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Television stations in Tabasco

The following is a list of all IFT-licensed over-the-air television stations broadcasting in the Mexican state of Tabasco.[1][2] There are 13 television stations in Tabasco which are affiliated to at least one Televisa, TV Azteca, or TV Tabasqueña network.


List of television networks located in the state of Tabasco:
Network name Flagship Programming type Owner Affiliates
Nickelodeon XENICK 41 caricaturas,series,peliculas,novelas Viacom Internacional 5
Canal de las Estrellas XEW 2 soap operas, retro movies and sports Televisa 4
Canal 5 XHGC 5 cartoons, movies, and series Televisa 1
Azteca 7 XHIMT 7 sports, series, and movies TV Azteca 2
TV Tabasqueña XHSTA 7 educational Television Tabasqueña 3
Galavisión XEQ 9 retro and sports Televisa 2
Azteca 13 XHDF 13 news, soap operas, and sports TV Azteca 1

List of television stations

RF VC Callsign Location Network Analog ERP Digital ERP Concessionaire/Permittee
11 XHFRT-TV Frontera Canal de las Estrellas 5 kW Televimex
5 XHVET-TV La Venta TvT 50 kW Televisión Tabasqueña
33 9 XHLAV-TV La Venta Azteca 7 1 kW .97 kW Televisión Azteca
13 XHUBT-TV La Venta Canal de las Estrellas 15 kW Televimex
8 XHTET-TV Tenosique Canal de las Estrellas 62 kW Televimex
10 XHMET-TV Tenosique TvT 50 kW Televisión Tabasqueña
26 12 XHTOE-TV Tenosique Gala TV 108 kW 55 kW Tele-Emisoras del Sureste
32 3 XHVIZ-TV Villahermosa Canal de las Estrellas 100 kW 125 kW Radiotelevisora de México Norte
44 6 XHVHT-TV Villahermosa Azteca 13 24.307 kW 18.79 kW Televisión Azteca
7 XHSTA-TV Villahermosa TvT 150 kW Televisión Tabasqueña
30 9 XHTVL-TV Villahermosa Gala TV 272.18 kW 160 kW Tele-Emisoras del Sureste
41 11 XHVIH-TV Villahermosa Azteca 7 60 kW 18.88 kW Televisión Azteca
33 13 XHLL-TV Villahermosa Canal 5 76.5 kW 12 kW Televisión de Tabasco
38 XHOPVT-TDT Villahermosa 13.92 kW Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano
46 8 XEN-TV Villahermosa Nickelodeon 60.220 kW Viacom Internacional


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