhshan 10 doctors on a humanitarian relief mission
Kabul Bank shooting by the Taliban February 19, 2010 Jalalabad 40 90 wounded
Maywand District killings by rogues US soldiers January – May 2010 Kandahar province 3
Kandahar massacre March 11, 2012 Kandahar province 16 5
Forward Operating Base Delhi Massacre by the Taliban August 10, 2012 Helmand Province 3 1 injured


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