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List of mayors of Baltimore

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Title: List of mayors of Baltimore  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Baltimore mayoral election, 2011, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore, Crime in Baltimore, Gwynns Falls Leakin Park
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List of mayors of Baltimore

Mayor of the
City of Baltimore
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

since February 4, 2010
Term length Four years
Inaugural holder James Calhoun
Formation 1797
Website Office of the Mayor

This is a list of mayors of Baltimore, Maryland.

As of January 1, 2013, the Office of Mayor of the City of Baltimore has changed hands 59, times with 49 different individuals assuming office. James Calhoun was first elected in 1794 under the old Town government, and continued as the new first mayor under the new City charter in 1796-97, when the City was incorporated as the "City of Baltimore" ("Mayor and City Council of Baltimore") under the authority of the General Assembly of Maryland. Calhoun continued to serve until 1804.

Serving as the "county seat" of surrounding Baltimore County since 1767, the City was separated from the county by the provisions of the adoption of the new second Maryland Constitution of 1851 and became an independent city with the same status as the other 22 (later 23) counties of Maryland. Then the county seat for Baltimore County was moved after an election/referendum to Towsontown (later Towson, Maryland) with the building there of its first courthouse in 1854.

Six individuals are credited with multiple, non-consecutive returns to the office after completing an initial term, and are counted as separate mayoralties. These are: Edward Johnson (twice), John Montgomery, Ferdinand C. Latrobe (elected four times), Howard W. Jackson, William F. Broening, and Theodore R. McKeldin.

Originally elected for a term of only two years under the original first City Charter, now traditionally, the Baltimore City Charter limits a mayoral term to four years since the revisions of 1920 (who can be reelected without term limits). However, the 2015 election will be postponed to 2016 in order to better align with national elections.

Mayor Term Began Term Ended Political Party
James Calhoun 1794/1797 1797/1804
Thorowgood Smith 1804 1808
Edward Johnson 1808 1816
George Stiles 1816 1819
Edward Johnson 1819 1820
John Montgomery 1820 1822
Edward Johnson 1822 1824
John Montgomery 1824 1826
Jacob Small 1826 1831
William Steuart 1831 1832
Jesse Hunt 1832 1835
Samuel Smith 1835 1838 Democrat
Sheppard C. Leakin 1838 1840
Samuel Brady 1840 1842
Solomon Hillen, Jr. 1842 1843 Democrat
James O. Law 1843 1844
Jacob G. Davies 1844 1848
Elijah Stansbury, Jr. 1848 1850
John Hanson Thomas Jerome 1850 1852
John Smith Hollins 1852 1854
Samuel Hinks 1854 1856 American
Thomas Swann 1856 1860 American
George William Brown 1860 1861
John C. Blackburn 1861 1862
John Lee Chapman 1862 1867
Robert Tunstall Banks 1867 1871
Joshua Van Sant 1871 1875 Democrat
Ferdinand C. Latrobe 1875 1877 Democrat
George Proctor Kane 1877 1878
Ferdinand C. Latrobe 1878 1881 Democrat
William P. Whyte 1881 1883 Democrat
Ferdinand C. Latrobe 1883 1885 Democrat
James Hodges 1885 1887
Ferdinand C. Latrobe 1887 1889 Democrat
Robert C. Davidson 1889 1891
Ferdinand C. Latrobe 1891 1895 Democrat
Alcaeus Hooper 1895 1897 Republican
William T. Malster 1897 1899 Democrat
Thomas Gordon Hayes 1899 1903
Robert McLane 1903 1904 Democrat
E. Clay Timanus 1904 1907 Republican
J. Barry Mahool 1907 1911 Democrat
James H. Preston 1911 1919 Democrat
William Frederick Broening 1919 1923 Republican
Howard W. Jackson 1923 1927 Democrat
William Frederick Broening 1927 1931 Republican
Howard W. Jackson 1931 1943 Democrat
Theodore R. McKeldin 1943 1947 Republican
Thomas L. J. D'Alesandro, Jr. 1947 1959 Democrat
J. Harold Grady 1959 1962 Democrat
Philip H. Goodman 1962 1963 Democrat
Theodore R. McKeldin 1963 1967 Republican
Thomas L. J. D'Alesandro III 1967 1971 Democrat
William Donald Schaefer 1971 1987 Democrat
Clarence H. ("Du") Burns January 26, 1987 December, 1987 Democrat
Kurt L. Schmoke December, 1987 December 7, 1999 Democrat
Martin J. O'Malley December 7, 1999 January 17, 2007 Democrat
Sheila Dixon January 17, 2007 February 4, 2010 Democrat
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake February 4, 2010 Present Democrat


  • List of Mayors of Baltimore from the Maryland Archives
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