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Rhizopus oryzae

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Title: Rhizopus oryzae  
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Subject: Polyploid, Zygomycosis, Rhizopus, Rhizopus nigricans, Tapai, Minor spliceosome, List of carrot diseases, List of pineapple diseases, List of mango diseases
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Rhizopus oryzae

Binomial name
Rhizopus oryzae
Went & Prins. Geerl., (1895)

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Rhizopus oryzae is a fungus that lives worldwide in dead organic matter. An opportunistic human pathogen, it is one causative agent of zygomycosis (more properly mucormycosis). The RA 99-880 strain, which was isolated from a fatal infection, had its genome sequenced by the Broad Institute in 2004–2005. However more recent analyses indicate that this strain actually belongs to a very closely related species, Rhizopus delemar.[1] Rhizopus strains including R. oryzae are used (mainly in Asian) in the food industry and its products are generally recognised as safe.


Mucor arrhizus (A. Fisch.) Hagem, (1908)
Mucor cambodja Chrząszcz, (1901)
Mucor nodosus (Namysl.) Hagem, (1910)
Mucor norvegicus Hagem, (1908)
Rhizopus acetoinus Kitahara & Fukui, (1950)
Rhizopus achlamydosporus Y. Takeda, (1935)
Rhizopus albus M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus angulisporus (Saito) Naumov, (1935)
Rhizopus arrhizus A. Fisch., (1892)
Rhizopus arrhizus var. delemar (Wehmer & Hanzawa) J.J. Ellis, (1985)
Rhizopus arrhizus var. delemar (Wehmer & Hanzawa) J.J. Ellis, (1984)
Rhizopus bahrnensis Y. Takeda, (1935)
Rhizopus batatas Nakaz., (1909)
Rhizopus betivorus Nevod. [as 'betavora'],(1928)
Rhizopus boreas Yosh. Yamam., (1925)
Rhizopus cambodja (Chrząszcz) Vuill., (1902)
Rhizopus chinensis var. rugulosus Hanzawa, (1913)
Rhizopus chiuniang M. Yamaz., (1919)
Rhizopus chungkuoensis M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus chungkuoensis var. isofermentans Y. Takeda, (1906)
Rhizopus formosaensis Hanzawa, (1913)
Rhizopus fusiformis C.O. Dawson & Povah, (1929)
Rhizopus hangchow M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus humilis M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus japonicus Vuill., (1902)
Rhizopus japonicus var. angulisporus Saito, (1907)
Rhizopus japonicus var. japonicus Vuill., (1902)
Rhizopus javanicus Y. Takeda, (1935)
Rhizopus javanicus var. javanicus Y. Takeda, (1935)
Rhizopus javanicus var. kawasakiensis Y. Takeda & Takam.{?}, (1949)
Rhizopus kasanensis Hanzawa, (1912)
Rhizopus konsho Yosh. Yamam., (1925)
Rhizopus liquifaciens M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus maydis Bruderl., (1917)
Rhizopus microsporus var. pseudochinensis (M. Yamaz.) R. Prakash & A.K. Sarbhoy, (1993)
Rhizopus mochi Yosh. Yamam., (1925)
Rhizopus nigricans var. verticillatum Demelius, (1916)
Rhizopus nodosus Namysl., (1906)
Rhizopus norvegicus Hagem, (1908)
Rhizopus oryzae var. araneosus Y. Takeda, (1906)
Rhizopus oryzae var. oryzae Went & Prins. Geerl., (1895)
Rhizopus peka Y. Takeda, (1924)
Rhizopus pseudochinensis M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus pseudochinensis var. pseudochinensis M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus salebrosus M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus salebrosus var. instriatis Y. Takeda, (1928)
Rhizopus salebrosus var. salebrosus M. Yamaz., (1918)
Rhizopus schizans McAlpine, (1902)
Rhizopus semarangensis Y. Takeda, (1935)
Rhizopus shanghaiensis M. Yamaz., (1919)
Rhizopus sontii Reddi & Subrahm.{?}, (1937)
Rhizopus suinus N. Nielsen, (1929)
Rhizopus suinus f. sterilis N. Nielsen, (1929)
Rhizopus suinus f. suinus N. Nielsen, (1929)
Rhizopus tanekoji Hanzawa, (1912)
Rhizopus thermosus Yosh. Yamam., (1925)
Rhizopus tonkinensis Vuill., (1902)
Rhizopus trubini Hanzawa, (1912)
Rhizopus usamii Hanzawa, (1912)


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