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Macedonian First League (basketball)

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Title: Macedonian First League (basketball)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: KK MZT Skopje Aerodrom, KK Rabotnički, Balkan International Basketball League, A-1 Liga, Duško Bunić
Collection: Basketball in the Republic of MacEdonia, Basketball Leagues in Europe
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Macedonian First League (basketball)

Macedonian First League
Македонска Прва Лига
Sport Basketball
Founded 1992
CEO Petar Naumoski
No. of teams 8 (2015/16)
Country  Macedonia
Continent FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent champion(s) MZT Aerodrom (4th title)
Most titles Rabotnički (14 titles)
TV partner(s) MRT
Level on pyramid 1st Tier
Domestic cup(s) Macedonian Cup
Official website

The Macedonian First League (Basketball Federation of Yugoslavia. Macedonian First league was made on the base of the Macedonian Republic League, and teams from the higher level federal Leagues (MZT and Rabotnički) joined the newly made and renamed League competition that become the First League.


  • Current clubs 1
  • Past champions 2
  • Performance by club 3
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Current clubs

Team City Arena Colour
Feni Industries Kavadarci Jasmin          
Karpoš Sokoli 2000 Skopje Boris Trajkovski Sports Center          
Kožuv Gevgelija 26-ti Aprli          
Kumanovo 2009 Kumanovo Sports Hall Kumanovo          
MZT Aerodrom Skopje Jane Sandanski Arena          
Rabotnički Skopje Gradski Park          
Strumica Strumica Park          
Best Gevgelija 26-ti Aprli          
Teams that participate in the ABA League

Past champions


Season Champion Score Runner-up Regular season winners
1992/93 Godel Rabotnički 3-2 (five game series) MZT Aerodrom Hepos
1993/94 Godel Rabotnički 3–2 (five game series) Kočani Delikates
1994/95 Godel Rabotnički 3-2 (five game series) Kočani Delikates
1995/96 Godel Rabotnički 3-0 (five game series) MZT Aerodrom
1996/97 Godel Rabotnički 4-1 (seven game series) Žito Vardar
1997/98 Godel Rabotnički 3-2 (five game series) MZT Boss Aerodrom
1998/99 Godel Rabotnički 3-2 (five game series) MZT Boss Aerodrom
1999/00 Nikolfert 3-2 (five game series) Godel Rabotnički
2000/01 Feršped Rabotnički 3-0 (five game series) MZT Aerodrom 2000
2001/02 Feršped Rabotnički 4-2 (seven game series) Kumanovo
2002/03 Feršped Rabotnički 4-0 (seven game series) Polo Trejd
2003/04 Feršped Rabotnički 4-1 (seven game series) MZT Aerodrom MZT Aerodrom
2004/05 Feršped Rabotnički 4-2 (seven game series) Vardar Osiguruvanje Vardar Osiguruvanje
2005/06 Feršped Rabotnički 4-1 (seven game series) Vardar Osiguruvanje Feršped Rabotnički
2006/07 Strumica 2005 4-1 (seven game series) Feršped Rabotnički Strumica 2005
2007/08 Feni Industri 4-3 (seven game series) Strumica 2005 Feni Industri
2008/09 Rabotnički 4-2 (seven game series) Feni Industri Feni Industri
2009/10 Feni Industri 4-3 (seven game series) Vardar Osiguruvanje Vardar Osiguruvanje
2010/11 Feni Industri 4-1 (seven game series) Rabotnički Feni Industri
2011/12 MZT Aerodrom 4-1 (seven game series) Feni Industri MZT Aerodrom
2012/13 MZT Aerodrom 4-0 (seven game series) Kozuv MZT Aerodrom
2013/14 MZT Aerodrom 3-1 (five game series) Rabotnički MZT Aerodrom
2014/15 MZT Aerodrom 3-0 (five game series) Kumanovo MZT Aerodrom

Performance by club

Club Winner Year Runner up Year
Rabotnički 14 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009 4 2000, 2007, 2011, 2014
MZT Aerodrom 4 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 6 1993, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004
Feni Industri 3 2008, 2010, 2011 2 2009, 2012
Strumica 2005 1 2007 2 2003, 2008
Nikolfert Gostivar 1 2000 / /
Vardar / / 2 2005, 2006
Kočani Delikates / / 2 1994, 1995
Kozuv / / 1 2013
Vardar Osiguruvanje / / 1 2010
Kumanovo / / 2 2002, 2015
Žito Vardar / / 1 1997


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