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Parliament of Greenland


Parliament of Greenland

Parliament of Greenland
Coat of arms or logo
Lars Emil JohansenSiumut
Since 5 April 2013
Seats 31
Political groups

Government (17)

     Forward (11)
     Democrats (4)
     Solidarity (2)

Opposition (14)

     Inuit Community (11)
     Partii Naleraq (3)
Open list proportional representation with a 2% election threshold
Last election
28 November 2014
Next election
2018 or earlier
Meeting place
Inatsisartut, Nuuk

The Parliament of Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaanni Inatsisartut; Danish: Grønlands Landsting) is the legislature (in this case, a parliament) in the government of Greenland, an autonomous country of Denmark. The government of Greenland is also called Self-Government of Greenland. 16 seats are needed for a majority. The Government is divided into ministries, and departments in the ministries handle the practical administrative work. Ministers are politically responsible for the work of those departments.[1]


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Origin of the name

The word Landsting comes from an ancient Scandinavian term meaning council. It first came into being during Viking times and was formed by the freemen of the community. In those times it was called a 'ting,' which numbered a hundred men. These tings would be for the whole country or 'land' thus the phrase 'landsting'.


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The Parliament of Greenland succeeded the Provincial Council (Danish: Grønlands Landsråd) on 1 May 1979. The Parliament is led by a Presidency comprising four members of the Parliament and the Chairman. There are 31 members in the Assembly.

Chairmen of the Parliament

Name Period Party
Jonathan Motzfeldt (also Prime Minister of Greenland) 1979–1988 Siumut
Lars Chemnitz 1988–1991 Atassut
Bendt Frederiksen 1991–1995 Siumut
Knud Sørensen 1995–1997 Atassut
Anders Andreassen 1997–1999 Siumut
Ole Lynge 1999–2001 Inuit Ataqatigiit
Daniel Skifte 2001–2003 Atassut
Jonathan Motzfeldt 2003–2008 Siumut
Ruth Heilmann 2008–2009 Siumut
Josef Motzfeldt 2009–2013 Inuit Ataqatigiit
Lars Emil Johansen 2013–Present Siumut


Recent results

The current standing of Greenland's Parliamentary Assembly after the Greenlandic general election, 2014:

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Siumut 10,102 34.6 11 –3
Inuit Ataqatigiit 9,776 33.5 11 0
Democrats 3,468 11.9 4 +2
Partii Naleraq 3,423 11.7 3 New
Solidarity 1,919 6.6 2 0
Inuit Party 477 1.6 0 –2
Independents 22 0.1 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 301
Total 29,488 100 31 0
Registered voters/turnout 40,424 72.9
Source: Valg

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