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New York Democratic Party

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Title: New York Democratic Party  
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New York Democratic Party

New York State Democratic Committee
Chairman Keith L. T. Wright & Stephanie Miner
Headquarters New York, NY
Ideology American Liberalism
National affiliation Democratic Party
Colors Blue
Politics of the United States
Political parties

The New York State Democratic Committee is the affiliate of the Democratic Party in the state of New York. Its headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, and it has an office in Albany.[1]

Recent history

During the time without a Democratic governor, county leaders had fiefdoms in which they controlled campaign finances and nominations for state legislative offices. County leaders became chairs of the New York State Democratic Party and feuded with mayors of New York City and legislative leaders over the distribution of patronage and nominations for statewide office, which could result in claims for more jobs. President John F. Kennedy got involved in the early 19605, funneling federal patronage through New York City mayor Robert Wagner to the detriment of state chair Michael H. Prendergast. that the Democrats' disunity was based not on policies or leadership but on patronage (which without a governor was in short supply) Roberts 1968, personal charisma was seen by observers as the only hope to unify the Democrats. Robert F. Kennedy was elected to the U.S. Senate from New York in 1964 and, through both personality and considerable financial support, exerted a unifying influence. But following his assassination and the national events of 1968, the state Democratic Party was more divided than ever. When New York City mayor John Lindsay switched from Republican to Democrat in 1971, he brought a charisma to the Democratic Party that it was sorely lacking.

However, the Republicans provided the Democrats with an even greater opportunity: a national debacle with local consequences. As in the Goldwater defeat of 1964, when Kennedy became senator and the Democrats took control of the New York legislature for the first time in thirty-five years, in 1974 the Democrats benefited from the Republican problems stemming from the Watergate affair and finally elected a governor, Hugh Carey.

The State Committee is co-chaired by Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Manhattan Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright. The Executive Committee is chaired by Sheila Comar.

Current elected officials

The following is a list of elected statewide and federal Democratic officeholders beginning in 2013:

Members of Congress

Democrats comprise 23 of New York's 29-member Congressional delegation - including both US Senators and 21 member of the House of Representatives.

U.S. Senate

Democrats have controlled both of New York's seats in the U.S. Senate since 1999:

U.S. House of Representatives

Democrats hold 21 of the 27 U.S. House of Representatives seats New York was apportioned following the 2010 census:[2]

List of chairpersons

Chair Tenure Hometown while serving
Augustus Schell
Samuel Fowler
Joseph J. Bingham
Dean Richmond – August 1866 Batavia
Samuel J. Tilden 1866 – September 1874 Manhattan
Allen C. Beach September 1874 – September 1875 Watertown
Daniel Magone September 1875 – 1877 Ogdensburg
William Purcell 1877–1878 Rochester
Lester B. Faulkner 1878–1881 Dansville
Daniel Manning 1881 – August 1885 Albany
John C. O'Brien September 1885 – 1887 Dutchess County
Charles C. B. Walker October 1887 – 1888 Corning
Edward Murphy, Jr. May 1888 – 1894 Troy
James W. Hinckley September 1894 – 1896 Poughkeepsie
Elliott Danforth September 1896 – September 1898 Manhattan
Frank Campbell September 1898 – April 1904 Bath
Cord Meyer April 1904 – 1906 Queens
William. J. Conners October 1906 – June 1910 Buffalo
John Alden Dix June 1910 – October 1910 Thomson
Winfield S. Huppuch October 1910 – October 1911 Hudson Falls
Norman E. Mack October 1911 – February 1912 Buffalo
George M. Palmer February 1912 – February 1914 Schoharie
William Church Osborn February 1914 – 1916 Garrison
Edwin S. Harris April 1916 – September 1918 Schuylerville
Joseph A. Kellogg October 1918 – December 1918 Glens Falls
William W. Farley January 1919 – June 1921 Binghamton
Herbert C. Pell July 1921 – January 1926 Tuxedo Park
Edwin Corning January 1926 – August 1928 Albany
M. William Bray August 1928 – 1930 Utica
James A. Farley October 1930 – June 1944 Manhattan
Paul E. Fitzpatrick July 1944 – December 1, 1952 Buffalo
Richard H. Balch December 1952 – June 1955 Utica
Michael H. Prendergast July 1955 – February 28, 1962 Haverstraw
William H. McKeon March 1, 1962 - July 1965 Auburn
John J. Burns July 1965 – December 1971 Binghamton
Joseph F. Crangle December 1971 – December 1974 Buffalo
Patrick J. Cunningham December 1974 – January 31, 1977 Bronx
Dominic J. Baranello February 1, 1977 – December 1982 Blue Point
William C. Hennessy December 1982 – December 1984 Albany
Laurence J. Kirwan December 1984 – May 1989 Rochester
John A. Marino May 1989 – May 1993 Manhattan
Alfred Gordon May 1993 – March 1995 Queens
Judith H. Hope March 1995 – December 2001 East Hampton
Herman D. Farrell, Jr. December 2001 – December 31, 2006 Manhattan
June O'Neill & Dave Pollak December 2006 – 2009
Jay S. Jacobs September 2009 – June 2012 Laurel Hollow
Keith L. T. Wright & Stephanie Miner June 2012 – Present

Executive Committee Chair, Sheila Comar

She was elected to her position on November 16. She received a BA from the University of Connecticut, worked for 30 years in the insurance industry, and retired from Vermont Attorneys title corp. in April 2011. She joined the Granville Democratic committee in 2000, serving as the chair. The past 4 years she has been a member of the New York State Democrats executive committee as Assistant Treasurer.[4]

Executive Director, Charlie King

In April 2010, Charlie King was appointed Executive Director. King previously served as Acting National Director for National Action Network (NAN), one of the nation's leading civil rights organizations. During his tenure at NAN, King served as an advisor on education and worked closely with Reverend Al Sharpton and Speaker Newt Gingrich on education reform. King is a graduate of Brown University and New York University Law School where he was honored as a Root-Tilden Scholar. Born and raised in New York City, King lives in Rockland County with his wife and two daughters.[5]

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