Stay The Night (James Blunt song)

"Stay the Night"
B-side "Stay the Night" (Instrumental)
Released 25 October 2010
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded January 2010 (Los Angeles, California)
Genre Pop rock, roots rock
Length 3:36 (Album Version)
3:25 (U.S. Edit)
Label Custard, Atlantic
Writer(s) James Blunt, Bob Marley, Steve Robson, Ryan Tedder
Producer Steve Robson
James Blunt singles chronology

"Love, Love, Love"
"Stay the Night"
"So Far Gone"

"Stay the Night" is the lead single from English singer-songwriter James Blunt's third studio album, Some Kind of Trouble. The single was released on 25 October 2010.[1] The single received an exclusive advance-release in Austria on 10 September 2010.[2] The song has been a success on the ARIA Charts, scoring his first top ten hit in Australia since 2005's "Goodbye My Lover".[3]


"Stay the Night" was first written after Blunt stated he was "tired of writing self-pitying songs". In an interview for STV, Blunt claimed: "After the last tour I tried writing at the piano, but I was repeating myself, writing sad songs about poor old me. I needed to get away from music for a while. My new songs, most prominently 'Stay the Night', are more optimistic. One thing I did learn is that your artistic credibility goes out the window when you have a big record. 'You're Beautiful' meant something to me, but to most people, it's a song they sing when they're drunk."[4] The lyrics in "Stay the Night" feature a reference to Bob Marley's classic "Is This Love" in the lines: Just like the song on my radio said / We’ll share the shelter of my single bed. Marley is credited as a co-writer. The version released on the U.S. edition of the album is different than the original; it features a fade-in intro and runs for a length of 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Live performances

Blunt performed the song live for the first time at the Help for Heroes Charity Concert in Twickenham on 12 September 2010.[5] Blunt performed it on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on 9 February 2011.[6]

Critical reception

The song received positive reviews from critics, with many stating it as one of the albums high points

Ryan Brockington of the New York Post has called the song "very chipper and up-tempo", comparing it in sound to that of Train's hit "Hey, Soul Sister".[7] Matthew Horton from BBC Music siad that: "The single Stay the Night is a deceptively bright introduction, a joyous bit of fluff that sees Blunt waiting to make his move at a California party ("We’ve all been singing Billie Jean" – at least that’s plausible, right?)".[8] Molloy Woodcraft from The Guardian said: "The first single "Stay the Night" is a cheery, ramshackle workout reminiscent of David Gray or Natalie Imbruglia, quotes Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" and name-checks "Billie Jean".[9] Rick Pearson from Evening Standard was also positive, saying: "There's the folksy skip of the opening number, Stay the Night, which showcases Blunt's keening vocal".[10]

Track listing

  1. "Stay the Night" – 3:34
  2. "Stay the Night" (Instrumental) – 3:34
Digital Download / UK CD Single[12]
  1. "Stay the Night" – 3:34
European CD1[13]
  1. "Stay the Night" – 3:34
  2. "Stay the Night" (Wideboys Remix) – 6:05
European CD2[14]
  1. "Stay the Night" – 3:34
  2. "Stay the Night" (Acoustic)
  3. "Stay the Night" (Fred Falke Remix)
  4. "Stay the Night" (Buzz Junkies Remix)
  5. "Stay the Night" (Video)
US Digital Download
  1. "Stay the Night" (US Edit) - 3:25
  2. "Stay the Night" (Acoustic) - 3:30
  3. "Stay the Night" (Buzz Junkies Remix) - 4:50
  4. "Stay the Night" (Video) - 3:50

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