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Oregon legislative elections, 2012


Oregon legislative elections, 2012

The 2012 elections for the Oregon Legislative Assembly determined the composition of both houses for the 77th Oregon Legislative Assembly. The Republican and Democratic primary elections were on May 15, 2012, and the general election was on November 6, 2012. Sixteen of the Oregon State Senate's 30 seats were up for election, as were all 60 seats of the Oregon House of Representatives.

In the Senate, the Democrats kept a 16–14 majority, identical to their advantage in the previous legislative session. In the House, Democrats took a 34–26 majority, up from a 30–30 split in the previous session.[1]

Oregon Senate

In the previous session, Democrats controlled the Senate with a 16–14 majority. Of the 16 seats up for election, eight were previously held by Democrats, and eight by Republicans.

Statewide view of 2012 Senate Districts
Portland Metro Area view of 2012 Senate Districts

Open seats

  • District 2: Republican Jason Atkinson retired.[2]
  • District 5: Democrat Joanne Verger retired.[3]
  • District 27: Republican Chris Telfer was defeated in the District 27 primary by Tim Knopp, the vice president of the Central Oregon Builders Association and a former state Representative.[4]
  • District 29: Republican David Nelson retired.[2]


District[5] Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
1 Republican Jeff Kruse
of Roseburg

Republican Jeff Kruse 40,361
Democratic Eldon Rollins 16,062
other 121
2 Republican Jason Atkinson
of Central Point

Republican Herman Baertschiger Jr. 34,420
Democratic Jim Diefenderfer 18,219
other 174
5 Democratic Joanne Verger
of Coos Bay

Democratic Arnie Roblan 30,343
Republican Scott Roberts 24,979
other 92
9 Republican Fred Girod
of Stayton

Republican Fred Girod 33,278
Democratic Steve Frank 18,451
other 117
12 Republican Brian Boquist
of McMinnville

Republican Brian Boquist 34,038
Democratic Annette Frank 22,535
other 117
14 Democratic Mark Hass
of Beaverton

Democratic Mark Hass 32,372
Republican Gary Coe 19,694
others 1560
17 Democratic Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
of Portland

Democratic Elizabeth Steiner Hayward 37,545
Republican John Verbeek 18,879
other 120
18 Democratic Ginny Burdick
of Portland

Democratic Ginny Burdick 43,412
Republican Suzanne Gallagher 19,037
other 193
21 Democratic Diane Rosenbaum
of Portland

Democratic Diane Rosenbaum 55,734
Republican Cliff Hutchison 10,143
other 204
22 Democratic Chip Shields
of Portland

Democratic Chip Shields 55,017
Libertarian Herbert Booth 4,693
other 335
23 Democratic Jackie Dingfelder
of Portland

Democratic Jackie Dingfelder 43,582
Independent Tracy Olsen 10,459
other 378
25 Democratic Laurie Monnes Anderson
of Gresham

Democratic Laurie Monnes Anderson 22,944
Republican Scott Hansen 18,962
other 1927
27 Republican Chris Telfer
of Tumalo
Lost in primary[4]

Republican Tim Knopp 35,398
Democratic Geri Hauser 24,399
other 270
28 Republican Doug Whitsett
of Klamath Falls

Republican Doug Whitsett 40,658
other 924
29 Republican David Nelson
of Pendleton

Republican Bill Hansell 30,552
Democratic Antone Minthorn 13,975
other 108
30 Republican Ted Ferrioli
of John Day

Republican Ted Ferrioli 38,678
other 675

House of Representatives

In the House, all 60 seats up for re-election. In the previous session, the house was evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, 30–30.

Open seats


District[10] Party Incumbent Status Party Candidate Votes %
1 Republican Wayne Krieger
of Gold Beach

Republican Wayne Krieger 21,505
Democratic Jim Klahr 9,917
other 75
2 Republican Tim Freeman
of Roseburg

Republican Tim Freeman 17,653
Libertarian Jeff Adams 5,113
other 187
3 Republican Wally Hicks
of Grants Pass

Republican Wally Hicks 18,681
Constitution (Oregon) Barbara L. Gonzalez 3,043
Libertarian Johnie Wayne Scott 2,944
other 172
4 Republican Dennis Richardson
of Central Point

Republican Dennis Richardson 21,284
Constitution (Oregon) Rick Hake 3,047
other 148
5 Democratic Peter Buckley
of Ashland

Democratic Peter Buckley 20,635
Republican Sandra A. Abercrombie 10,427
other 49
6 Republican Sal Esquivel
of Medford

Republican Sal Esquivel 16,594
other 676
7 Republican Bruce Hanna
of Roseburg

Republican Bruce Hanna 18,459
Democratic Fergus Mclean 8,147
other 75
8 Democratic Paul Holvey
of Eugene

Democratic Paul Holvey 21,681
Republican Aaron Baker 8,014
others 1000
9 Democratic Arnie Roblan
of Coos Bay

Democratic Caddy McKeown 14,906
Republican Nancy Brouhard 11,639
others 759
10 Democratic Jean Cowan
of Newport

Democratic David Gomberg 15,978
Republican Jerome Grant 11,028
other 46
11 Democratic Phil Barnhart
of Eugene

Democratic Phil Barnhart 15,842
Republican Kelly Lovelace 12,477
other 82
12 Democratic Terry Beyer
of Springfield

Democratic John Lively 12,213
Republican Joe Pishioneri 10,442
other 73
13 Democratic Nancy Nathanson
of Eugene

Democratic Nancy Nathanson 19,110
Republican Mark Callahan 8,651
other 56
14 Democratic Val Hoyle
of Eugene

Democratic Val Hoyle 14,413
Republican Dwight Coon 11,309
Libertarian Sharon A. Mahler 790
other 38
15 Republican Andy Olson
of Albany

Republican Andy Olson 17,977
Democratic John-Paul Cernak 9,046
other 57
16 Democratic Sara Gelser
of Corvallis

Democratic Sara Gelser 19,306
Republican Andrew Decker 7,336
others 955
17 Republican Sherrie Sprenger
of Scio

Republican Sherrie Sprenger 18,118
Democratic Richard Harisay 7,872
other 73
18 Republican Vic Gilliam
of Silverton

Republican Vic Gilliam 20,824
other 779
19 Republican Kevin Cameron
of Salem

Republican Kevin Cameron 15,388
Democratic Claudia Kyle 10,892
other 63
20 Republican Vicki Berger
of Salem

Republican Vicki Berger 16,745
Democratic Kathy T. Graham 9,916
other 103
21 Democratic Brian Clem
of Salem

Democratic Brian Clem 11,542
Republican Dan Farrington 7,227
Independent Marvin Sannes 758
other 51
22 Democratic Betty Komp
of Woodburn

Democratic Betty Komp 7,524
Republican Kathy LeCompte 6,478
other 62
23 Republican Jim Thompson
of Dallas

Republican Jim Thompson 17,864
Democratic Ross Swartzendruber 9,937
Green Alex Polikoff 2,381
other 43
24 Republican Jim Weidner
of Yamhill

Republican Jim Weidner 14,707
Democratic Kathy Campbell 11,755
other 631
25 Republican Kim Thatcher
of Keizer

Republican Kim Thatcher 16,670
Democratic Paul Holman 8,858
others 745
26 Republican Matt Wingard
of Wilsonville

Republican John Davis[11][12] 15,141
Democratic Wynne Wakkila 12,096
other 60
27 Democratic Tobias Read
of Beaverton

Democratic Tobias Read 19,180
Republican Burton Keeble 9,005
other 81
28 Democratic Jeff Barker
of Aloha

Democratic Jeff Barker 14,841
Republican Manuel Castaneda 9,605
other 55
29 Republican Katie Eyre
of Hillsboro
Lost re-election

Republican Katie Eyre 9,788
Democratic Ben Unger 11,312
other 60
30 Republican Shawn Lindsay
of Hillsboro
Lost re-election

Republican Shawn Lindsay 11,096
Democratic Joe Gallegos[13][14] 12,299
Libertarian Kyle Markley 1,441
other 43
31 Democratic Brad Witt
of Clatskanie

Democratic Brad Witt 15,650
Republican Lew Barnes 12,262
Constitution (Oregon) Ray Biggs 782
Libertarian Robert Miller 665
other 44
32 Democratic Deborah Boone
of Cannon Beach

Democratic Deborah Boone 18,405
Constitution (Oregon) Jim Welsh 6,938
Libertarian Perry Roll 1,468
other 118
33 Democratic Mitch Greenlick
of Portland

Democratic Mitch Greenlick 21,248
Republican Stevan Kirkpatrick 9,455
other 78
34 Democratic Chris Harker
of Beaverton

Democratic Chris Harker 16,035
Republican Dan Mason 9,023
other 75
35 Democratic Margaret Doherty
of Tigard

Democratic Margaret Doherty 17,593
Republican John Goodhouse 11,753
other 52
36 Democratic Mary Nolan
of Portland

Democratic Jennifer Williamson 26,785
Republican Bruce Neal 5,664
other 129
37 Republican Julie Parrish
of West Linn

Republican Julie Parrish 16,122
Democratic Carl Hosticka 14,925
Libertarian Meredith Love Taggart 695
other 28
38 Democratic Chris Garrett
of Lake Oswego

Democratic Chris Garrett 24,017
Republican Tom Maginnis 10,984
other 84
39 Republican Bill Kennemer
of Oregon City

Republican Bill Kennemer 18,748
Democratic Christopher Cameron Bangs 11,045
Libertarian Blake Holmes 763
other 33
40 Democratic Dave Hunt
of Gladstone

Democratic Brent Barton 14083
Republican Steve Newgard 13735
other 66
41 Democratic Carolyn Tomei
of Milwaukie

Democratic Carolyn Tomei 22530
Republican Timothy E. McMenamin 8559
other 67
42 Democratic Jules Bailey
of Portland

Democratic Jules Bailey 27055
other 632
43 Democratic Lew Frederick
of Portland

Democratic Lew Frederick 27623
other 569
44 Democratic Tina Kotek
of Portland

Democratic Tina Kotek 23235
Republican Michael Harrington 3557
other 126
45 Democratic Michael Dembrow
of Portland

Democratic Michael Dembrow 24403
Republican Anne Marie Gurney 5177
other 114
46 Democratic Alissa Keny-Guyer
of Portland

Democratic Alissa Keny-Guyer 19945
other 566
47 Democratic Jefferson Smith
of Portland

Democratic Jessica Vega Pederson 12662
Republican Maggie Nelson 6773
other 93
48 Democratic Mike Schaufler
of Happy Valley
Lost in primary[4]

Democratic Jeff Reardon 13967
Republican George (Sonny) Yellott 6255
other 94
49 Republican Matt Wand
of Troutdale
Lost re-election

Republican Matt Wand 9602
Democratic Chris Gorsek 11459
other 75
50 Democratic Greg Matthews
of Gresham

Democratic Greg Matthews 13856
Republican Logan Boettcher 7037
other 101
51 Democratic Patrick Sheehan
of Clackamas
Lost re-election

Republican Patrick Sheehan 11199
Democratic Shemia Fagan 12584
other 66
52 Republican Mark Johnson
of Hood River

Republican Mark Johnson 14344
Democratic Peter Nordbye 13407
other 50
53 Republican Gene Whisnant
of Sunriver

Republican Gene Whisnant 21675
other 460
54 Republican Jason Conger
of Bend

Republican Jason Conger 16716
Democratic Nathan R. Hovekamp 12877
other 67
55 Republican Mike McLane
of Powell Butte

Republican Mike McLane 18836
Democratic John Huddle 8842
other 55
56 Republican Bill Garrard
of Klamath Falls

Republican Gail Whitsett 18987
other 630
57 Republican Greg Smith
of Heppner

Republican Greg Smith 15242
other 252
58 Republican Bob Jenson
of Pendleton

Republican Bob Jenson 19497
Democratic Heidi Van Schoonhoven 6066
other 119
59 Republican John Huffman
of The Dalles

Republican John Huffman 17466
Democratic Gary L. Ollerenshaw 8678
other 53
60 Republican Cliff Bentz
of Ontario

Republican Cliff Bentz 20310
other 265

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