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List of newspapers in the Philippines


List of newspapers in the Philippines

This is the list of newspapers currently being published in the Philippines. This list includes broadsheets and tabloids published daily and distributed nationwide. Regional newspapers or those published in the regions are also included. All broadsheets published and distributed nationwide are in English. Most tabloids are published in Tagalog.


  • Broadsheets 1
  • Tabloids 2
  • Regional and community newspapers 3
  • Foreign-language newspapers 4
    • Spanish 4.1
    • Mandarin Chinese 4.2
    • Japanese 4.3
    • Korean 4.4


Newspaper Language Type Circulation
BusinessMirror English Broadsheet National
BusinessWorld English Broadsheet National
Malaya English Broadsheet National
Manila Bulletin English Broadsheet National
Philippine Daily Inquirer English Broadsheet National
The Daily Tribune English Broadsheet National
The Manila Times English Broadsheet National
The Philippine Star English Broadsheet National
The Standard (Philippines) English Broadsheet National
United Daily Press English Broadsheet National


Newspaper Language Type Circulation
Abante Tagalog Tabloid National
Abante Tonite Tagalog Tabloid National
Bagong Tiktik Tagalog Tabloid National
Balita Tagalog Tabloid National
Bandera Tagalog Tabloid National
Bomba Balita Tagalog Tabloid National
Bugso Tagalog Tabloid National
Bulgar Tagalog Tabloid National
Hataw Tagalog Tabloid National
People's Journal English/Tagalog Tabloid National
Pilipino Star Ngayon Tagalog Tabloid National
Pinas Tagalog Tabloid National
Pinoy Paparazzi Tagalog Tabloid National
PM Tagalog Tabloid National
Ratsada Tagalog Tabloid National
Remate Tagalog Tabloid National
Sagad Tagalog Tabloid National
Saksi sa Balita Tagalog Tabloid National
Sikat Tagalog Tabloid National
Taliba Tagalog Tabloid National
Tanod Tagalog Tabloid National
Tempo English Tabloid National
Tumbok Tagalog Tabloid National

Regional and community newspapers

Newspaper Language Type Circulation
Agila ng Bayan Tagalog Tabloid Regional
Banat Cebuano Tabloid Regional
Bicol Standard English/Bicolano Tabloid Regional
Bohol Time English/Cebuano Tabloid Regional
Brigada News English Tabloid Regional
Business Week Mindanao English Tabloid Regional
Cagayan de Oro Times English Tabloid Regional
Catanduanes Tribune English/Bicolano Tabloid Regional
Cebu Daily News Cebuano Tabloid Regional
Cebu Examiner English Tabloid Regional
Eastern Visayas Examiner English/Waray Tabloid Regional
Eastern Visayas Mail English/Waray Tabloid Regional
Hublas nga Kamatuoran Cebuano Tabloid Regional
Inquirer Libre English/Tagalog Tabloid Regional
Leyte-Samar Daily Express English/Waray Broadsheet Regional
Maguindanao Network English Tabloid Regional
Manila Channel English Tabloid Regional
Mindanao Daily News English Tabloid Regional
Mindanao Examiner English Tabloid Regional
Mindanao Gold Star Daily English Tabloid Regional
Mindanao Star English Tabloid Regional
Mindanao Times English Tabloid Regional
MindaNews English Tabloid Regional
Mindoro Bulletin English Tabloid Regional
Moro Information Agency English Tabloid Regional
Olongapo News English Tabloid Regional
Panay News English/Hiligaynon Tabloid Regional
Periodiko Metro English Tabloid Regional
Pinoy Parazzi English Tabloid Regional
Samar News English/Waray Tabloid Regional
Sinirangan News English/Waray Tabloid Regional
Sino-Fil Daily English Tabloid Regional
Southern Leyte Times English/Cebuano Tabloid Regional
Subic Updater English Tabloid Regional
Sunday Punch English Tabloid Regional
Sun.Star Daily English Tabloid Regional
SuperBalita English Tabloid Regional
The Bohol Chronicle English Tabloid Regional
The Bohol Standard English Tabloid Regional
The Cagayan Times English Tabloid Regional
The Daily Dipolognon English Tabloid Regional
The Daily Sun English Tabloid Regional
The Filipino Express Online English Tabloid Regional
The Freeman English Tabloid Regional
The News Today English Tabloid Regional
The Reporter English/Cebuano Tabloid Regional
The Tacloban Star English/Waray Tabloid Regional
Visayan Business Post English/Cebuano Tabloid Regional
Visayan Daily Star English Tabloid Regional
Voice of the South English Tabloid Regional
Zamboanga Today Online English Tabloid Regional
Zambo Times English Tabloid Regional

Foreign-language newspapers


Mandarin Chinese

  • Chinese Commercial News (菲律賓商報)
  • United Daily News (聯合日報)
  • Philippine Chinese Daily (菲律賓華報)
  • Sino-Fil Daily (菲華日報)
  • World News (世界日報)
  • Ta Kung Pao - Philippine Edition (大公報 - 菲律賓版)
  • Wen Wei Po - Philippine Edition (文匯報 - 菲律賓版)


  • Manila Shimbun


  • Manila Seoul
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