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Species 8472

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Title: Species 8472  
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Species 8472

Species 8472 is a fictional extraterrestrial race in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager. They inhabit an extra-dimensional realm called "fluidic space". The multiplayer game Star Trek Online gives their proper name as Undine.


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Cellular characteristics

A designation given by the genetic structure, with each cell containing more than a hundred times the genetic material of a human cell because of their triple-helix DNA structure. On the cellular level, Species 8472's own somatic cells can become extremely virulent when in a foreign blood-stream, duplicating themselves rapidly. When a member of Species 8472 attacks a victim with its claws, some of the former's cells are left in the wound. These stray cells multiply, spreading through the victim's entire body, consuming it from the inside out while the victim remains conscious. Since the attacking cells employ the same advanced immune response as when inside the creature, they are able to resist conventional treatment methods. This system also makes them entirely immune to Borg assimilation.

Species 8472 is telepathic and in Star Trek: Voyager sends Kes and Tuvok telepathic messages.


Species 8472's anatomy is unique in that they possess three five-jointed, even-toed Federation scanning technology and has prevented their assimilation by the Borg.

Species 8472 possess incredible strength and stamina as demonstrated in the episode "Prey", when a single member of Species 8472 is attacked by a Hirogen hunting party with heavy weapons. Thinking it dead, they take it back to their ship, only to discover otherwise after the alien injures the Alpha Hirogen and decapitates his subordinate. When the alien makes its way across Voyager's hull, it tears a bulkhead to gain access to the ship. Though the alien is badly injured, it eventually heals itself, regenerating wounded flesh, and appears capable of surviving and recovering from significant injury. Members of Species 8472 exclusively attack with their claws and raw strength; they never use a hand-held weapon, instead allowing their superior immune system to be used in an offensive role.

Native environment

Species 8472 live in "fluidic space", an extra-dimensional realm. Fluidic space is a fluid. Fluidic space has no stars, planets or nebulae. However, in Star Trek: Armada II, fluidic space has several nebulae referred to as fluidic nebulae, and are identical in nature to those produced by the massive Behemoth-class bioship.


Species 8472 uses a type of organic spacecraft known only as a Star Trek: Armada II as "Species 8472 battleships") can be linked with that of a larger ninth bioship of modified design (referred to in Armada II as a "Species 8472 bio-frigate"); the collective weapon thus formed can destroy an entire planet in seconds.


Relevant episodes of Star Trek: Voyager in which Species 8472 appear include season 3 episode 26 (season finale) "Scorpion: Part 1" and season 4 episode 1 (season premiere) "Scorpion: Part 2", season 4 episode 16 "Prey", and season 5 episode 4 "In the Flesh".

Species 8472 are discovered by the Borg in 2373 when the Borg invade fluidic space (as revealed in the episode Hirogen for several months.

Concerned about the threat posed by humanity, Species 8472 builds 13 "terraspheres" in the Delta Quadrant and recreates Starfleet Academy within as a staging ground for an intelligence gathering mission on Earth. The plan is uncovered by Voyager and peace talks commence. Voyager convinces 8472, led by an individual posing as Boothby, that the Federation has no quarrel with them – it had long been known that the Borg themselves started the war between the two species by invading fluidic space to assimilate the superior technology of Species 8472.

Video games

Species 8472 appear as villains in the video games Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force and Star Trek: Armada II. They also make an appearance in Star Trek Online, in which they are referred to as the Undine.

Species 8472 imaging

These beings are rendered by animation from Foundation Imaging, Inc.


External links

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