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Torneo Nacional de Ascenso

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Title: Torneo Nacional de Ascenso  
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Subject: Rubén Magnano, Torneo Nacional de Ascenso, Guillermo Vecchio, Basketball leagues in South America, Basketball National League
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Torneo Nacional de Ascenso

Torneo Nacional de Ascenso (TNA)
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015-16
Sport Basketball
Inaugural season 1990 (1990)
No. of teams 20
Country Argentina
Most recent champion(s) Unión Progresista
Most titles Quilmes (MDP)
(3 titles)
TV partner(s) TyC Sports
Level on pyramid 2nd
Promotion to Liga Nacional de Básquet
Relegation to Torneo Federal
Official website

The Torneo Nacional de Ascenso (abbreviated "TNA" and literally in English "Second Division National Tournament") is the second division of the Argentine basketball league system. The TNA's predecessor is the Torneo Federal de Básquetbol, which became the third division when TNA was created.

Competition format

The TNA consists of 20 teams, which are divided into two Divisions, North and South, with 10 teams each. The competition format is similar to the Liga A, with a regular season divided in two stages. On the first stage, teams from the same division compete in a double round-robin format, with standings determined by a points system. After the first phase each team carries over 50% of the points obtained to the second stage. On the second stage, each division is split into two groups as follows: the top five teams from the North Division (TNA1 North), the top six teams from the South Division (TNA1 South), and the remaining teams from the North and South groups (TNA2 North and TNA2 South, respectively). Each group then competes in a separate double round-robin.

After the second stage, general standings are defined by merging TNA1 and TNA2 groups into a single table for each division. Playoffs seedings and relegations are determined as follows:

  • 1st to 5th place (TNA1 North) – Advance to the TNA North quarterfinals
  • 1st to 3rd place (TNA2 North) – Advance to the TNA North quarterfinals
  • 1st to 6th place (TNA1 South) – Advance to the TNA South quarterfinals
  • 1st to 2nd place (TNA2 South) – Advance to the TNA South quarterfinals
  • 5th place in TNA2 North – Relegated
  • 6th place in TNA2 South – Relegated

The playoffs consist of two best-of-five divisional series and two best-of-five interdivisional series to decide which teams will earn a promotion to the Liga A. On the promotion semifinals, the higher seed from the South semifinals winners faces the lower seed from the North semifinals winners, and the higher seed from the North semifinals winners faces the lower seed from the South semifinals winners. The winners from the interdivision semifinals define the first of the two promotions while the losers compete in another best-of-five series where the winner faces the TNA Finals loser in a five-game series for the second promotion to the Liga A.

Current teams (2015-16 season)

Source:TNA website.[1]

Team City Province/Area Arena
Alianza Viedma Viedma Río Negro Angel Arias
A.D. Anzorena Mendoza Mendoza
Atenas C. de Patagones Río Negro Carmelo Trípoli
Atlético Echagüe Paraná Entre Ríos Luis Butta
A.A. Banda Norte Río Cuarto Córdoba
C.A. Barrio Parque Córdoba Córdoba
Ciclista Juninense Junín Buenos Aires Coliseo del Boulevard
Estudiantes Olavarría Buenos Aires Carlos Guerrero
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata Buenos Aires
Hindú Resistencia Chaco
Hispano Americano Río Gallegos Santa Cruz
Huracán Trelew Chubut Atilio Viglione
Instituto (Córdoba) Córdoba Córdoba Angel Sandrin
Monte Hermoso Monte Hermoso Buenos Aires Polideportivo Municipal
9 de Julio Río Tercero Córdoba
Oberá Tenis Club Oberá Misiones Oberá Tenis Club
Olimpo Bahía Blanca Buenos Aires
Parque Sur C. del Uruguay Entre Ríos
Petrolero Argentino Cutral Có Neuquén
Platense Florida Buenos Aires
Salta Basket Salta Salta
San Isidro San Francisco Córdoba San Isidro
San Lorenzo Chivilcoy Buenos Aires San Lorenzo
San Martín (Corrientes) Corrientes Corrientes Fortín Rojinegro
Sarmiento Resistencia Chaco Alejo Gronda
Tiro Federal Morteros Córdoba
Tomás de Rocamora C. del Uruguay Entre Ríos Julio C. Pacagnella
La Unión Colón Entre Ríos La Unión
Unión Santa Fe Santa Fe
Quilmes (MDP) Mar del Plata Buenos Aires Islas Malvinas
UNCA R.S. Peña Chaco
Villa Angela Basket Villa Ángela Chaco

List of champions


Season Champion
1990-91 Quilmes (MDP)
1992-93 Deportivo Roca
1993-94 Deportivo Valle Inferior
1994-95 Luz y Fuerza
1995-96 Obras Sanitarias
1996-97 Belgrano de San Nicolás
1997-98 Libertad (S)
1998-99 Quilmes (MDP)
1999-00 Club Cultural y Dep. Belgrano
2000-01 Gimnasia y Esgrima (LP)
2001-02 Ben Hur
2002-03 Central Entrerriano
2003-04 River Plate
2004-05 La Unión
2005-06 Juventud Sionista
2006-07 El Nacional
2007-08 Ciclista Olímpico
2008-09 La Unión
2009-10 Argentino de Junín
2010-11 Quilmes (MDP)
2011-12 Unión Progresista
2012-13 Estudiantes (C)
2013-14 Ciclista Juninense
2014-15 Instituto (C)

Championships by club

Club Titles Seasons won
Quilmes (MDP) 3 1990-91, 1998-99, 2010-11
La Unión 2 2004-05, 2008-09


  1. ^ Posiciones - TNA website, retrieved 29 Sep 2015

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