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United States House of Representatives elections in Texas, 2000

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Title: United States House of Representatives elections in Texas, 2000  
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Subject: United States Senate election in Texas, 2000, United States House of Representatives elections in Texas, 2002, Texas's 30th congressional district, United States House of Representatives elections, 2000, Elections in Texas
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United States House of Representatives elections in Texas, 2000

The 2000 House elections in Texas occurred on November 7, 2000 to elect the members of the State of Texas's delegation to the United States House of Representatives. Texas had thirty seats in the House, apportioned according to the 1990 United States Census.

These elections occurred simultaneously with the United States Senate elections of 2000, the United States House elections in other states, and various state and local elections.


United States House of Representatives elections in Texas, 2000[1]
Party Votes Percentage Seats Before Seats After +/–
Republican 2,932,411 48.99% 13 13 -
Democratic 2,799,051 46.76% 17 17 -
Libertarian 245,402 4.10% 0 0 -
Independent 8,899 0.15% 0 0 -
Valid votes - -%
Invalid or blank votes - -%
Totals 5,985,763 100.00% 30 30
Voter turnout %


District Incumbent Party First
Results Candidates
Texas 1 Max Sandlin Democratic 1996 Re-elected Max Sandlin (D) 56%
Noble Willingham (R) 44%
Jim Turner Democratic 1996 Re-elected Jim Turner (D) 92%
Sam Johnson Republican 1991 Re-elected Sam Johnson (R) 72%
Billy Wayne Zachary (D) 26%
Ralph Hall Democratic 1980 Re-elected Ralph Hall (D) 61%
Jon Newton (R) 38%
Pete Sessions Republican 1996 Re-elected Pete Sessions (R) 55%
Regina Montoya Coggins (D) 45%
Joe Barton Republican 1984 Re-elected Joe Barton (R) 89%
Bill Archer Republican 1970 Retired
Republican hold
John Culberson (R) 74%
Jeff Sell (D) 25%
Kevin Brady Republican 1996 Re-elected Kevin Brady (R) 92%
Nick Lampson Democratic 1996 Re-elected Nick Lampson (D) 60%
Paul Williams (R) 40%
Lloyd Doggett Democratic 1994 Re-elected Lloyd Doggett (D) 85%
Chet Edwards Democratic 1990 Re-elected Chet Edwards (D) 55%
Ramsey Farley (R) 45%
Kay Granger Republican 1996 Re-elected Kay Granger (R) 63%
Mark Greene (D) 36%
Mac Thornberry Republican 1994 Re-elected Mac Thornberry (R) 68%
Curtis Clinesmith (D) 32%
Ron Paul Republican 1996 Re-elected Ron Paul (R) 60%
Loy Sneary (D) 40%
Ruben Hinojosa Democratic 1996 Re-elected Ruben Hinojosa (D) 89%
Frank Jones (I) 11%
Silvestre Reyes Democratic 1996 Re-elected Silvestre Reyes (D) 69%
Daniel Power (R) 31%
Charles Stenholm Democratic 1978 Re-elected Charles Stenholm (D) 60%
Darrell Clements (R) 36%
Sheila Jackson Lee Democratic 1994 Re-elected Sheila Jackson Lee (D) 77%
Bob Levy (R) 23%
Larry Combest Republican 1984 Re-elected Larry Combest (R) 92%
Charlie Gonzalez Democratic 1998 Re-elected Charlie Gonzalez (D) 88%
Alejandro De Pena (I) 12%
Lamar S. Smith Republican 1986 Re-elected Lamar S. Smith (R) 61%
Joann Matranga (D) 37%
Tom DeLay Republican 1984 Re-elected Tom DeLay (R) 66%
Hill Kemp (D) 34%
Henry Bonilla Republican 1992 Re-elected Henry Bonilla (R) 60%
Isidro Garza (D) 39%
Martin Frost Democratic 1978 Re-elected Martin Frost (D) 62%
Bryndan Wright (R) 37%
Ken Bentsen Democratic 1994 Re-elected Ken Bentsen (D) 60%
Phil Sudan (R) 39%
Dick Armey Republican 1984 Re-elected Dick Armey (R) 73%
Steve Love (D) 26%
Solomon Ortiz Democratic 1982 Re-elected Solomon Ortiz (D) 64%
Pat Ahumada (R) 34%
Ciro Rodriguez Democratic 1997 Re-elected Ciro Rodriguez (D) 89%
William Stallknecht (I) 11%
Gene Green Democratic 1992 Re-elected Gene Green (D) 74%
Joe Vu (R) 26%
Eddie Bernice Johnson Democratic 1992 Re-elected Eddie Bernice Johnson (D) 92%


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