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National team appearances in the FIFA U-17 World Cup

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Title: National team appearances in the FIFA U-17 World Cup  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: FIFA U-17 World Cup, 2007 OFC U-17 Championship, Belarus national under-17 football team, Andorra national under-17 football team, Austria national under-17 football team
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National team appearances in the FIFA U-17 World Cup

This article lists the performances of each of the national teams which have made at least one appearance in the FIFA U-17 World Cup finals.

Debut of national teams

Year Debutants
1985  Argentina  Australia  Bolivia  Brazil  China PR  Congo  Costa Rica  Guinea  Hungary  Italy  Mexico  Nigeria  Qatar  Saudi Arabia  United States  West Germany[1]
1987  Canada  Ivory Coast  Ecuador  Egypt  France  South Korea  Soviet Union[2]
1989  Bahrain  Colombia  Cuba  East Germany  Ghana  Portugal  Scotland
1991  Spain  Sudan  United Arab Emirates  Uruguay
1993  Chile  Czechoslovakia[3]  Japan  Poland  Tunisia
1995  Oman
1997  Austria  Mali  New Zealand  Thailand
1999  Burkina Faso  Jamaica  Paraguay
2001  Croatia  Iran  Trinidad and Tobago
2003  Cameroon  Finland  Sierra Leone  Yemen
2005  Gambia  North Korea  Netherlands  Peru  Turkey
2007  Belgium  England  Haiti  Honduras  Syria  Tajikistan[2]  Togo
2009  Algeria  Malawi  Switzerland
2011  Czech Republic[3]  Denmark  Panama  Rwanda  Uzbekistan[2]
2013  Iraq  Morocco  Russia[2]  Slovakia[3]  Sweden  Venezuela

Comprehensive team results in each World Cup

  • 1st — Champions
  • 2nd — Runners-up
  • 3rd — Third place
  • 4th — Fourth place
  • QF — Quarterfinals (1985-2005: first group stage, and since 2007: second group stage; final 8)
  • R2 — Round 2 (since 2007: knockout round of 16)
  • R1 — Round 1
  •  •  — Did not qualify
  •     — Did not enter / Withdrew
  • XX — Country did not exist or national team was inactive
  •    — Hosts
  • q — Qualified for upcoming tournament

For each tournament, the flag of the host country and the number of teams in each finals tournament (in brackets) are shown.

Team 1985
















 Algeria R1
 Argentina R1 QF 3rd R1 3rd QF 4th 3rd QF R2 R2 4th
 Australia QF QF R1 QF QF QF 2nd QF R1 R1 R2 q
 Austria R1 R1
 Bahrain 4th R1
 Belgium R1
 Bolivia R1 R1
 Brazil 3rd R1 QF QF 2nd 1st 1st QF 1st 2nd R2 R1 4th QF
 Burkina Faso R1 3rd R1
 Canada R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1
 Cameroon R1
 China PR QF R1 R1 R1 R1 QF
 Chile 3rd R1 q
 Ivory Coast 3rd R1 R2 QF
 Colombia R1 R1 4th R2 4th
 Congo R1 R1 R2
 Costa Rica R1 R1 R1 QF QF QF R2 R1
 Croatia R1 R1
 Cuba R1 R1
 Czech Republic QF R1
 Denmark R1
 East Germany QF
 Ecuador R1 QF R2
 Egypt R1 QF
 England QF QF
 Finland R1
 France QF 1st QF QF
 Gambia R1 R1
 Germany 2nd QF R1 4th R1 3rd R2 3rd
 Ghana R1 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 3rd R1 4th
 Guinea 4th R1 R1
 Haiti R1
 Honduras R1 R1 QF
 Hungary QF
 Iran R1 R2 R2
 Iraq R1
 Italy R1 4th R1 R1 R1 QF R2
 Jamaica R1 R1
 Japan QF R1 R1 R1 R1 QF R2
 South Korea QF R1 R1 QF q
 North Korea QF R2 R1 q
 Mali QF R1 QF
 Mexico R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 QF QF 1st R2 1st 2nd
 Morocco R2
 Malawi R1
 Netherlands 3rd R1 R1
 New Zealand R1 R1 R1 R2 R2 R1
 Nigeria 1st 2nd QF 1st QF 2nd R1 1st 2nd 1st
 Oman 4th QF R1
 Panama R2 R1
 Paraguay QF R1
 Peru R1 QF
 Poland 4th R1
 Portugal 3rd QF QF
 Qatar R1 QF 4th R1 R1 QF R1
 Russia 1st R2
 Rwanda R1
 Saudi Arabia QF R1 1st
 Scotland 2nd
 Slovakia QF R2
 Spain 2nd R1 3rd R1 R1 2nd 2nd 3rd
 Sudan R1
 Sweden 3rd
 Switzerland 1st
 Syria R2 q
 Thailand R1 R1
 Tajikistan R2
 Togo R1
 Trinidad and Tobago R1 R1
 Tunisia R1 R2 R2
 Turkey 4th QF
 United Arab Emirates R1 R2 R1
 United States R1 R1 R1 QF QF R1 R1 4th R1 QF QF R2 R2 R2
 Uruguay R1 QF R1 QF 2nd QF
 Uzbekistan QF R2
 Venezuela R1
 Yemen R1

Teams that have finished in the top four

Team Titles Runners-up Third-place Fourth-place
 Nigeria 4 (1985, 1993, 2007, 2013) 3 (1987, 2001, 2009)
 Brazil 3 (1997, 1999, 2003) 2 (1995, 2005) 1 (1985) 1 (2011)
 Ghana 2 (1991, 1995) 2 (1993, 1997) 1 (1999) 1 (2007)
 Mexico 2 (2005, 2011) 1 (2013)
 Soviet Union 1 (1987)
 Saudi Arabia 1 (1989)
 France 1 (2001)
 Switzerland 1 (2009)
 Spain 3 (1991, 2003, 2007) 2 (1997, 2009)
 Germany 1 (1985) 2 (2007, 2011) 1 (1997)
 Scotland 1 (1989)
 Australia 1 (1999)
 Uruguay 1 (2011)
 Argentina 3 (1991, 1995, 2003) 1 (2001)
 Ivory Coast 1 (1987)
 Portugal 1 (1989)
 Chile 1 (1993)
 Burkina Faso 1 (2001)
 Netherlands 1 (2005)
 Colombia 2 (2003, 2009)
 Guinea 1 (1985)
 Italy 1 (1987)
 Bahrain 1 (1989)
 Qatar 1 (1991)
 Poland 1 (1993)
 Oman 1 (1995)
 United States 1 (1999)
 Turkey 1 (2005)

Results of defending champions

Year Defending Champions Finish
1987  Nigeria Runners-up
1989  Soviet Union Did not Qualify
1991  Saudi Arabia Did not Qualify
1993  Ghana Runners-up
1995  Nigeria Quarter-finals
1997  Ghana Runners-up
1999  Brazil Champions
2001  Brazil Quarter-finals
2003  France Did not Qualify
2005  Brazil Runners-up
2007  Mexico Did not Qualify
2009  Nigeria Runners-up
2011  Switzerland Did not Qualify
2013  Mexico Runners-up
2015  Nigeria

Results of host nations

Year Host Nation Finish
1985  China PR Quarter-finals
1987  Canada Round 1
1989  Scotland Runners-up
1991  Italy Round 1
1993  Japan Quarter-finals
1995  Ecuador Quarter-finals
1997  Egypt Quarter-finals
1999  New Zealand Round 1
2001  Trinidad and Tobago Round 1
2003  Finland Round 1
2005  Peru Round 1
2007  South Korea Round 1
2009  Nigeria Runners-up
2011  Mexico Champions
2013  United Arab Emirates Round 1
2015  Chile To be determined

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  1. ^ FIFA attributes all the results of West Germany (1977-1991) to Germany.
  2. ^ a b c d The USSR was dissolved in 1991. The 15 nations that were former Soviet Republics now compete separately. FIFA considers Russia as the successor team of the USSR.
  3. ^ a b c Czechoslovakia was divided into Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 1993 after the Dissolution of Czechoslovakia. FIFA considers both the Czech Republic and Slovakia as successor teams of Czechoslovakia.
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