Saskia is a feminine name. There is some discrepancy as to the origins of the name. The name is often said to be of Dutch origin, which originally meant "a Saxon woman" (alteration of "Saxia"). However, the name Saskia is thought by some to be of Slavic origin meaning "protector of mankind". It has also been suggested that the name is of Danish origin and meant "valley of light".

Notable bearers of this name include:

Fictional characters

  • Saskia Duncan, a character in EastEnders
  • Saskia the Dragonslayer, a character from the video game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • Saskia, a character from Roman Payne's novel , The Wanderess'
  • Saskia Duncan, a character in Australian TV drama "Dance Academy"
  • Aife, a character for the series Lost Girl used the name Saskia in order to hide her identity and get close to Bo, the main character.

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