Sternocleidomastoid branches of occipital artery

Artery: Sternocleidomastoid branches of occipital artery
The arteries of the face and scalp.
Latin rami sternocleidomastoidei arteriae occipitalis
Gray's subject #144 556
Source occipital artery   

The two sternocleidomastoid branches of occipital artery (sternocleidomastoid artery) generally arises from the occipital close to its commencement, but sometimes springs directly from the external carotid.

The lower sternocleidomastoid branch passes downward and superficial to the hypoglossal nerve before descending into the substance of the muscle. The upper sternocleidomastoid branch diverts from the main trunk at the deep border of the proximal end of the posterior digastric belly, in company with the accessory nerve.

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