List of object-oriented database management systems

This is a comparison of notable object database management systems, showing what fundamental object database features are implemented natively.

Name Current Stable Version Language(s) SQL support Datatypes License Description
Caché 2014.2 Caché ObjectScript (dynamic language), Basic. Java/.NET object mapping supported. SQL subset. Object notation allowed. Supports embedded SQL, dynamic SQL and xDBC access. Proprietary MUMPS ancestry. Includes built-in support for XML, Web/AJAX and an EMB system called Ensemble. Supports embedded, client/server and distributed implementations.
ConceptBase Telos CBQL (based on Datalog) no types but classes open source, FreeBSD-style license historical db, active rules, meta-modeling, deductive rules
Db4o 8.0 C#, Java db4o-sql .NET and Java data types GPL, custom,[1] proprietary Native Queries, LINQ support, automatic schema evolution, Transparent Activation/Persistence, replication to RDBMS, Object Manager plugin for Visual Studio and Eclipse
GemStone/S 3.2.2 Smalltalk None Objects and code Proprietary, free version available Persistent, transactional, multi-user Smalltalk developed by GemTalk Systems.
NeoDatis ODB C#, Java, Mono LGPL Embedded and Client/Server
ObjectDatabase++ 3.4 C++, TScript, .NET Proprietary Embedded
ObjectDB 2.4.6 Java None, uses JPA or JDO Proprietary
Objectivity/DB 10.2.1 C++, C#, Java, Python, Smalltalk and XML SQL superset Proprietary Distributed, Parallel Query Engine
ObjectStore 7.2 (July 2011) C++, Java, interoperable with .NET SQL subset (also has own object query language) Proprietary Embedded database supporting efficient, distributed management of C++ and Java objects. Avoids the complexities and limitations of ORM products such as Hibernate by storing objects directly with their relationships intact. Uses a page-based mapping system for fast locking and efficient, distributed, client-side caching.
ODABA 12.3.0 (August 2013) C++, .NET SQL subset, DQL Basic Types, Classes, Multiple inheritance, Weak Typed GPL Terminology-oriented database
OpenAccess 2.2 C++ no Proprietary EDA database
OpenLink Virtuoso 5.0.11 C++, Java/JSP, ASP, ASPX, Mono, RDF, SPARQL, SPARUL, SQL, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, XML, ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, more SQL 9x/200x GPL or proprietary
Perst 4.2 Java (including Java SE, Java ME & Android), C# (including .NET, .NET Compact Framework, Mono & Silverlight) JSQL - object-oriented subset of SQL Java and .NET data types GPL, Proprietary Small footprint embedded database. Diverse indexes and specialized collection classes; LINQ; replication; ACID transactions; native full text search; includes Silverlight, Android and Java ME demo apps.
Picolisp 3.1.1 Picolisp MIT License DB built into the language
siaqodb 4.0 C#, .NET, Mono, WinRT, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Unity3D, .NET Compact Framework LINQ .NET data types, classes Commercial NoSQL embedded database for .NET that runs on .NET, Mono, WinRT, iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Unity3D,Compact Framework
Twig Java Apache license 2.0 Built on Google App Engine's low-level Datastore API
Versant Object Database Proprietary
WakandaDB 4 JavaScript, C++ No support. Use REST & SSJS instead JavaScript and 4D data types AGPL, proprietary[2] NoSQL REST / Server-Side JavaScript engine. Integrates Webkit JavaScriptCore engine with HTML5 JS APIs supported on the server. Tables and columns are replaced by JavaScript DataClasses and attributes.
Zope Object Database Python, C No support. Object indexing and searching is done through ZCatalog facility. Zope Public License

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