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NASA Astronaut Group 12

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Title: NASA Astronaut Group 12  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: NASA Astronaut Group 12, NASA Astronaut Corps, NASA Astronaut Group 7, NASA Astronaut Group 21, NASA Astronaut Group 19
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NASA Astronaut Group 12

NASA's Astronaut Group 12 (the GAFFers) was announced by NASA on 5 June 1987.

Group members


STS-46 - Pilot
STS-62 Columbia - Pilot
STS-75 Columbia - Commander
STS-50 Columbia - Pilot
STS-61 Endeavour - Pilot
STS-73 Columbia - Commander
STS-82 Discovery - Commander
STS-113 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 3 (launched only)
ISS Expedition 6 - ISS Commander
Soyuz TMA-1 - Flight Engineer (landed only)
STS-47 Endeavour - Pilot
STS-66 Atlantis - Pilot
STS-77 Endeavour - Pilot
STS-85 Discovery - Commander
STS-95 Discovery - Commander
STS-103 Discovery - Commander
STS-49 Endeavour - Pilot
STS-59 Endeavour - Pilot
STS-76 Atlantis - Commander
STS-39 Discovery - Mission Specialist 4
STS-54 Endeavour - Pilot
STS-66 Atlantis - Commander
STS-42 Discovery - Mission Specialist 3
STS-51 Discovery - Pilot
STS-79 Atlantis - Commander
STS-48 Discovery - Pilot
STS-60 Discovery - Pilot

Mission specialists

STS-41 Discovery - Mission Specialist 3
STS-49 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 4
STS-61 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 5
STS-79 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 1
STS-47 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 2
STS-60 Discovery - Mission Specialist 1
STS-85 Discovery - Payload Commander
STS-45 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 3
STS-56 Discovery - Mission Specialist 1
STS-63 Discovery - Mission Specialist 1
STS-84 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 5 (launched only)
Mir EO-23/Mir EO-24 - Flight Engineer 2
STS-86 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 5 (landed only)
STS-103 Discovery - Mission Specialist 3
Soyuz TMA-3 - Flight Engineer
ISS Expedition 8 - ISS Commander
STS-39 Discovery - Mission Specialist 2
STS-54 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 2
STS-71 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 1
STS-82 Discovery - Mission Specialist 3
STS-47 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 4
STS-41 Discovery - Mission Specialist 2
STS-49 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 5
STS-44 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 2
STS-54 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 1
STS-77 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 3
STS-44 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 3
STS-53 Discovery - Mission Specialist 2
STS-69 Endeavour - Mission Specialist 1
STS-101 Atlantis - Mission Specialist 3
STS-102 Discovery - Mission Specialist 4 (launched only)
ISS Expedition 2 - Flight Engineer 2
STS-105 Discovery - Mission Specialist 4 (landed only)

Further information

The group's informal nickname is an acronym for "Mir space station. At the time of the Columbia accident in 2003, William Readdy was Associate Administrator for Space Flight and Kenneth Bowersox was commanding the Expedition 6 crew on the ISS. Chilton, after leaving NASA, became the first NASA astronaut to become a General in the U.S. Air Force (Lt. Gen. Thomas Stafford, USAF, and VADM Richard Truly, USN were three-star officers) and is currently the commander of U.S. Strategic Command.

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