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List of power stations in Sweden

The following page lists all the power stations in Sweden. For traction power, see List of installations for 15kV AC railway electrification in Sweden


  • Nuclear 1
  • Thermal Non-Nuclear 2
  • Hydroelectric 3
  • Wind farms 4
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Name Site Coordinates Type Effect Operational Current status Manufacturer
Barsebäck 1 Barsebäckshamn BWR 630 MW 1975–1999 shut down ASEA-Atom
Barsebäck 2 Barsebäckshamn BWR 630 MW 1977–2005 shut down ASEA-Atom
Forsmark 1 Forsmark BWR 1,018 MW 1980– operational ASEA-Atom
Forsmark 2 Forsmark BWR 960 MW 1981– operational ASEA-Atom
Forsmark 3 Forsmark BWR 1,230 MW 1985– operational ASEA-Atom
Oskarshamn 1 Figeholm BWR 500 MW 1972– operational ASEA-Atom
Oskarshamn 2 Figeholm BWR 630 MW 1975– operational ASEA-Atom
Oskarshamn 3 Figeholm BWR 1,450 MW 1985– operational ASEA-Atom
Ringhals 1 Gloppe BWR 860 MW 1976– operational ASEA-Atom
Ringhals 2 Gloppe PWR 870 MW 1975– operational Westinghouse Electric Company
Ringhals 3 Gloppe PWR 920 MW 1981– operational Westinghouse Electric Company
Ringhals 4 Gloppe PWR 910 MW 1983– operational Westinghouse Electric Company

Thermal Non-Nuclear

Station Site Coordinates Capacity (MW) Status Type of fuel
Stärnö Power Station Karlshamn 1020 MW Used as reserve Fuel Oil
Stenungsund Power Station Stenungsund Unknown 820 MW Two machines is used as reserve grid power Fuel Oil
Bråvalla Power Station Norrköping Unknown 220 MW Decommissioned Fuel Oil
Öresund Power Station Malmö 440 MW Operational Natural Gas


Station Site Coordinates Capacity (MW) Status Notes River
Älvkarleby Hydroelectric Power Station Älvkarleby 126 Operational 2nd largest on the river Dal River
Hojum Hydroelectric Power Station Trollhättan 170 Operational Largest in Götaland Göta älv
Juktan Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Power Station[1] Gunnam 334 Operational - Juktån
Olidan Hydroelectric Power Station Trollhättan 130 Operational One of the oldest in the country Göta älv
Porjus Hydroelectric Power Station Porjus 480 Operational 3rd largest in Sweden Lule River
Harsprånget Hydroelectric power station Harsprånget 977 Operational Largest in Sweden Lule River
Stornorrfors Hydroelectric power station Norrfors 599 Operational 2nd largest in Sweden Ume River
Messaure Messaure 460 Operational 101 m dam Lule River
Letsi Letsi Unknown 456 Operational First and largest in the river Lesser Lule River
Kilforsen Kilforsen 415 Operational 6th largest in Sweden Fjällsjö River
Trängslet Dam Trängslet 330 Operational Highest dam in Sweden, 120 m Dal River

Note; There's maybe a thousand more of hydroelectric plants not listed here, but these are among the biggest. Today, there's 46 stations at 100 MW and over, 18 at 200 MW and over, 6 at 400 MW and over and 2 over 500 MW.

Wind farms

Farm Capacity (MW) Turbines Municipality Coordinates Type Commissioned
Aapua Wind Farm 10 7 Övertorneå, Norrbotten Onshore 2005
Blaiken[2][3][4] 250 100 Arjeplog, Norrbotten Onshore 2011–2015
Falkenberg 11 15 Falkenberg, Halland Onshore  
Fjällberget[5] 10 5 Ludvika Dalarna Onshore 2006
Hedagården-Tågarp wind park 9 6 Svalöv, Skåne Onshore  
Hedboberget 18 9   Onshore 2008
Hornberg Wind Farm 10 5 Malå, Västerbotten Onshore 2007
Jädraås[6] 66 203 Gävleborg Onshore 2013
Landskrona 7 12 Landskrona, Skåne    
Lillgrund Wind Farm 110 48 Malmö, Skåne Offshore 2007
Långå Wind Farm 10 5 Härjedalen, Jämtland Onshore  
Lärbro 9 10 Gotland, Gotland    
Mungseröd wind park 9 6 Tanum, Västra Götaland    
Näs 38 72 Gotland, Gotland    
Råshön Wind Farm 10 7 Krokom, Jämtland Onshore  
Slite 11 12 Gotland, Gotland    
Stora Istad Wind Farm 10 5 Kalmar Onshore 2007
Utgrunden 10 7        
Yttre Stengrund 10 5        
Älmhult power farm (formerly Kastlösa) 9 16        
Bliekavare[7]   18   Onshore  
Bondön[7]   14        
Brattön[7]   10        
Dragaliden[7]   12     Onshore  
Gabrielsberget[7]   40     Onshore  
Glötesvålen[7]   30     Onshore  
Gässlingegrund[7]   10        
Havsnäs Wind Farm 95 48     Onshore 2009
Hud/Kil[7]   10        
Markbygden Wind Farm 4,000 1,100 Piteå, Norrbotten County Onshore 2020
Rautirova[7]   19     Onshore  
Råshön wind farm 2 1 Krokom, Jämtland   Onshore 2010
Sjisjka[7]   30     Onshore  
Storrun[7] 30 12 Krokum   Onshore 2009
Saxberget[7]   17     Onshore  
Skottarevet[7]   30        
Säliträdberget[7]   8     Onshore  
Uljaboda[7] 10        

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