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Satan's Little Helper

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Title: Satan's Little Helper  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Mary Kay Adams, Katheryn Winnick, Films about Halloween, New York City Horror Film Festival, Amanda Plummer
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Satan's Little Helper

Satan's Little Helper
Movie poster
Directed by Jeff Lieberman
Produced by Mickey McDonough,
Jeff Lieberman
Isen Robbins
Aimee Schoof
Written by Jeff Lieberman
Starring Alexander Brickel,
Katheryn Winnick,
Amanda Plummer
Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Release dates
  • May 6, 2004 (2004-05-06) (Tribeca Film Festival)
  • October 4, 2005 (2005-10-04) (United States)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Satan's' Little Helper is an American horror comedy film directed by Jeff Lieberman. It was filmed around New York City, USA and coastal Maine in 2003 and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2004. It had a direct-to-DVD release on October 4, 2005.


Douglas 'Dougie' Whooly is a nine year old boy obsessed with a video game, in which he plays Satan's little helper. His sister Jenna, who is portrayed as a pretentious actor who often speaks in a faux British accent, comes home from college for Halloween and things turn sour when Dougie finds out she brought her boyfriend, Alex, with her.

After a fall out with Jenna, Dougie wanders off and finds a man dressed in a cheap costume arranging a dead body on his lawn as if it were a decoration. Dougie naively believes the man is Satan. While Dougie is with Satan, Jenna tries on an old costume of her mother's and realizes how sexy she looks in it. Alex decides to bond with Dougie by dressing as Satan for Halloween. Dougie and Satan knock out Alex by setting him up for an ambush; so they can bond with each other.

Dougie brings Satan home, whom everyone believes to be Alex. After meeting his seductive sister, Jenna, Satan falls for her sexy looks and pretends to be her boyfriend by continuously grabbing her breasts and touching her body. She notices the change of behavior in him; And instead of panicking, she enjoys the darker behavior of her boyfriend and engages it. Although she eventually ends up getting quite disturbed at both his forcefulness and failure to speak, both of which she interprets as his devotion to the Halloween character.

When Satan and Dougie leave to get Halloween candy, they instead steal tools needed to murder; and then attack and kill several people, including Alex's dad. On the way home, they engage in a killing spree involving a grocery cart. While walking through a cemetery, the police accost them, and Satan tells Dougie to run home while he murders the police. We soon find out that all the police on the island community are now dead. Dougie returns home to wait for his master. When Dougie tells Jenna about what they've done, she begins to think that Alex is pushing the game too far. She waits for Alex (who she still thinks is the man in the Satan costume) to come home.

After he comes home, his new personality starts to frighten her, she realizes he is not Alex. Dougie's father comes home, and Satan murders him. He kidnaps their mother, which makes Jenna and Alex go after him, only to think it's Alex's dad who is responsible, but are tricked by the killer repeatedly changing costumes and putting his old one on a victim. including a Jesus costume to trick Dougie into letting him into the house multiple times by saying that it is God coming to save him. In the end, Jenna and Mrs. Whooly accidentally kill Alex and are left at home with Dougie and a police man who spray paints a 6 on their home beneath their address, 66. It's the Satan Man. The movie ends in a cliffhanger.


  • Alexander Brickel .... Douglas "Dougie" Whooly
  • Katheryn Winnick .... Jenna Whooly
  • Stephen Graham .... Alex Martin
  • Amanda Plummer .... Merrill Whooly
  • Wass M. Stevens .... Dean Whooly (as Wass Stevens)
  • Dan Ziskie .... Vernon Martin
  • Melisa McGregor .... Nicole
  • Joshua Annex .... Billy Flarin (Satan Man)
  • Joyce R. Korbin .... Mrs. Sylvia Tishbaum
  • Anthony Ardolino .... Hunter
  • Mary Kay Adams .... Fran
  • Christian Robert Varley .... He Head
  • JoAnna Beckson .... She Head (as Joanna Bechsen)
  • Larry 'Ratso' Sloman .... Mayor Flarin
  • Lisa Barnes .... Mrs. Flarin
  • Jim
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