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The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers


The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers
Voices of Dan Chambers
Mark Huckerby
Nick Ostler
Theme music composer Paul James
Wafer Audio
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 26 (78 stories)
Running time 7 minutes per episode
Production company(s) Pesky
Studio B Productions
Original channel UK CITV
Cartoon Network
Canada YTV
Original airing UK March 2006
Canada March 2007
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The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers is a 2D Flash animation series for television. It was commissioned by CITV and Cartoon Network in the UK, YTV and VRAK.TV in Canada and is a co-production between UK studio Pesky and Studio B Productions in Vancouver, British Columbia. The series aired on CITV and for a short while on Cartoon Network in 2007. Reruns were later shown on Boomerang from 2009 to 2011. From 2005 to 2006, The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers was a part of Cartoon Network's Sunday Pants.

The show's directors Claire Underwood and Dan Chambers and producer David Hodgson picked up a Best Animation BAFTA for the series in 2006.[1]


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  • History 2
  • The Brothers 3
  • Episodes 4
    • Online Episodes 4.1
    • Season One 4.2
    • Season Two 4.3
  • DVD Releases 5
  • YouTube 6
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Travelling showmen hailing from the mysterious land of Réndøosîa (a fictional Eastern European country that experiences an unusually high rate of natural disasters), the three Adrenalini brothers (Xan, Enk and Adi) eat, sleep and breathe danger. They tour around the world staging ridiculously hazardous stunts, not so much to make a living as because they enjoy the adrenaline rush. In their travels, the Adrenalinis have visited many countries in the world, and even many periods in history (and, in some cases, fiction).

A typical Adrenalini adventure involves the brothers coming across some sort of trouble in their latest location, usually involving an antagonist bullying the locals. The brothers invariably get involved in the trouble, and beat the antagonist using their daredevil stunts (usually more out of luck than skill), bickering and causing havoc all the while. No matter what happens, the Brothers always come out on top in the end, and regroup in time to chime in with their catchphrase: "Yahzaa Adrenalini!"

The brothers, interestingly, do not speak a word of English. Instead, they speak a made-up gibberish-laden called Rendoosian "foreign" tongue, although it contains many standard reused words and phrases and is constructed so the audience usually can tell more or less what they are saying (also, their written language can be translated to English via a simple substitution cypher). The brothers do not understand English, but since the English words spoken to them often have obvious emotional overtones ("Get out of my bonsai garden" or "Eek! You're not bears! Get out, Get out! Get out!") there is usually no need for translation. In the episode "Guitars of Destiny!", Enk sees a flyer advertising a heavy metal band, and reads it aloud saying "Rock Hammer". Later in the episode, Xan tries to say "Rock music!", but it comes out, "Rok moozik!" In the episode "City of Heroes!" Enk is captivated by the superhero "Hero Man" and says his name admiringly, while Xan says it contemptuously later in the episode.

Xan says "Vukala! Oh, noompla! Scramalam!" which is "Look out! Oh, no! Let's get out of here!", in the episode "Knights of Ineptitude". In the episode "Gondolas of Jealousy", Xan speaks "Ploonky mumbutz!" which is "Silly bus!", and in "Sleighs of Hazard", Xan says "Nooty meena floompa!" as in "We'll use my umbrella!".


The series had its origins as a British student review act in the 1990s, written and performed by The Pox, aka Dan Chambers, Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler.[2] With ambitions to turn their live act into animation the trio presented their ideas to Pesky, who had just been approached by the BBC to develop a new Flash Animation series for the relaunch of its CBBC website - they immediately saw the potential and The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers cartoons were born.

The original 10 two-and-a-half-minute 'shorts' where shown on online and then CBBC television in 2002 and the episode "Ocean of Terror" was awarded the Prix des Internautes at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that summer, and went on in 2003 to win a People's Choice Award at Anima Mundi in Brazil.

By 2004 plans were hatched to create a longer-running television series based on the Adrenalini bros. And in 2005 the series of 78 seven-minute episodes went into production as a UK-Canadian co-production, with pre- and post-production by Pesky in their London studio and animation by Studio B in Vancouver, and scripting shared between writers on both sides of the Atlantic. The series first aired in March 2006 on CITV in the UK, then YTV in May 7, 2006 (and later also VRAK.TV in Canada) followed by Cartoon Network across Europe and Asia. The series has enjoyed particular success in Australia where it was aired by ABC Australia on a regular slot early evening slot until 2010.

In 2006 the series began the year by picking up a Pulcinella Award at the Cartoons On The Bay festival in Italy and ended the year with the episode "Hunchback of Heartbreak" winning a BAFTA for Best Animation Series.

The Brothers


The showman of the brothers, Xan is the oldest and acts as their leader, constantly trying (and often failing) to keep the other two out of mischief. He has a large ego and is constantly dreaming up new stunts to further his fame. Xan also has an eye for the ladies, and has made several unsuccessful attempts to woo the many females he has encountered in his travels. Although not all attempts are unsuccessful, all of them end with either Xan or the lady being rejected for some odd reason(usually Xan finds that the female is either ugly or a man). As a stunt man, Xan's contribution to the team seems to be as an escape artist, an ability that has served him well when he's accidentally ended up on the wrong side of the law. In fact, he has effortlessly evaded or escaped police on several occasions. Xan can always be seen wearing his trademark sunglasses (which were given to him by the Réndøosîan prime minister in honor of his excellent hair) and while he prefers to wear them to look cool, they also happen to be prescription lenses. Without them, Xan can barely see anything.


The largest and strongest of the brothers, Adi is more or less an overgrown child, and has a very mischievous streak to him. He is usually called upon for those stunts which require his great strength, although he has also performed extreme acrobatic feats, showing that he is far more agile than a man his size has any right to be. He is easily amused and often laughs merrily at his brother's misfortunes, much to their annoyance. Totally devoted to his brothers, Adi will merrily go along with any idea Xan comes up with, until something trivial inevitably distracts him. With the ability to uproot trees and even lift elephants, one would think that Adi would be quite fearless. But in truth, he doesn't have a lot of confidence in his own abilities without at least one of his brothers present to show support. In fact, when he is alone, he often becomes quite nervous and timid. He is most notably recognized by his enormous bushy moustache, which can actually grow back within minutes if he ever loses it (apparently, Xan has shown that he can grow his moustache back almost as quickly).


The youngest (and tiniest) of the brothers, Enk is a small, sausage-shaped fellow with long whiskers and tiny limbs. His role in the stunts is generally that of being tossed into the air. This treatment has made Enk a rather panicky little fellow - his trademark is a high-pitched "Eeeeeeee!" whenever things go wrong. His small size also makes him more perceptive to the dangers around him, which tends to make him the voice of reason on the team (particularly whenever Xan's ego and/or ambition runs away with him). Despite this, Enk is no coward. He has a strong sense of justice, and is usually the first to take on the villains, even if he is initially alone. He also has a rather notable temper and can become quite vengeful if provoked. He has a weakness however, in fact, more than one weakness; one of them being that he likes anything shiny, but this often leads him into "borrowing" shiny things which don't belong to him (like trophies, for example). Another weakness of his is that he can't resist opera singing, as evidenced in "Voices of Madness". Enk's dark secret is he used to learn English by watching BBC World Service at night.

Their parents The TV Series saw the appearance of the Adrenalini Brothers' parent. they only appear in the episode Mother of Mayhem!, which was the 1st appearance of their Mother, and a re-appearance from their father (1st appeared in the online flash episode Box of no Return)


The online episodes (also known as the 'shorts') are approximated 2'30" in duration. The two full seasons consist of 39 seven-minute episodes, aired separately or combined into 13 half-hours, for a total of 78 episodes in all. More information on each episode can be found on the official website.

Online Episodes

These were originally commissioned by the BBC

1. High Dive of Doom!

2. Ocean of Terror!

3. Volcano of Venom!

4. Monster of Mayhem!

5. Wings of Destiny!

6. Box of No Return!

7. Slopes of Peril!

8. Joust of Glory!

9. Cannon of Chaos!

10. Tightrope of Triumph!

11. Trampoline of Treachery! (Competition Winning Entry)

Season One

1. Saddles of Insanity!

2. Guitars of Destiny!

3. Fangs of Horror!

4. Jungle of Ruin!

5. Waves of Turmoil!

6. Kilts of Uproar!

7. Flames of Fury!

8. Convicts of Shame!

9. Claws of Malice!

10. Cape of Majesty!

11. Bellies of Belligerence!

12. Peaks of Peril!

13. Knights of Ineptitude!

14. Wheels of Destruction!

15. Hunchback of Heartbreak!

16. Pirates of Greed!

17. Sleighs of Hazard! (Christmas Episode)

18. Chute of Death!

19. Voices of Madness!

20. Gondalas of Jealousy!

21. Pyramids of Panic!

22. Diapers of Despair!

23. Lamps of Confusion!

24. Dolphins of Doom!

25. Factory of Malfunction!

26. Biceps of Triumph!

27. Kangaroos of Menace!

28. Cruise of Disaster!

29. Rollercoaster of Wreckage!

30. Bears of Disruption!

31. Hooves of Thunders!

32. Actors of Infamy!

33. Rockets of Rage!

34. Oil of Avarice!

35. Swords of Justice!

36. Vikings of Romance!

37. Flowers of Dread!

38. Logs of War!

39. Growls of Hunger!

Season Two

40. Child of Danger!

41. Camp of Calamity!

42. Field of Frights!

43. Crate of Expectations!

44. Beans of Magnitude!

45. Builders of Frenzy!

46. Bones of Disbelief!

47. Wings of Ambition!

48. Ghosts of Intangibility!

49. Lederhosen of Desire!

50. Corporation of Carnage!

51. City of Heroes!

52. Leprechauns of Mischief!

53. Barrels of Love!

54. Catwalk of Outrage!

55. Ladders of Courage!

56. Jobs of Jeopardy!

57. Mathematics of Misery!

58. Tails of Longing!

59. Mother of Mayhem!

60. Razors of Allure!

61. Vovage of Discovery!

62. Dragon of Antagonism!

63. Farm of Forgetfulness!

64. Goalposts of Glory!

65. Rapids of Revenge!

66. Balloon of Lunacy!

67. Sands of Thirst!

68. Railroad of Misfortune!

69. Gladiators of Bewilderment!

70. Cavemen of Invention!

71. Monsters of Immensity!

72. Siesta of Spite!

73. Clubs of Hope!

74. Visitors of Vengeance!

75. Island of Isolation!

76. Heist of Absurdity!

77. Mission of Impossibility!

78. Rivals of Wrath!

DVD Releases

The series first came out in Australia, in two separate volumes.[3] In the UK, Studiocanal released a 3-disc set on April 9, 2012, containing all 78 episodes from the TV Series (1 & 2). The original online episodes are not included.


The original web episodes were uploaded on the official Adrenalini channel on YouTube, while an episode from the TV series would be uploaded on Mondays. From its launch from November 2012, the television series moved to a new YouTube channel called "Huha",[4] with an episode currently being uploaded on Fridays. A French and German version of the channel also includes episodes from the series.


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