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PlayStation 2 accessories

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Title: PlayStation 2 accessories  
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PlayStation 2 accessories

Various accessories for the PlayStation 2 video game console have been produced by Sony, as well as third parties. These include controllers, audio and video input devices like microphones and video cameras, and cables for better sound and picture quality.


  • Game controllers 1
    • DualShock 2 1.1
    • Logitech Cordless Action controller 1.2
    • Logitech Cordless Controller 1.3
    • Sega Saturn PS2 Controller 1.4
    • Logitech Driving Force GT 1.5
    • Arcade sticks 1.6
    • Rhythm Game Controllers 1.7
      • Guitar Controllers 1.7.1
      • Drum Controllers 1.7.2
      • Microphones 1.7.3
      • Dance Mats/Pads 1.7.4
    • Buzz! Buzzers 1.8
    • DVD Remote Control 1.9
  • A/V Cables 2
    • RFU adapter 2.1
    • AV (Composite) cable 2.2
    • S-Video Cable 2.3
    • AV Adaptor 2.4
    • EURO AV (RGB SCART) cable 2.5
    • Component AV cable 2.6
    • D-Terminal cable 2.7
    • VGA Cable 2.8
  • Other accessories 3
    • Memory Card 3.1
    • Multitap 3.2
    • EyeToy 3.3
    • Headset 3.4
    • HDD 3.5
    • Network Adapter 3.6
    • Keyboard and Mouse 3.7
    • Vertical Stand 3.8
    • Horizontal Stand 3.9
  • External links 4
  • References 5

Game controllers

DualShock 2

Standard black DualShock 2 controller
The DualShock 2 Analog Controller (SCPH-10010) is the standard controller for the PlayStation 2 and is almost identical to the original DualShock controller for the original PlayStation console with only minor changes. All the buttons other than L3, R3 and "Analog" feature analog pressure sensitivity; the connecting cable is slightly longer than the original DualShock and is black rather than grey; the connector is squarer; DualShock 2 is printed on the top of the controller and it features two more levels of vibration feedback.

Logitech Cordless Action controller

Logitech Cordless Action Controller
Logitech Cordless Action PlayStation 2 Controller with transceiver dongle
Logitech Cordless Action PlayStation 2 Controller with transceiver dongle
Manufacturer Logitech
Type Video game controller
Generation Sixth generation era
Connectivity PlayStation (2) controller port, proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless.
  • 155 × 102 × 60 mm
  • 6.1 × 4 × 2.36 in
Successor Logitech Cordless Precision Controller
The Logitech Cordless Action controller is an officially licensed wireless controller for the PlayStation 2 made by Logitech. It features all of the inputs found the standard DualShock 2 controller, i.e. ten analog (pressure-sensitive) buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square, L1, R1, L2, R2, Start and Select), three digital button (L3, R3 and the analog mode button) and two analog sticks. As its buttons are pressure-sensitive, the controller is compatible with games which require a DualShock 2. The controller also features two vibration motors for haptic feedback, which are compatible with DualShock/DualShock 2 enabled games. As a power saving measure, the vibration may be turned on or off by the user by way of a button on the controller's face. It is powered by two AA batteries. It communicates with the console using a proprietary 2.4 GHz RF protocol wireless by way of a dongle which connects to the PS2's controller port in a similar manner to Nintendo's WaveBird wireless controller.

Logitech Cordless Controller

Like the Logitech Cordless Action controller, the Logitech Cordless Controller is an officially licensed wireless PlayStation 2 controller made by Logitech.[1] It features all of the buttons (including analog functionality) of the standard DualShock 2 controller and is compatible with games requiring a DualShock 2.[1] It is powered by two AA batteries, and as a power-saving measure, the vibration function can be turned off. It communicates with the console via a wireless dongle which connects to the PS2's controller port and uses a proprietary 2.4 GHz RF technology.[1]

Sega Saturn PS2 Controller

The Sega Saturn PS2 Controller is a controller for the PS2 based around the Sega Saturn type-2/Japanese style controller. The controller is officially licensed by both Sony and Sega, and the first version was released in black exclusively in Japan in 2005.[2] A second version was produced in the color purple as part of a joint venture between Sega and Capcom to coincide with the launch of Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection in Japan.[3] Other than the connector, it is almost identical to the original Saturn controller, with a few minor changes. In place of the original Saturn start button are indented PlayStation style start and select buttons. Additionally, the reset, stop, play/pause, rewind and fast-forward labels above the X, Y, Z, L and R buttons have been removed, and labels of the corresponding PlayStation buttons have been added as listed below.[3]
Saturn button PlayStation button
A Cross
B Circle
C R1
X Square
Y Triangle
Z L1
L L2
R R2

Logitech Driving Force GT

A Logitech Driving Force GT wheel and pedals

Arcade sticks

A PS2 arcade stick.

Rhythm Game Controllers

Guitar Controllers

Drum Controllers


Wired Singstar microphones
Various microphones are available for use on the PlayStation 2 with rhythm games such as Sony's own Singstar karaoke games and Harmonix's Rock Band series. Singstar microphones are available in both wired [4] and wireless[5] varieties; both connect to the console via USB.

Dance Mats/Pads

On certain PS2 Games that are dance pad compatible allows the player to follow alongside on the game actions as the player must perform, they are usually found on games such as, Dance Revolution games.

Buzz! Buzzers

Wireless Buzzers and USB adapter
Buzz! Buzzers are special controllers designed specifically for the Buzz! quiz game series. The controllers feature large red buzzer buttons and four smaller coloured buttons for answer selection. Both wired[6] and wireless[7] versions are available and come bundled with Buzz! games. A four-buzzer set acts as a single USB device and connects a USB port on the PlayStation 2. Wireless versions connect via a USB dongle, with each dongle able to support up to 4 wireless buzzers at a time. A second dongle is required for additional buzzers (for 8 player games). Both the wired and wireless versions of the buzzers are compatible with both PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. The "big button controllers" available for the Xbox 360 heavily resemble buzzers in many respects, and fulfil the same function.

DVD Remote Control

PS2 DVD remote control

The DVD remote control was an infra-red remote control for the PlayStation 2 designed to allow easier control of DVD movies. The first remote SCPH-10150 came bundled (as SCPH-10170) with an infra-red receiver dongle SCPH-10160 which attached to one of the PlayStation 2's controller ports; this dongle was not needed on later PS2 models (beginning from SCPH-500xx) and slimline PS2 models (SCPH-700xx to SCPH-900xx) as they feature an integrated IR port.

There were two different models of the DVD remote control released, which only had minor differences. The first released was the SCPH-10150. The second, SCPH-10420, was functionally and visually the identical apart from the addition of eject and reset/power buttons. However the eject button will only work on PS2 models SCPH-100xx to -500xx, as the slimline PlayStation 2 models had no motorized disc tray to eject.

Both versions of the remote feature all the standard PS2 buttons in addition to DVD playback controls.

A/V Cables

PlayStation AV (composite video/stereo audio) cable
PlayStation component (YPBPR) cable

Various A/V cables have been made available for the PlayStation 2, which offer varying levels of picture quality. Additionally, the PS2 features a TOSLINK port, which facilitates the output of digital S/PDIF audio - 2-channel LPCM, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital and 5.1-channel DTS (the latter two are only available during DVD playback when it is encoded on the disk). The PS2 is compatible with all PlayStation and PlayStation 3 cables which use the AV-multi port.

RFU adapter

The RFU Adapter (SCPH-1122) is an RF Modulator and cable that carries mono audio and video at 576i/50 Hz (PAL) or 480i/60 Hz (NTSC) via an RF signal and connects using a TV aerial plug.[8] It is similar to the RFU adapter cable available for the PlayStation.

AV (Composite) cable

The AV cable (SCPH-10500) is included with the PS2 and carries dual-channel (stereo) audio and composite video at 576i/50 Hz (PAL) or 480i/60 Hz (NTSC). It is identical to the composite cables available for the PlayStation and PlayStation 3. Consoles in PAL territories also come bundled with a composite/stereo SCART adapter block to facilitate connection to SCART enabled TVs. This is merely an adapter and provides no quality improvement over a direct composite connection.

S-Video Cable

The S-Video cable (SCPH-10130u) carries dual-channel (stereo) audio and s-video at 576i/50 Hz (PAL) or 480i/60 Hz (NTSC), which provides a clearer picture than the standard AV cable.

AV Adaptor

The AV Adaptor with S Video Out Connector is a break-out box which provides an additional AV-Multi out port, as well as composite, s-video and stereo audio connectors to allow connection to an AV receiver or similar device.[9]


The EURO AV Cable is a SCART cable capable of carrying 576i/50 Hz or 480i/60 Hz using the RGB standard, as well as standard stereo audio and composite video. It provides a clearer picture than either s-video or composite signals. To use the EURO AV cable, the PS2 must be set to RGB mode in the options.[10]

Component AV cable

The Component AV Cable (SCPH-10490) is a cable capable of carrying 576i/50 Hz or 480i/60 Hz using the YPBPR and RGB standards, as well as standard stereo audio, via RCA connectors. It provides a clearer picture than either s-video or composite signals. It is also required for games which support other video modes such as "progressive scan" (480p) or 1080i. To use the Component AV cable, the PS2 must be set to YPBPR mode in the options.[11][12]

D-Terminal cable

The D-Terminal cable is identical to the component cable other than its connector. It was sold only in Japan and uses the Japanese D-Terminal standard.

VGA Cable

The PlayStation 2 VGA cable carries RGBHV video via a VGA connector. It is only compatible with progressive scan games and PS2 Linux.

Other accessories

Memory Card

Official PS2 Memory Card

The Memory Card (8 Mb) (SCPH-10020) Magic Gate is used to store settings, EyeToy video messages and savegames.[13] Official Sony memory cards are only available at a size of 8 MB, the memory card came in black, crimson red, and ocean blue.

Later, Sony partnered with a third-party accessories company Katana to make Memory Cards that came in 16 MB and 32 MB. These Memory Cards were officially licensed products and has the PlayStation 2 logo, and says Magic Gate on them.

Third party memory cards are available up to 128 MB.


The Multitap for PlayStation 2 allows up to four controllers and four memory cards to be attached to a single controller port and memory card slot.[14] Up to 8 controllers and memory cards may be attached to the console at any one time by using two multitaps simultaneously. Certain Multitaps will not work with specific PS2 models.[14]


An EyeToy.

The EyeToy is a digital camera device, similar to a webcam, for the PlayStation 2. Originally, EyeToys were manufactured by Logitech (known as "Logicool" in Japan), while later models were manufactured by Namtai. The EyeToy is mainly used for playing specifically-designed EyeToy games, but can also be used to capture images and videos, it is also compatible with the Playstation 3.


The PS2 headset connects via USB 2.0 on the front of the console. It is often used from combat games like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced war fighter 2: 2007 first contact for both campaign and multiplayer use over the web.


Network Adapter

Keyboard and Mouse

An official Sony PlayStation 2 USB keyboard and mouse came bundled as part of Linux for PlayStation 2 which turns any non slim PS2 into a Linux computer. Any standard USB keyboard and mouse will work. In addition to the Linux kit, there were a handful of games that used a keyboard and mouse or just a mouse or trackball.

Vertical Stand

The vertical stand is attached to the PlayStation 2 console to allow it to stand vertically.[15] Three different versions are available: SCPH-10040 for original (large) consoles, SCPH-70110 for slimline SCPH-700xx consoles and SCPH-90110 for slimline SCPH-900xx consoles.

Horizontal Stand

The horizontal stand is attached to the base of original "fat" PlayStation 2 consoles to add height.[16]

External links

  • Official European peripherals page
  • Official North American accessories page


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