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Roper Technologies

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Title: Roper Technologies  
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Subject: Companies established in 1808, Automatic identification and data capture, Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange
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Roper Technologies

Roper Industries, Inc.
Traded as NYSE: ROP
S&P 500 Component
Industry Conglomerate
Founded Late 1800s
Headquarters Sarasota, Florida[1], United States
Key people
Brian Jellison, CEO
Products Industrial Technology, Radio Frequency (RF) Technology, Scientific and Industrial Imaging, Energy Systems and Controls, and Instrumentation
  • US$ 3,238.128 million (2013) [1]
  • US$ 2,993.489 million (2012) [1]
  • US$ 842.361 million (2013) [1]
  • US$ 757.587 million (2012) [1]
  • US$ 538.293 million (2013) [1]
  • US$ 483.36 million (2012) [1]
Total assets
  • US$ 8,184.981 million (2013) [2]
  • US$ 7,071.104 million (2012) [1]
Total equity
  • US$ 4,213.05 million (2013) [2]
  • US$ 3,687.726 million (2012) [1]
Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC)
Industry Turbomachinery controls
Founded 1976
Headquarters Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Products controls
Number of employees
DAP Technologies
Industry AIDC
Founded 1979
Headquarters Tempe-AZ, Atlanta-GA, Quebec, UK
Key people
General Manager: David Molesworth
Products Rugged Mobile Computers
Revenue Private
Number of employees
Media Cybernetics, Inc.
Industry software
Founded 1981
Headquarters Maryland, United States
Key people
Products image processing software, image database software
Revenue Private
Slogan The Standard in Image Analysis Solutions
Industry manufacturing
Founded 1961
Headquarters New Jersey, United States
Key people
Products optical coatings, spectroscopy instrumentation, CCD cameras
Revenue Private
Slogan See the Future

Roper Technologies is a diversified industrial company that produces engineered products for global niche markets. The company is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

Roper provides a wide range of products and services to customers in over 100 countries. The company has four main business lines: Industrial Technology, Radio Frequency (RF) Technology, Scientific and Industrial Imaging, and Energy Systems and Controls. Roper joined the Russell 1000 index in 2004, and has annual revenues of more than US$1.7 billion, as of 2006.

George D. Roper founded the company in the late 19th century, primarily as a manufacturer of home appliances, pumps and other industrial products. Roper initiated a corporate acquisition program, supported by an initial public offering, in 1992.

In 2001, Brian Jellison, a former executive of General Electric and Ingersoll-Rand, joined Roper as Chief Executive Officer. The previous holding company business strategy has been replaced with an operating company model. Since 2001 Roper has completed acquisitions accounting for over half its revenues, establishing the company in global growth markets, such as radio frequency identification(RFID) and water.

Roper acquired Sunquest Information Systems, a maker of diagnostic and laboratory software for $1.42 billion in cash in 2012.[3]


  • Subsidiaries 1
    • DAP Technologies 1.1
    • Media Cybernetics 1.2
    • Photometrics 1.3
    • Princeton Instruments 1.4
    • QImaging 1.5
    • Roper Pump Co. 1.6
    • TransCore and DAT Solutions 1.7
    • DAT Solutions 1.8
    • The CBORD Group, Inc. 1.9
    • Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) 1.10
    • iTradeNetwork 1.11
  • References 2
  • External Links 3


DAP Technologies

DAP Technologies manufactures rugged mobile computers, including portable data terminals, and tablet computers. DAP's computers are designed for harsh environments, so they can be used in logistics operations, transportation, warehouses, field service, utilities, law enforcement, and the energy industry, as well as other applications.

DAP distributes its computers in more than 60 countries, and operates subsidiaries in Paris, France, Abingdon, England and Tokyo, Japan. The company employs 150 people.

Media Cybernetics

Media Cybernetics is a company in Maryland, United States, founded in 1981, that produces image processing software used worldwide for industrial, scientific, medical and biotechnology applications. In recent years, Media Cybernetics acquired the assets of Definitive Imaging, QED Imaging and AutoQuant Imaging.


Photometrics designs and manufactures scientific imaging equipment for life science and OEM applications.

Princeton Instruments

Princeton Instruments, Princeton Instruments, manufactures scientific imaging equipment, optical coatings, optical cameras, CCD and EMCCD cameras, spectroscopy instrumentation and electronic sub-assemblies. Princeton Instruments is divided into these application-specific groups: Imaging Group provides cameras for applications that include Astronomy, BEC, Combustion, PIV, Single Molecule, Surface and Material Analysis, PSP, and Nanotechnology. Spectroscopy Group provides spectrometers, cameras and systems for Raman, LIBS, NIR, Absorption, Fluorescence, and Luminescence. X-Ray Group manufactures cameras for EUV, Lithography, XRS, Plasma, Diffraction, Microscopy, and Tomography applications. Industrial Group provides MEGAPLUS cameras for Semiconductor, Web Inspection, Document and Film Capture, Digital Radiography, and Ophthalmology. Acton Optics & Coatings provides optical components for Medical, Semiconductor, Material Processing, Analytical Instrumentation, Aerospace and Defense applications. The company has based in Trenton, New Jersey and Acton, Massachusetts.


QImaging designs and manufactures scientific CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras for life science, industrial and OEM applications.

Roper Pump Co.

Roper Pump Co. is part of the founding company from which Roper Industries began. George D. Roper began the company by founding the Roper legacy by entering into part ownership in the Van Wie Gas Stove Company of Cleveland, Ohio. The Van Wie plant moved to Rockford Illinois and passed into trusteeship in the early 1890s. George D. Roper became sole owner of the Van Wie Gas Stove company after the company's debts were paid off on September 1, 1894. A fire completey destroyed the facilities ten days later. The factory was rebuilt and named the Eclipse Gas Stove Company, and later expanded to include the Trahern Pump Company in 1906. The Trahern Pump Company began in 1857, which is the basis of Roper Pumps Co. now located in Commerce, Georgia USA.

Roper Pump Co. mainly manufactures downhole progressing cavity pumps used in oil drilling, flow dividers used in power generation, and gear pumps used on tanker rail cars and tanker trucks. Roper Pump Co. is a leading US producer of small diameter progressing cavity pumps, flow dividers, as well as gear pumps.

TransCore and DAT Solutions

TransCore is a subsidiary of Roper Industries, based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that specializes in Intelligent Transportation Systems. TransCore was acquired by Roper Industries in 2004.

Roper has divided TransCore into two units: TransCore and DAT Solutions. TransCore manages RFID transponders and readers. In this family, their original product line reflects their acquisition of Amtech Systems in 2000 (also a supplier of production and automation systems for the manufacture of solar cells). These transponders come in a plastic case, for either windshield or external mounting. Their newer line is the eGo windshield sticker transponder system, which is a low-cost, batteryless system designed for one-time attachment to a windshield. These transponders are found in electronic toll collection, fleet tracking, payment, parking and access control applications.

In addition, TransCore has a substantial services business, designing, building and operating ITS facilities. This may be a complete electronic toll collection system, with design, build, transponders, equipment, customer service and violation enforcement, or any part of it. For example, TransCore operates the ETC systems for several E-ZPass members, even though E-ZPass has an exclusive contract with another manufacturer for transponders. Meanwhile, the Good To Go! system in Washington state is a complete drop-in design/build/operate of an eGo system.

DAT Solutions

DAT Solutions offers freight load boards products for owner-operators, carriers, brokers, shippers, and 3PLs. The underlying framework is the DAT Network, the first electronic freight posting service, acquired in 2001 from the Jubitz Corporation. DAT Solutions began as Dial-a-truck (DAT), a load board operated at the Jubitz Truck Stop. It evolved to become the original and largest internet load board, a matchmaking service for 100 million freight loads and trucks per year. DAT Solutions offers several load board products including: DAT Power, DAT Express and TruckersEdge. Other products, such as DAT RateView, DAT CarrierWatch and DAT Keypoint are industry-leading offerings that help transportation professionals create greater efficiencies in their business.

DAT Solutions also offers Tracking & Communications satellite, for truck tracking, trailer tracking, and temperature and cargo monitoring systems for commercial and private fleets. They use GPS and GEOS technology to transmit data from the truck or trailer to the dispatch center.

The CBORD Group, Inc.

Roper acquired The CBORD Group, Inc. on February 21, 2008. CBORD was founded in Ithaca, NY in 1975. CBORD products are used in food services, catering, campus ID privilege control, and other industries. The products include CS Gold, Odyssey PCS, Foodservice Suite, Webfood, Nutrition Service Suite, Room Service Choice, NetMenu, NetNutrition, C-Store, EventMaster, and GeriMenu. CBORD has offices in Ithaca, NY; Canton, OH; Waco, TX; Cypress, CA; and Sydney, Australia.

Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC)

Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) has specialized in turbomachinery controls for over 35 years. CCC serves customers in a broad range of industries including oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical, refineries, LNG, pipelines, steel mills, pharmaceutical, machine-building, and power generation facilities. CCC also constructs new turbomachinery controls and retrofit existing equipment.


A provider of supply chain management and intelligence solutions to the food industry with offices both in the USA and UK.


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