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Pyotra Krecheuski

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Title: Pyotra Krecheuski  
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Subject: List of state leaders in 1920, List of state leaders in 1919, List of rulers of Belarus, Belarusian People's Republic
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Pyotra Krecheuski

Piotra Krecheuski (Belarusian: Пётра Крэчэўскі, August 7, 1879 – March 8, 1928, Prague) was a Belarusian statesman.

Before the First World War he worked as a teacher in Jałówka near Białystok. He was delegate at the First All-Belarusian Congress in 1917 and member of the Council of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. In December 1919 Krecheuski was elected President of the Council of the Belarusian republic and served on this post till his death.

In exile in Prague since 1919, he organized active information campaigns for Western governments about the current states of Belarusian SSR and West Belarus.

He organized a conference of Belarusian emigrant organizations in September 1921 that criticized the Polish-Bolshevist Peace of Riga that divided Belarus in two parts.

Krecheuski convinced the Czechoslovak government to give grants for Belarusian students. He created the Belarusian archive in Prague and published the politological almanac Zamieznaja Bielarus.


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