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Telford Medal

Telford Medal, in Lake Biwa Canal Museum of Kyoto, Japan

The Telford Gold Medal is the highest prize awarded by the British Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for a paper, or series of papers; it was introduced in 1835 following a bequest made by Thomas Telford, the ICE's first president.


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In 1834 Scottish civil engineer and the Institution of Civil Engineers' first President (1820-1834), Thomas Telford died, leaving in his will his library of technical works to the Institution of Civil Engineers, as well as a bequest of £2000; the interest from which was to be used to for the purpose of Annual Premiums. The council of the institute decided to expend the premiums on both honorary and monetary rewards, the honorary awards being named "Telford Medals", which would be awarded in gold, silver and bronze forms. Suitable candidates for the awards were submitters of drawings, models, diagrams or essays relating to civil engineering or any other new equipment of invention relating to engineering or surveying in general, whiich is regarded as most seminal and influential. The awards were to be open to both Englishmen and foreigners equally.[1] After provision for the Telford Medal, the remaining income is used for up to four annual prizes for papers presented to the Institution.[2]

The inaugural gold award was given in June 1837 to John Timperley for his account of the history and construction of the town docks of the Port of Kingston upon Hull, published in volume 1 of the Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers; the medals carried an image of Telford on one side, and of his Menai Bridge on the reverse. John Macneill, James M. Rendel, Michael A. Borthwick, Peter Barlow, and Benedetto Albano received silver awards in the same session.[3]


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1999 "Hong Kong International Airport - civil engineering design" Dr Graham W Plant and Douglas E Oakervee

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