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List of rivers of Malaysia

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Title: List of rivers of Malaysia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Outline of Malaysia, Ampang River, Bangkit River, Bintangor River, Kemaman River
Collection: Lists of Landforms of Malaysia, Lists of Rivers by Country, Rivers of Malaysia
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List of rivers of Malaysia

This is an incomplete list of rivers that are at least partially in Malaysia. The rivers are grouped by strait or sea. The rivers flowing into the sea are sorted along the coast. Rivers flowing into other rivers are listed by the rivers they flow into. The rivers that have their mouths in Malaysia are given in italics. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers cross state borders.

The Gombak River (left) merges with the Klang River (right) in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Rivers by international borders 1
  • Rivers by state borders 2
  • Rivers flowing into Celebes Sea 3
    • Sabah 3.1
  • Rivers flowing into South China Sea 4
    • Johor 4.1
    • Kelantan 4.2
    • Pahang 4.3
    • Sabah 4.4
    • Sarawak 4.5
    • Terengganu 4.6
  • Rivers flowing into Strait of Malacca 5
    • Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 5.1
    • Johor 5.2
    • Kedah 5.3
    • Malacca 5.4
    • Negeri Sembilan 5.5
    • Penang 5.6
    • Perak 5.7
    • Perlis 5.8
    • Selangor 5.9
  • Rivers flowing into Sulu Sea 6
    • Sabah 6.1
  • Rivers flowing into Tebrau Strait 7
    • Johor 7.1
  • External links 8

Rivers by international borders

International border River Area (km2)
Kelantan-Thailand Golok River 1,011.125
Sabah-Indonesia Sibuku River 799.452
Sabah-Indonesia Sembakung River 5,467.765
Sarawak-Brunei Pandaruan River 222.378

Rivers by state borders

State border River Area (km2)
Perlis-Kedah Perlis River 724.398
Penang-Kedah Perai River 447.824
Penang-Kedah Jawi River 231.031
Penang-Kedah-Perak Kerian River 1,420.233
Kedah-Penang Muda River 4,150.397
Perak-Selangor Bernam River 2,836.333
Selangor-Federal Territory Klang River 1,297.382
Selangor-Federal Territory Buloh River 451.926
Selangor-Federal Territory-Negeri Sembilan Langat River 2,347.882
Selangor-Negeri Sembilan Sepang River 101.932
Negeri Sembilan-Malacca Linggi River 1,297.668
Negeri Sembilan-Malacca Malacca River 614.575
Malacca-Johor-Negeri Sembilan Kesang River 658.263
Johor-Pahang-Malacca-Negeri Sembilan Muar River 6,137.800
Johor-Pahang Endau River 4,739.059
Pahang-Negeri Sembilan Pahang River 28,682.247
Kelantan-Terengganu Semerak River 500.498

Rivers flowing into Celebes Sea


Rivers flowing into South China Sea







Rivers flowing into Strait of Malacca

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur




Negeri Sembilan





Rivers flowing into Sulu Sea


Rivers flowing into Tebrau Strait


External links

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