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Media in Abkhazia

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Title: Media in Abkhazia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Abkhazia, Economy of Abkhazia, Human rights in Abkhazia, Prime Minister of Abkhazia, Outline of Abkhazia
Collection: Abkhazian Media
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Media in Abkhazia

Media in Abkhazia consists of several TV channels, newspapers, magazines and radio stations. Some of them are government-owned, others are private. Apsnypress is the government information agency. Russian media are generally also available and is popular.


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The first newspaper appeared in Abkhazia in 1917,[1]

  • Apsnypress, information agency of Abkhazia (Russian)
  • Newspapers of Abkhazia - archive of 4 main newspapers (Echo Abkhazii, Novy Den, Nuzhnaya, Chegemskaya Pravda) (Russian)
  • Radio SOMA

External links

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Communications in Abkhazia

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Radio Soma is the only private radio station is very popular, broadcasting 24 hours a day, primarily music, but also carrying some news and, at times, live talk shows with invited guests.[4] The state radio, like state TV, broadcasts for 3–4 hours a day.[5]


There are two government and several private newspapers, published in Russian (predominantly) and Abkhaz.[7] The circulation ranges from 1,000 to 5,000, most of the newspapers are weeklies.[4] There is a degree a diversity, opposition media criticise the government over the wide range of issues such as Abkhazian-Russian relations and internal politics.[2][3][6] Novy Den and Chegemskaya Pravda newspapers had a pro-opposition tone during the 2009 presidential elections.[3] There have been several claims of harassment of journalists by the authorities. In September 2009, a court in Sukhumi gave journalist Anton Krivenyuk a three-year suspended sentence for allegedly libelling Bagapsh. Some Abkhazian journalists viewed this as an intimidation of opposition in the run-up to the elections.[3]


[5] Russian channels, such as

[6][5] existed in the capital in 2006, there are local TV stations in Gagra and Tkvarcheli.Sukhum-TV Another private channel, [3].2009 presidential elections and supported him during the Beslan Butba It is owned by [4] and its environs.Sukhumi, the only private station, reaches only Abaza TV It is the only local channel available all over the country. [4][3]

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