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The Complete Peerage


The Complete Peerage

The Complete Peerage
Author G. E. Cokayne et al.
Country United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
(From 1921, United Kingdom and Ireland)
Language English
Genre Genealogy
ISBN ISBN 0-904387-82-8 and ISBN 0-7509-0154-3
OCLC Number Dewey Decimal 929.7/2 19
LC Classification CS421 .C7 1982

The Complete Peerage (full title: The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom Extant, Extinct, or Dormant; first edition by George Edward Cokayne, Clarenceux King of Arms; 2nd edition revised by the Hon. Vicary Gibbs et al.) is a comprehensive and magisterial work on the titled aristocracy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and, later, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Complete Peerage was first published in eight volumes between 1887 and 1898 by George Edward Cokayne = G. E. C.). This version was effectively replaced by a new and enlarged edition between 1910 and 1959 edited successively by Vicary Gibbs (Cokayne's nephew), H. A. Doubleday, Duncan Warrand, Lord Howard de Walden, Geoffrey H. White and R. S. Lea. The revised edition (published by the St. Catherine Press Limited), took the form of twelve volumes with volume twelve being issued in two parts. Volume thirteen was issued in 1940, not as part of the alphabetical sequence, but as a supplement covering creations and promotions within the peerage between 1900 and 1938.

It has subsequently been reprinted in a number of formats, most notably by Alan Sutton Publishers who reduced it in size to six volumes in a photographically reduced format (this contains four page images on each smaller page and the text is difficult to read for some people). It is also available on CD. A further reprint in six volumes appeared in 2000, together with Volume 14, which is an appendix, updating briefly from original publication (1910–1938) to 1995.


1st edition

Volume Pub
I. A to Bo 1887
II. Bra to C 1889
III. D to F 1890
IV. G to K 1892
V. L to M 1893
VI. N to R 1895
VII. S to T 1896
VIII. U to Z, appendix, corrigenda, occurrences after 1 January 1898, and general index to notes, &c. 1898

All volumes edited by George Cokayne.

2nd edition

Volume Pub
I. Ab-Adam to Basing 1910 Hon. Vicary Gibbs
II. Bass to Canning 1912 Hon. Vicary Gibbs
III. Canonteign to Cutts 1913 Hon. Vicary Gibbs with the assistance of H. A. Doubleday
IV. Dacre to Dysart 1916 Hon. Vicary Gibbs with the assistance of H. A. Doubleday
V. Eardley of Spalding to Goojerat 1921/6 Hon. Vicary Gibbs with the assistance of H. A. Doubleday
VI. Gordon to Hustpierpoint 1926 H. A. Doubleday, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden
VII. Husee to Lincolnshire 1929 H. A. Doubleday and Lord Howard de Walden
VIII. Lindley to Moate 1932 H. A. Doubleday and Lord Howard de Walden
IX. Moels to Nuneham 1936 H. A. Doubleday and Lord Howard de Walden
X. Oakham to Richmond 1945 H. A. Doubleday and Lord Howard de Walden
XI Rickerton to Sisonby 1949 G. H. White
XII (part 1) Skelmersdale to Towton 1953 G. H. White
XII (part 2) Tracton to Zouche 1959 G. H. White
XIII. Peers created 1901 to 1938 1940 H. A. Doubleday and Lord Howard de Walden
XIV. Addenda & corrigenda 1998 Peter W. Hammond

Volumes 1–5 have the title Complete peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, extant, extinct or dormant, and volumes 6–13: The complete peerage; or, A history of the House of lords and all its members from the earliest times.[2]


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