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Norwegian Sportsperson of the Year

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Title: Norwegian Sportsperson of the Year  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Egil Danielsen, Per Ivar Moe, Reidar Hjermstad, Dag Fornæss, Terje Pedersen, Sverre Strandli, Lene Jenssen, 1949 in Norway
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Norwegian Sportsperson of the Year

The Norwegian Sportsperson of the Year (Norwegian: Årets Idrettsnavn) is an annual award given by the Norwegian Association of Sports Journalists (Norwegian: Norske sportsjournalisters forbund).

List of laureates

Sportsperson of the Year
Year Winner(s) Sport(s)
1948 Petter Hugsted Ski jumping
1949 Martin Stokken Athletics
1950 Sverre Strandli Athletics
1951 Stein Eriksen Alpine skiing
1952 Hjalmar Andersen Speed skating
1953 Sverre Strandli Athletics
1954 Stein Eriksen Alpine skiing
1955 Audun Boysen Athletics
1956 Egil Danielsen Athletics
1957 Magne Lystad Orienteering
1958 Inger Bjørnbakken Alpine skiing
1959 Torbjørn Yggeseth Ski jumping
1960 Knut Johannesen Speed skating
1961 Harald Grønningen Cross-country skiing
1962 Toralf Engan Ski jumping
1963 Reidar Hjermstad Cross-country skiing
1964 Terje Pedersen Athletics
1965 Per Ivar Moe Speed skating
1966 Gjermund Eggen Cross-country skiing
1967 Bjørn Wirkola Ski jumping
1968 Fred Anton Maier Speed skating
1969 Dag Fornæss Speed skating
1970 Stig Berge Orienteering
1971 Leif Jenssen Weightlifting
1972 Knut Knudsen Track cycling
1973 Knut Knudsen Track cycling
1974 Magne Myrmo Cross-country skiing
1975 Grete Andersen Athletics
1976 Ivar Formo Cross-country skiing
1977 Grete Waitz Athletics
1978 Lene Jenssen Swimming
1979 Grete Waitz Athletics
1980 Bjørg Eva Jensen Speed skating
1981 Tom Lund Football
1982 Berit Aunli Cross-country skiing
1983 Grete Waitz Athletics
1984 Eirik Kvalfoss Biathlon
1985 Anette Bøe Cross-country skiing
1986 Ingrid Kristiansen Athletics
1987 Ingrid Kristiansen Athletics
1988 Jon Rønningen Wrestling
1989 Ole Kristian Furuseth Alpine skiing
1990 Atle Skårdal Alpine skiing
1991 Johann Olav Koss Speed skating
1992 Vegard Ulvang Cross-country skiing
1993 Norway national football team Football
1994 Johann Olav Koss Speed skating
1995 Bjørn Dæhlie Cross-country skiing
1996 Vebjørn Rodal Athletics
1997 Hanne Haugland, Nils Arne Eggen Athletics, football (coach)
1998 Bjørn Dæhlie Cross-country skiing
1999 Lasse Kjus Alpine skiing
2000 Trine Hattestad Athletics
2001 Olaf Tufte Rowing
2002 Ole Einar Bjørndalen Biathlon
2003 Petter Solberg Rallying
2004 Andreas Thorkildsen Athletics
2005 Marit Bjørgen Cross-country skiing
2006 Kjetil André Aamodt Alpine skiing
2007 Aksel Lund Svindal Alpine skiing
2008 Andreas Thorkildsen Athletics
2009 Petter Northug Cross-country skiing
2010 Thor Hushovd Road bicycle racing
2011 Alexander Dale Oen Swimming
2012 Tora Berger Biathlon


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