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Meriol Trevor

Meriol Trevor (15 April 1919 – 12 January 2000) was one of the most prolific Roman Catholic women writers of the twentieth century. She was educated at Perse Girls' School, Cambridge, and St Hugh's College, Oxford, taking her degree in 1942. During World War II she worked in a day nursery and later as the steerer of a cargo barge on the Grand Union Canal. In 1946 she went to Italy as a relief worker with UNRRA and lived for nearly a year in the Abruzzi. In Italy Trevor was exposed to Catholic culture. Previously an agnostic humanist, she was received into the Roman Catholic Church at Oxford in 1950. Her two-volume biography of John Henry Newman was awarded the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Biography in 1962. She also wrote biographies of Pope John XXIII, Philip Neri, and James II, as well as many historical novels and children's stories and a book of poetry. In 1967 she was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. An annual lecture series in her honour was begun in 2000 in her home town of Bath.



  • The Last of Britain (1956)
  • The New People (1957)
  • A Narrow Place (1958)
  • Shadows and Images (1960)
  • The City and the World (1970)
  • The Holy Images (1971)
  • The Two Kingdoms (1973)
  • The Fugitives (1973)
  • The Marked Man (1974)
  • The Enemy at Home (1974)
  • The Forgotten Country (1975)
  • The Treacherous Paths (1976)
  • The Fortunate Marriage (1976)
  • The Civil Prisoners (1977)
  • The Fortunes of Peace (1978)
  • The Wanton Fires (1979)
  • The Sun with a Face (1982)
  • The Golden Palaces (1986)

Books for children

  • The Forest and the Kingdom (1949) (World Dionysius Novels 1)
  • Hunt the King, Hide the Fox (1950) (World Dionysius Novels 2)
  • The Fires and the Stars (1951) (World Dionysius Novels 3)
  • Sun Slower, Sun Faster (1955)
  • The Treasure Hunt (1957)
  • Merlin's Ring (1957)
  • The Other Side of the Moon (1957)
  • The Caravan War (1958)
  • The Sparrow Child (1958)
  • Four Odd Ones (1958)
  • William's Wild Day Out (1963)
  • The Rose Round (1963)
  • The Midsummer Maze (1964)
  • Lights in a Dark Town (1964)
  • The King of the Castle (1966)
  • The Crystal Snowstorm (1997) (Letzenstein Chronicles Book 1)
  • Following the Phoenix (1998) (Letzenstein Chronicles Book 2)
  • Angel and Dragon (1999) (Letzenstein Chronicles Book 3)
  • The Rose and Crown (1999) (Letzenstein Chronicles Book 4)


  • Midsummer, Midwinter and Other Poems (1957)


  • Newman: The Pillar of the Cloud (1962)
  • Newman: Light in Winter (1962)
  • Newman Today (1963) (23-page Catholic Truth Society pamphlet)
  • Newman: A Portrait Restored. An Ecumenical Revaluation (with John Coulson and A.M. Allchin) (1965)
  • Apostle of Rome: A Life of St Philip Neri, 1515-1595 (1966)
  • Pope John (1967); new edition Pope John: Blessed John XXIII (2000)
  • Prophets and Guardians: Renewal and Tradition in the Church (1969)
  • The Arnolds: Thomas Arnold and His Family (1973)
  • Newman's Journey (1974)
  • The Shadow of a Crown: The Life Story of James II of England and VII of Scotland (1988)
  • John Henry Newman: Apostle to the Doubtful (with Leonie Caldecott) (2001)

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