Skins (tv series)

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Skin is a soft outer covering of an animal, in particular a vertebrate.

Skin or skins may also refer to:

Outer covering

  • Peel (fruit) or skin
  • Skin (aircraft), the outer covering of an aircraft or its wing
  • Skinning, removing the outer layer of something's flesh
  • Milk skin, a thin layer over the top of heated milk
  • Hide (skin), an animal skin processed by humans
  • Laptop skin, a protective and/or decorative covering for a laptop computer
  • Mobile phone skin, a protective and/or decorative covering for a mobile phone

Arts and media



  • The Skin, a 1981 Italian film by Liliana Cavani
  • Skin (1995 film), a short film directed by Vincent O'Connell
  • Skins (film), a 2002 film
  • Skin (2008 film), a biographical film about Sandra Laing
  • The Skin I'm In (documentary), a 2012 autobiographical documentary by Broderick Fox







Sports and sports culture

  • Skins game, a type of golf and curling event
  • Washington Redskins or the Skins, an NFL team
  • Skins, the team that plays a sport shirtless in shirts versus skins
  • Skins (sportswear) a company that manufactures and sells compression sportswear

Other uses

  • Polaris Skin, an Italian ultralight trike design
  • Skin (computing), a customized graphical presentation for computer software and websites
  • Skin (anthropology), a form of social categorisation system in Australian Indigenous societies
  • Mr. Skin, a website that specializes in locating, rating, and posting instances of female nudity in television and film
  • Cigarette rolling papers or skins
  • Low five or giving skin

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