Twickenham station

Location of Twickenham in Greater London
Location Twickenham
Local authority Richmond upon Thames
Managed by South West Trains
Station code TWI
Number of platforms 5
Fare zone 5

National Rail annual entry and exit
2004–05 3.106 million[1]
2005–06 3.139 million[1]
2006–07 4.902 million[1]
2007–08 5.033 million[1]
2008–09 5.132 million[1]
2009–10 4.799 million[1]
2010–11 5.114 million[1]

22 August 1848 Opened
28 March 1954 Resited 230m east

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    UK Railways portalCoordinates: 51°27′01″N 0°19′47″W / 51.4504°N 0.3296°W / 51.4504; -0.3296

    Twickenham railway station is in Twickenham in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and is in Travelcard Zone 5. The station and all trains serving it are operated by South West Trains.


    The original station, built, after the Gothic plan, on the west side of London Road, was opened by the London and Windsor Railway on 22 August 1848.[2]

    Preparatory work for rebuilding by the Southern Railway in its "Southern Odeon" style on the east of London Road was halted by the outbreak of the World War II,[3] with most trackwork and the vertical edgings of the five planned through platforms in place. After the war some platforms were made level for rugby spectators' trains which were hand-flagged through the embryonic station. It was not until 28 March 1954 that the present station came into use with three through tracks inconveniently having the two up platforms facing each other. The track at platform 1 is disconnected and like that of platform 2 stops at a causeway which allows rugby crowds to reach platform 3 without entering the cramped station building. The original station was demolished immediately after closure and there are no remains to be seen.

    Access avoiding stairs

    With staff attendance platform 3 can be reached across the causeway from the car park and platforms 4 and 5 by a stairlift from the road-level footbridge.


    The typical off-peak service from the station in trains per hour is:


    The RFU has petitioned the government to improve the station to be ready to handle the increased use during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Network Rail has consented to a plan to improve the station[4] and the rolling stock, but progress has stalled because of disagreement between the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames council and some local residents. A judicial review will be carried out in December 2012 of the planning permission that has been granted.[5]

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