Parliament of Monaco

National Council
Conseil National
Type Unicameral
Speaker Laurent Nouvion, (HM, R&E)
Seats 24
Political groups      Horizon Monaco (20)
     Union Monegasque (3)
     Renaissance (1)
Voting system Party-list proportional representation
Last election 10 February 2013
Meeting place
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The National Council (French: Conseil National) is the parliament (legislative body) of the Principality of Monaco. The body is composed of twenty-four members, who are elected from lists by universal suffrage. Councilors serve for five-year terms, and though it may act independently of the Prince, he may dissolve it at any time, provided that new elections be held within three months.

The Council meets at least twice per year to vote on the country's budget and bills proposed by the prince's government. Ordinances (executive orders) are debated in the Council of Government, and once approved, must be submitted to the prince within eighty days for his signature, which makes them legally enforceable. If he does not express opposition within ten days of submission, they become valid. The current president of the national council is Laurent Nouvion (HM, R&E).

Presidents of the National Council

President Party Term
Eugène Marquet 1911-1914[1]
Abolished by: Albert I
Eugène Marquet 1918-1928[2]
Jean Marsan 1929[3]
Eugène Marquet 1930[4]
Abolished by: Louis II
Henri Settimo 1933-1944[5]
Charles Bellando 1944-1950[6]
Louis Aureglia 1950-1954[7]
Joseph Simon 1954-1955[8]
Louis Aureglia 1955-1958[9]
Joseph Simon 1958-1959[10]
Abolished by: Rainier III
Joseph Simon      UND 1962-1968[11]
August Medecin      UND 1968-1978[12]
Jean-Charles Rey      UND 1978-1993[13]
Jean-Louis Cambora      UND 1993-2003[14]
Stéphane Valeri      UP 2003-2010[15]
Jean-François Robillon      UP 2010-2013[16]
Laurent Nouvion      R&E 2013-present[17]

Latest election

Main article: Monegasque parliamentary election, 2013

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Horizon Monaco 56,472 50.34 20 +15
Union Monegasque 43,743 38.99 3 –11
Renaissance 11,964 10.67 1
Invalid/blank votes 222
Total 5,088 100 24 0
Registered voters/turnout 6,825 74.55
Source: Mairie de Monaco


External links

  • Official website
  • Bulletin of Conseil National
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