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Provinces of Oman

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The minor (light) lines show the provincial borders and the major (dark) lines show region and governorate borders

The administrative division of Oman contains Eleven Governorates (muhafazah):[1]

Within the governorates, Oman is sub-divided into 61 provinces (wilayat).


  • Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate 1
  • Ad Dhahirah Governorate 2
  • Al Batinah North Governorate 3
  • Al Batinah South Governorate 4
  • Al Buraimi Governorate 5
  • Al Wusta Governorate 6
  • Ash Sharqiyah North Governorate 7
  • Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate 8
  • Dhofar Governorate 9
  • Muscat Governorate 10
  • Musandam Governorate 11
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Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate

Province Population[2]
Nizwa 84,528
Samail 44,561
Bahla 58,234
Adam 27,321
Al Hamra 19,509
Manah 15,056
Izki 41,402
Bidbid 24,705

Ad Dhahirah Governorate

Province Population[2]
Ibri 116,416
Yanqul 18,057
Dhank 17,191

Al Batinah North Governorate

Province Population[2]
Sohar 140,006
Shinas 52,132
Liwa 34,001
Saham 93,438
Al Khaburah 52,294
As Suwayq 111,711

Al Batinah South Governorate

Province Population[2]
Nakhal 18,118
Wadi Al Maawil 12,866
Al Awabi 13,326
Al Musanaah 68,571
Barka 96,407
Al Rustaq 79,720

Al Buraimi Governorate

Province Population[2]
Al Buraimi 63,159
Mahdah 8,373
Al Sinas 1,385

Al Wusta Governorate

Province Population[2]
Haima 10,473
Duqm 11,217
Mahout 12,488
Al Jazur 7,933

Ash Sharqiyah North Governorate

Province Population[2]
Ibra 27,216
Al-Mudhaibi 69,377
Bidiyah 20,946
Wadi Bani Khaled 9,468
Dema Wa Thaieen 19,442
Al Qabil 16,033

Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate

Province Population[2]
Masirah 8,726
Sur 64,988
Jalan Bani Bu Hassan 30,146
Jalan Bani Bu Ali 61,356
Al Kamil Wal Wafi 22,816

Dhofar Governorate

Province Population[2]
Salalah 172,570
Taqah 18,218
Mirbat 13,919
Thumrait 13,523
Sadah 6,384
Rakhyut 4,501
Dhalkut 2,809
Muqshin 1,069
Shalim and the Hallaniyat Islands 8,697
Al-Mazyona 8,039

Muscat Governorate

Province Population[2]
Muscat 27,216
Muttrah 150,124
Bawshar 192,235
Seeb 302,992
Al Amerat 70,400
Qurayyat 44,911

Musandam Governorate

Province Population[2]
Khasab 18,151
Bukha 3,025
Daba Al Bayah 6,991
Madha 3,258

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