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Rail transport in Monaco

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Title: Rail transport in Monaco  
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Subject: Rail transport in France, Abkhazian Railway, Rail transport in Monaco, TransContainer, Rail transport in Latvia
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Rail transport in Monaco

Railway map of Monaco
View of Monaco-Monte Carlo station
Train waiting in Monaco-Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo station of La Turbie-Monte Carlo railway (1905)

The Principality of Monaco has currently a single railway station, Monaco-Monte Carlo, part of the Marseille–Ventimiglia railway line.[1][2] The station was originally opened in 1867, but extensively rebuilt in 1999.[3] The length of railway within the Principality is 1.7 km (1.1 mi),[1] giving Monaco the third smallest railway system in the world.



Originally, the stations serving the principality one the Marseille-Nice-Ventimiglia line were two: Monaco (the current Monaco-Monte Carlo station) and Monte Carlo. A new tunnel built in 1950s through the hills behind Monte Carlo and bypassing this station, caused its closure.[4][5][6]

Disused lines

A rack railway from La Turbie to Monte Carlo through Beausoleil operated from 1894 to 1932, with a station (Monte Carlo) serving the Prinicpality.[7][8]

Monaco counted also tramway system between 1898 and 1931, with the first line linking Place d’Armes to Saint Roman.[5]


Monaco does not operate its own train service; all rail services in the Principality are operated by the French operator, SNCF.[9] SNCF trains leave the Monaco-Monte Carlo station every 15 minutes throughout the day,[10] although services cease during early, and late hours.[11]

The railway station is in the modern administrative ward of Moneghetti, Monaco, next to the French town of Beausoleil, and the Monégasque administrative ward of Saint Michel.[3]

Railway stations

The table below shows the Monegasque stations, the working one and the disused ones:

Station Line Opened Closed Location
Monaco - Monte Carlo Marseille-Nice-Ventimiglia 1868 / 1999[12] none
Monte Carlo (SNCF) Marseille-Nice-Ventimiglia 1868 1958
Monte Carlo (rack railway) La Turbie-Monte Carlo 1894 1932

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