Triplemania IV-C

Triplemanía IV-B
Promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración
Date June 15, 1996[1]
Attendance 7,000[1]
Venue Orizaba Bullring[1]
City Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico[1]
Triplemanía chronology

Triplemanía IV-A Triplemanía IV-B Triplemanía IV-C

Triplemanía IV-B was the second part of the fourth Triplemanía wrestling show promoted by Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA). 1996 was third year to feature the "Triplemanía Series" of shows with 3, referred to as IV-A, IV-B and IV-C, where this was the second of the series. The show took place on June 15, 1996 in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico. The Main event featured a Lumberjack match between the teams of La Parka, Octagón, and Máscara Sagrada and Killer, Cien Caras, and Heavy Metal.


The event featured six professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds, plots and storylines. Wrestlers were portrayed as either villains (referred to as rudos in Mexico) or fan favorites (técnicos in Mexico) as they followed a series of tension-building events, which culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Los Cadetes Del Espacio (Ludxor, Venum, Boomerang, Thunderbird and Frisbee) defeated Ravana, Black Cat II, El Duende, Espectro, and El Picudo Eight-man "Atómicos" tag team match[1]  
2 Latin Lover, Sergio Romo Jr., and Antifaz defeated Jerry Estrada, El Sanguinario, and Arandu Six-man "Lucha Libre rules" tag team match[1]  
3 Rey Misterio Jr., Oro, Jr., Winners, and Super Caló defeated Perro Silva, Halloween, Kraken, and Mosco de la Merced. Eight-man "Atómicos" tag team match[1]  
4 Los Junior Atómicos (Máscara Sagrada, Jr., Tinieblas Jr., Blue Demon, Jr., and Halcon Dorado Jr.) defeated Los Payasos (Coco Rojo, Coco Verde and Coco Amarillo) and Karis la Momia by disqualification Eight-man "Atómicos" tag team match[1]  
5 Pierroth, Jr. defeated Perro Aguayo, Juventud Guerrera, Konnan, El Pantera, Pimpinela Escarlata, Psicosis and Villaño III Elimination match[1]  
6 La Parka, Octagón, and Máscara Sagrada defeated Killer, Cien Caras, and Heavy Metal Lumberjack match[1]  


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