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List of rivers in England

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Title: List of rivers in England  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: River Fleet, River Wensum, River Stour, Suffolk, River Dane, River Mole, River Kennet, River Medway, River Effra, River Cherwell, River Wandle
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List of rivers in England

This is a list of rivers of England, organised geographically and taken anti-clockwise around the English coast where the various rivers discharge into the surrounding seas, from the Solway Firth on the Scottish border to the Welsh Dee on the Welsh border, and again from the Wye on the Welsh border anti-clockwise to the Tweed on the Scottish border.

Tributaries are listed down the page in an upstream direction. The main stem (or principal) river of a catchment is labelled as (MS), left-bank tributaries are indicated by (L), right-bank tributaries by (R). Note that in general usage, the 'left (or right) bank of a river' refers to the left (or right) hand bank, as seen when looking downstream. Where a named river derives from the confluence of two differently named rivers these are labelled as (Ls) and (Rs) for the left and right forks (the rivers on the left and right, relative to an observer facing downstream). A prime example is the River Tyne (MS), the confluence of the South Tyne (Rs) and the North Tyne (Ls) near Hexham. Those few watercourses (mainly in the Thames catchment) which branch off a major channel and then rejoin it or another watercourse further downstream are known as distributaries or anabranches and are labelled (d).

The list is (or at least will be when completed) essentially a list of the main rivers of England (as defined by the Environment Agency) and which includes those named watercourses for which the Environment Agency has a flood defence function. Difficulties arise otherwise in determining what should and what should not be included. Some minor watercourses are included in the list, especially if they are named as 'river'- such examples may be labelled (m).

For simplicity, they are divided here by the coastal sections within which each river system discharges to the sea. In the case of the rivers which straddle the borders with Scotland and Wales, such as the Border Esk, Tweed, Dee, Severn and Wye, only those tributaries which lie at least partly in England are included.

Rivers discharging into the Irish Sea

This section includes all rivers entering the Irish Sea from England between the Scottish border and the Welsh border.

Cumbrian coast

All rivers discharging into the Solway Firth, Irish Sea and Morecambe Bay from the Scottish border south to Silverdale on the Cumbria/Lancashire border.

Flowing into the Solway Firth

Border Esk catchment

The lowest reaches of the Esk are in England but most of the river is in Scotland whilst a short section is followed by the England/Scotland border. Tributaries of the Esk which are wholly in Scotland are omitted from this list but may be found at List of rivers of Scotland.

  • River Esk (MS)
    • River Sark (or 'Sark Water') (R) (upper reaches in Scotland, part of river is followed by England/Scotland border)
    • River Lyne (L)
    • Carwinley Burn (L)
    • Liddel Water (L) (part of river is followed by England/Scotland border)
      • Kershope Burn (L) (larger part of river is in Scotland, part of river is followed by England/Scotland border)

All further upstream tributaries of the Esk are wholly in Scotland.

Eden catchment

Wampool catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Flowing into the Irish Sea

Derwent catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Ehen catchment

Calder catchment

Cumbrian Esk catchment

Minor coastal catchment

  • River Annas (MS)

Duddon catchment

Flowing into Morecambe Bay

Leven catchment

Kent catchment

Lancashire and Cheshire coast

All rivers discharging into the Irish Sea from Silverdale on the Cumbria/Lancashire border south to the Dee Estuary.

Keer catchment

Lune catchment

Cocker catchment

Wyre catchment

Ribble catchment

Minor coastal catchments

  • Crossens Pool (MS)[1]
    • The Sluice
    • Three Pools Waterway

Alt catchment

Mersey catchment

The Dee and most of its tributaries arise in Wales. Though a section of it passes through England, it passes into Wales once again before discharging into the Irish Sea via the Dee estuary. For other rivers entering the Irish Sea and Cardigan Bay from Wales, see List of rivers of Wales. Only those tributaries of the River Dee which flow wholly or partly in England are listed here - for a complete list of the rivers and watercourses of the Dee catchment see List of rivers of Wales.

Dee catchment

All further upstream tributaries of the Dee are wholly in Wales.

Rivers discharging into the Bristol Channel and Southwest Approaches

This section includes all rivers entering the Bristol Channel and the sea off the northern coasts of Devon and Cornwall which is referred to variously as the Southwest Approaches or Celtic Sea.

Rivers Severn and Wye

The lowermost Wye forms the boundary between England and Wales. Only those tributaries of the River Wye which flow wholly or partly in England are listed here - for a complete list of the rivers and watercourses of the Wye catchment and for other rivers entering the Bristol Channel from Wales see List of rivers of Wales.

Wye catchment

  • River Wye (MS)
    • Valley Brook (L)
    • River Monnow (R)
    • Garren Brook (R)
    • Rudhall Brook (L)
    • River Lugg (L)
      • River Frome (L)
        • River Lodon (R)
      • Wellington Brook (R)
      • Humber Brook (L)
      • River Arrow (R)
        • Stretford Brook (R)
          • Tippet's Brook (L)
        • Curl Brook (R)
        • Cynon Brook (L)
        • Gladestry Brook (L)
      • Cheaton Brook (L)
      • Main Drain (L)
      • Pinsley Brook (R)
      • Hindwell Brook (R)
    • Norton Brook (R)
    • Letton Lake (L)
    • Dulas Brook (R)

All further upstream tributaries of the Wye are wholly in Wales.

The River Severn upstream of the M48 Severn Bridge. This section includes all tributaries of the Severn which lie wholly or partly in England. For tributaries of the Severn which lie partly or wholly within Wales, see List of rivers of Wales.

Severn catchment

With the exception of the Morda and parts of the Camlad, Tanat and Cynllaith all tributaries of the Severn and Vyrnwy upstream of their confluence are in Wales. They can be found here.

Bristol Channel

All English rivers discharging into the Severn Estuary and the Bristol Channel from the M48 Severn Bridge south and west to Morte Point, North Devon.

Bristol Avon catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Axe catchment

Brue catchment

    • Pillrow Cut?

Parrett catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Lyn catchment

Heddon, Umber & Wilder catchments

  • River Heddon (MS)
  • River Umber (MS)
  • Wilder Brook (MS)
    • East Wilder Brook (Rs)
    • West Wilder Brook (Ls)

Atlantic Coast of Devon and North Cornwall

Rivers discharging into the Atlantic Ocean between Morte Point in North Devon and Land's End.

Taw catchment

  • River Taw (MS)
    • River Caen (R)
    • Knowl Water (R)
    • Bradiford Water (R)
      • Colam Stream (Rs)
    • River Yeo (R)
    • Langham Lake (L)
    • Hawkridge Brook (R)
    • River Mole (R)
      • Colley Lake (L)
      • River Bray (R)
        • Nadrid Water
      • Little Silver Stream (L)
      • Crooked Oak (L)
      • River Yeo (Molland) (L)
    • Mully Brook (L)
    • Hollocombe Water (L)
    • Little Dart River (R)
      • Huntacott Water (R)
      • Adworthy Brook (R)
      • Sturcombe River (R)
    • River Yeo (R)
      • River Dalch (R)
      • Ash Brook (R)
      • Gissage Lake (L)
    • Bullow Brook (L) (m)

Torridge catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Camel catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Rivers discharging into the English Channel

This section includes all rivers entering the sea along England's south coast.

South Coast of Cornwall and Devon

All rivers discharging into the Atlantic Ocean between Land's End, Cornwall and Lyme Regis on the Devon/Dorset border.

Note that there are no watercourses named on either the 1:25,000 or 1:50,000 scale Ordnance Survey maps of the Isles of Scilly.

Minor coastal catchments

  • Penberth River (MS)
  • Lamorna River (MS)
  • Newlyn River (MS)
  • Larigan River (MS)
  • Chyandour Brook (MS)
  • Rosemorran Stream (MS)
    • Trevaylor Stream (R)
  • Red River (MS)
  • River Cober (MS)

Helford catchment

Restronguet catchment

Fal catchment

  • River Fal (MS)
    • River Truro (R)
      • Tresillian River (L)
        • Trevella Stream (R)
      • River Kenwyn (R)
      • River Allen (R)
    • Ruan River (L) (m)

St Austell River catchment

Par catchment

  • River Par (MS)

Fowey catchment

  • River Fowey (MS)
    • Pont Creek
    • Trebant Water (L) (enters via Penpoll Creek)
    • River Lerryn (R)
    • Cardinham Water (R)
    • Warleggan River (R) (or River Bedalder)
    • St Neot River (R) (or River Loveny)

Looe catchment

Tamar catchment

Plym catchment

Erme & Avon catchments etc.

  • River Erme (MS)
  • River Avon (MS)
  • The Gara (enters Slapton Ley)

Dart catchment

Teign catchment

Exe catchment

  • River Exe (MS)
    • River Clyst (L)
    • Alphin Brook (R)
    • North Brook
    • Duryard Stream
    • River Creedy (R)
      • River Yeo (R)
        • River Culvery (R)
          • River Ted (Ls)
          • Lilly Brook (Rs)
        • River Troney
      • Holly Water
    • River Culm (L)
      • River Weaver (L)
      • Spratford Stream (R) (known as River Lyner in upper reaches)
      • River Ken (L)
      • River Madford (L) (or Madford River)
        • Bolham River (R)
    • Burn River (L)
    • River Dart (Bickleigh) (R)
    • River Lowman (L)
    • River Batherm (L)
      • Ben Brook (R)
    • Iron Mill Stream (R)
    • Brockeye River (or River Brockey) (R)
    • River Barle (R)
    • River Haddeo (L)
    • River Quarme

Otter catchment

Sid catchment

Axe catchment

  • River Axe (MS)
    • River Coly (R)
      • Umborne Brook (L)
      • Offwell Brook?
    • River Yarty (R)
      • Corrie Brook (R)*
    • River Kit (R)
    • Blackwater River (L)
    • River Synderford (L)

Coast of Dorset and Hampshire

All rivers discharging into the English Channel between Lyme Regis on the Devon/Dorset border and Hayling Island on the Hampshire/Sussex border but excluding the Isle of Wight.

Minor coastal catchments

  • River Lim (MS)
  • River Char (MS)
  • River Winniford (MS)

Brit catchment

Coastal catchments

  • River Bride (MS)
  • River Wey (MS)
  • River Jordan (MS)
  • River Corfe (MS) (or Corfe River)

Frome catchment

Piddle catchment etc.

Dorset Stour catchment

  • River Stour (MS)
    • Moors River (L) (River Crane in upper reaches)
    • River Allen (L)
    • River Winterborne (R)
    • The Tarrant (L)
    • River Iwerne (L)
    • River Divelish (R)
    • River Lydden (R)
      • Caundle Brook (L)
    • River Cale (R)
    • River Lodden (L)

Hampshire Avon catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Test catchment

Itchen catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Isle of Wight

All rivers in the Isle of Wight - list taken anticlockwise from Cowes

Medina catchment etc.

Newtown River catchment

Western Yar catchment

Eastern Yar catchment etc.

Wootton Creek catchment etc.

  • Wootton Creek (MS)
    • Chillingwood Brook
      • Deadman's Brook (L) (m)
    • Blackbridge Brook (R)
  • Palmer's Brook (MS)

Coast of South East England

All rivers discharging into the English Channel and Straits of Dover between Hayling Island on the Hampshire/Sussex border and Foreness Point at the northeast corner of Kent. This section includes the entire coast of Sussex and the south and east coasts of Kent.

Minor coastal catchments

  • Broad Rife (MS)
  • Bremere Rife (MS)
  • Pagham Rife (MS)
  • Aldingbourne Rife (MS)
    • Barnham Rife (ref?)
    • Lidsey Rife (L)

Arun catchment

  • River Arun (MS)
    • Ryebank Rife (R)
    • River Chilt (L)
      • River Stor (L)
    • River Rother (R)
      • Hammer Stream (L)
      • Tilmore Brook
      • Batt's Brook (R) (known upstream as Oakshott Stream)
    • unknown tributary (R)

Adur catchment

Ouse catchment

Cuckmere catchment

Pevensey Haven catchment

  • Pevensey Haven (MS)
    • Langney Sewer (R)
      • Hurst Haven (L)

Wallers Haven catchment

  • Waller's Haven (MS)
    • Nunningham Stream (R)
    • Ash Bourne (R)
      • Hugletts Stream (R)

Combe Haven catchment

Rother catchment

Dour catchment

Stour catchment

Rivers discharging into the North Sea

This section includes all of the rivers along England's east coast.

Thames Estuary

All rivers discharging into the Thames and Medway and their estuaries. This section includes the coast of Kent west of Foreness Point at the northeast corner of Kent and the south coast of Essex, west of Shoeburyness. But see also

Medway catchment

Thames catchment

East Anglian Coast

All rivers discharging into the North Sea along the coast of East Anglia, including the counties of Essex (north and east of Shoeburyness), Suffolk and Norfolk as far as King's Lynn.

Crouch catchment

Blackwater catchment

Colne catchment

Stour catchment

  • River Stour (MS)
    • River Brett (L)
    • River Box (L)
    • Chad Brook (L)
    • River Glem (L)

Orwell catchment

Minor coastal catchments

Yare catchment

Coastal catchments

Great Ouse catchment

Lincolnshire Coast and The Wash

All rivers discharging into The Wash and the North Sea between King's Lynn and Cleethorpes at the mouth of The Humber.

Nene catchment

  • River Nene (MS)
    • Lutton Leam (L)
    • South Holland Main Drain (L)
    • North Level Main Drain (L)
    • Willow Brook (L)
    • Harper's Brook (L)
    • River Ise (L)
    • River Nene, Brampton Arm (L)[4]

Welland catchment

The Haven catchment

Steeping catchment

  • Steeping River (or Wainfleet Haven) (MS)
    • Cow Bank Drain (L)
    • Bell Water Drain (R)
    • River Lymn

Saltfleet catchment

  • Saltfleet Haven (MS)
    • Great Eau (R)
      • Long Eau (L)
    • Mar Dike (R)
    • South Dike (L)

Grainthorpe catchment

  • Grainthorpe Haven (MS)
    • River Lud

Tetney Haven catchment

  • Tetney Haven (MS)
    • Waithe Beck

Humber catchment

This section includes all rivers entering the Humber, defined as the estuary west of a line between Spurn Head and Cleethorpes. The Humber is often referred to as the River Humber though the name is unusual insofar as it is an entirely tidal stretch of water formed as the Rivers Ouse and Trent combine at Trent Falls.

Minor coastal catchments

Ancholme catchment

Minor catchment

  • Halton Drain (MS)

Trent catchment

Yorkshire Ouse catchment

Hull catchment

Sands Drain catchment

  • Sands Drain (MS)
    • Winestead Drain

Yorkshire Coast

All rivers entering the North Sea between Spurn Point at the mouth of the Humber and Redcar, Cleveland. This section includes the entire North Sea coast of the traditional county of Yorkshire.

Barmston Main Drain catchment

  • Barmston Main Drain (MS)
    • Gransmoor Drain (L)
    • Stream Dyke (R)

Minor coastal catchments

  • Gypsey Race (MS)
  • Scalby Beck (Sea Cut) (MS)
    • Burniston Beck (L)
  • Mill Beck/Ramsdale Beck (MS)

Yorkshire Esk catchment

  • River Esk (MS)
    • Rig Mill Beck (R)
    • Little Beck (R)
    • Murk Esk (R)
      • Eller Beck (Rs)
      • West Beck (Ls)
        • Wheeldale Gill (Ls)
        • Wheeldale Beck (Rs)
    • Glaisdale Beck (R)
    • Stonegate Beck/Gill (L)
    • Great Fryup Beck (R)
    • Little Fryup Beck (R)
    • Danby Beck (R)
    • Commondale Beck (L)
      • Sleddale Beck (R)
    • Baysdale Beck (L)

Coastal catchments

  • East Row Beck (MS)
  • Sandsend Beck (MS)
  • Staithes Beck (MS)
    • Easington Beck (L)
      • Roxby Beck (R)
  • Kilton Beck (MS)

Skelton Beck catchment

  • Skelton Beck (MS)
    • Saltburn Beck (L)
    • Tocketts Beck (L)
    • Waterfall Beck (R)

North East England

All rivers entering the North Sea from Redcar north to the Scottish border. This section includes the rivers of County Durham and Northumberland.

Tees catchment

  • River Tees (MS)
    • Greatham Creek (L)
      • North Burn (R)
    • Billingham Beck (L)
    • Hartburn Beck (L)
    • River Leven (R)
    • Clow Beck (R)
    • River Skerne (L)
    • Langley Beck (L)
    • River Greta (R)
      • Sleightholme Beck (R)
    • Deepdale Beck (R)
    • River Balder (R)
      • Eggleston Burn (L)
    • River Lune (R)
      • Long Grain (Ls)
      • Lune Head Beck (Rs)
    • Hudeshope Beck (L)
    • Harwood Beck (L)
    • Maize Beck (R)

Minor coastal catchments

  • Crimdon Beck (MS)
  • Castle Eden Burn (MS)
  • Horden Burn (MS)
  • Hawthorn Burn (MS)

Wear catchment

Tyne catchment

  • River Tyne (MS)
    • River Don (R)
    • Ouseburn (L)
    • River Team (R)
    • River Derwent (R)
    • Stanley Burn (R)
    • Whittle Burn (L)
    • Stocksfield Burn (R)
    • March Burn (R)
    • Devil's Water (R)
      • West Dipton Burn (L)
      • Ham Burn or Rowley Burn (L)
    • River South Tyne (Rs)
    • River North Tyne (Ls)
      • Erring Burn (L)
      • Swin Burn (L)
      • Crook Burn (R)
      • Warks Burn (R)
      • Houxty Burn (R)
      • River Rede (L)
        • Lisles Burn (L)
        • Elsdon Burn (L)
        • Durtrees Burn (L)
        • Silis Burn (L)
        • Blakehope Burn (R)
        • Cottonshope Burn (L)
      • Hareshaw Burn (L)
      • Chirdon Burn (R)
      • Tarset Burn (L)
        • Tarret Burn (L)
        • Whickhope Burn (R)
          • Little Whickhope Burn (R)
        • Lewis Burn (L)
          • Akenshaw Burn (L)
      • Kielder Burn (L)
        • Ridge End Burn (L)
        • Scaup Burn (Rs)
        • White Kielder Burn (Ls)

Minor coastal catchment

Blyth catchment

Wansbeck catchment

Lyne catchment

Minor coastal catchment

  • Chevington Burn (MS)

Coquet catchment

  • River Coquet (MS)
    • Grange Burn (L)
    • Newton Burn (L)
    • Longdike Burn (R)
    • Swarland Burn (L)
    • Tod Burn (R)
    • Maglin Burn (R)
    • Forest Burn (R)
    • Wreigh Burn (L)
      • Back Burn (L)
    • Grasslees Burn (R)
    • Holystone Burn (R)
    • River Alwin (R)
    • Ridlees Burn (R)
    • Usway Burn (L)

Aln catchment

  • River Aln (MS)
    • Cawledge Burn (R)
    • Denwick Burn (L)
    • Shipley Burn (L)
      • Eglingham Burn (R)
    • Edlingham Burn (R)
    • Coe Burn (R)

Minor coastal catchments

  • Howick Burn (MS)
  • Embleton Burn (MS)
  • Brunton Burn (MS)
  • Waren Burn (MS)
  • South Low (MS)
  • North Low (MS)

Tweed catchment

Tributaries of the Tweed which are wholly in Scotland are omitted from this list but may be found in the List of rivers of Scotland.

All further upstream tributaries of the Tweed are wholly in Scotland.

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Except where otherwise unannotated, rivers and other watercourses in this list are taken from the various sheets of the 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and 1:63,360 scale map series of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain.

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