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List of rivers of Cyprus


List of rivers of Cyprus

The Kouris river

Most of the 35 streams are small and impermanent. Melting snow supplies water to a number of these until late April. Others are merely winter torrents which go dry during the summer.

Rivers in Cyprus by Length

River Name in Greek Name in Turkish Length (km)
1 Pedieos Πεδιαίος / Πηδιάς Kanlıdere 98
2 Yialias Γιαλιάς Çakıllıdere (Yayladere) 88
3 Serakhis Σερράχης Serahi 55
4 Dhiarizos Διαρίζος Diyariza (Diyarizo) 42
5 Xeropotamos Ξεροπόταμος Kurudere 41.5
6 Ezousa Έζουσα Ezusa 41
7 Kouris Κούρης Kuris 38
8 Akaki Ακάκι Akaki Unknown
9 Ha Potami Χαποτάμι Hapotami Unknown
10 Peristerona Περιστερώνα Persiterona Unknown
11 Ovgos Οβγός Dardere Unknown
12 Tremithos Τρέμιθος Unknown
13 Elia Ελιά Doğancı Unknown
14 Stavros tis Psokas Σταυρός της Ψώκας Unknown
15 Pentashinos Πεντάσχοινος Pendaşino (Beştulum) Unknown
16 Karkotis Καρκώτης Karkot Unknown
17 Vasilikos Βασιλικός Unknown
18 Maroni Μαρώνι Unknown
19 Yermasogeia Γερμασόγεια Yermasoya Unknown
20 Atsas Ατσάς Atsas Unknown
21 Limnatis Λιμνάτης Unknown
22 Krios Κρυός Unknown
23 Alikos Αλυκός Unknown
24 Garillis Γαρύλλης Garilis Unknown
25 Setrahos Σέτραχος Unknown
26 Limnitis Λιμνίτης Yeşilırmak Unknown

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