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List of power stations in the Czech Republic


List of power stations in the Czech Republic

Dukovany Nuclear Power Station

The following page lists major power stations in the Czech Republic. As of 31 December 2009, power stations in Czech Republic have an installed electrical generating capacity of 18,326 MWe; of these 3,830 MWe in nuclear plants, 11,655 MWe in other thermal plants, 2,183 MWe in hydro plants, 193 MWe in wind power plants and 465 MWe in solar plants.[1] Because of generous feed-in tariff solar plants boomed in 2010, reaching 1,394 MWe as of December 1 2010.[2]


  • Nuclear 1
  • Thermal 2
  • Hydroelectric 3
  • Solar and wind 4
  • References 5
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Name Location Coordinates Type Capacity, MWe Operational Notes
Dukovany NPP Dukovany VVER 456 1985- upgraded from 440 MWe in 2007
VVER 440 1986-
VVER 456 1987- upgraded from 440 MWe in 2005
VVER 456 1987- upgraded from 440 MWe in 2007
Temelín NPP Temelín VVER 980 2002-
VVER 1,020 2003-


Prunéřov Power Station II
Name Location Coordinates Capacity, MWe Units Gross power generation 2008 (GWh) Fuel Operator
Prunéřov Power Station II Prunéřov 1,050 5 6430 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Počerady Power Station Počerady 1,000 5 6457 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Chvaletice Power Station Chvaletice 800 4 3099 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Dětmarovice Power Station Dětmarovice 800 4 2253 black coal ČEZ, a. s.
Tušimice Power Station II Tušimice 800 4 2612 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Mělník Power Station III Horní Počaply 500 1 2830 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Prunéřov Power Station I Prunéřov 440 4 2610 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Vřesová Power Station Vřesová 370 2 2110 syngas generated from brown coal, natural gas [3] Sokolovská uhelná, právní nástupce, a. s.
Opatovice Power Station Opatovice 363 6 2241 brown coal International Power Opatovice, a.s.
Mělník Power Station I Horní Počaply 352 6 1487 brown coal ENERGOTRANS a.s.
Kladno - Dubská Power Station Kladno 305 4 1542 brown coal, black coal, fuel oil, biomass Alpiq Generation (CZ) s.r.o.
Ostrava - Kunčice Power Station Ostrava 254 11 1357 black coal, coke owen gas, blast-furnace gas Mittal Steel Ostrava a.s.
Komořany Power Station Komořany 239 8 806 brown coal (CFB)[4] United Energy právní nástupce, a.s.
Mělník Power Station II Horní Počaply 220 2 1159 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Ledvice Power Station 2 Ledvice 220 2 1510 brown coal ČEZ, a. s.
Vřesová Heating Station Vřesová 220 4 1643 brown coal Sokolovská uhelná, právní nástupce, a. s.

There are many thermal power stations with a total capacity of 200 MW.


Dlouhé Stráně Hydro Power Plant
Name Location Coordinates Capacity, MWe Brutto power generation 2008 (GWh) pumped-storage Operator
Dlouhé Stráně Hydro Power Plant Kouty nad Desnou 650 152 yes ČEZ
Dalešice Hydro Power Plant Kramolin 450 170 yes ČEZ
Orlík Hydro Power Plant Solenice 364 300 no ČEZ
Slapy Hydro Power Plant Trebenice 144 248 no ČEZ
Lipno Hydro Power Plant Lipno nad Vitavou 120 148 no ČEZ

There are many hydro power stations with a total capacity of 100 MW.

Solar and wind

Ostružná Wind Park
Name Capacity, MWe Type Owner
Kryštofovy Hamry Wind Park[5] 42 wind ecoenerg Windkraft
Ralsko Solar Park Ra 1[6] 38 photovoltaic ČEZ
Vepřek Solar Park 35 photovoltaic FVE CZECH NOVUM
Ševětín Solar Park[7][8] 30 photovoltaic ČEZ
Horní Loděnice Wind Park[9] 18 wind Větrná energie HL
Mimoň Solar Park Ra 3[10] 17 photovoltaic ČEZ
Vranovská Ves Solar Park[11] 16 photovoltaic ČEZ
Solar Stříbro[12] 14 photovoltaic Solar Stříbro
ŽV - SUN Solar Park[13] 13 photovoltaic Z-Grop
Uherský Brod Solar Park[14] 10 photovoltaic Divalia
Sulkov Solar Park[15] 10 photovoltaic Scatec Solar
Chrudichromy Solar Park[16][17] 10 photovoltaic ??
many other stations <10


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