Moldovan Prime Minister

Prime Minister of Moldova
Standard of the Prime Minister
His/Her Excellency
Residence Chișinău
Appointer President of Moldova
Term length Four years

The Prime Minister of Moldova is Moldova's head of government. The Prime Minister is formally appointed by the President and exercises executive power along with the cabinet subject to parliamentary support.

List of Prime Ministers of Moldova

Moldavian Democratic Republic (1917–1918)

Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940–1991)

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

Republic of Moldova (1991–present)


      FPM       PDAM       ADR       PCRM       PLDM       Independent

  Interim Prime Minister
Portrait Name Took office Left office Political party Elected Cabinet
1 Mircea Druc 26 May 1990 28 May 1991 Popular Front of Moldova 1990 Druc
2 Valeriu Muravschi 28 May 1991 1 July 1992 Popular Front of Moldova Muravschi
style="background: ;" rowspan=2| 3 Andrei Sangheli 1 July 1992 24 January 1997 Democratic Agrarian Party of Moldova Sangheli I
1994 Sangheli II
style="background: ; color: white;" rowspan=2| 4 Ion Ciubuc 24 January 1997 Resigned 5 Feb. 1999
12 March 1999
Alliance for Democracy and Reforms Ciubuc I
1998 Ciubuc II
Serafim Urechean
5 February 1999 19 February 1999 Independent
rowspan=2 style="background: ; color: white;"| 5 Ion Sturza 19 February 1999 12 March 1999 Alliance for Democracy and Reforms
12 March 1999 21 December 1999 Sturza
6 Dumitru Braghiș 21 December 1999 19 April 2001 Independent Braghis
7 Vasile Tarlev 19 April 2001 31 March 2008 Party of Communists 2001 Tarlev I
2005 Tarlev II
8 Zinaida Greceanîi 31 March 2008 14 September 2009 Party of Communists Greceanîi I
Apr. 2009 Greceanîi II
Vitalie Pîrlog
14 September 2009 25 September 2009 Party of Communists
9 Vlad Filat 25 September 2009 25 April 2013 Liberal Democratic Party
(Alliance for European Integration)
Jul. 2009 Filat I
2010 Filat II
10 Iurie Leancă 25 April 2013 31 May 2013 Liberal Democratic Party
(Pro-European Coalition)
31 May 2013 incumbent 2013 Leancă
PLDMPDM-Liberal Reformers

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