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Viscount of Narbonne

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Title: Viscount of Narbonne  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Alfonso Jordan, 1134, Narbonne, List of rulers of France, Sikelgaita, County of Foix, Guiraut Riquier, Sunifred, Count of Barcelona, Treaty of Corbeil (1258), Bernard of Gothia
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Viscount of Narbonne

The Viscount of Narbonne was the secular ruler of Narbonne in the Middle Ages. Narbonne had been the capital of the Visigoth province of Septimania, until the 8th century, after which it became the Carolingian Viscounty of Narbonne. Narbonne was nominally subject to the Carolingian Counts of Toulouse but was usually governed autonomously. The city was a major port on the Mediterranean Sea. In the 12th century, Ermengarde of Narbonne (reigned 1134 to 1192) presided over one of the cultural centers where the spirit of courtly love was developed. In the 15th century Narbonne passed to the County of Foix and in 1507 to the royal domain of France.

Viscounts of Narbonne

Muslim emirs

  • Umar ibn Umar (747-?)
  • Abd ar-Rahman ibn Uqba (?-759)

Visigothic counts

  • Gilbert (c. 750)
  • Milo (c. 752-753)
  • Unknown (753-759)

Carolingian counts and viscounts

Carolingian vigerii

  • Magnari (c. 790-c. 800)
  • Esturmio (800-811)
  • Quixilà (811-817)

Independent viscounts

  • Quixila (817-821)
  • Agilbert (821-832)
  • Alfonse (832-834)
  • Stephen (834-836)
  • Ermengard (836-852)
    • Augustine (with Ermengard, 836-852)
  • Alaric (852-876)
    • Francis I (with Alaric, 852-876)
  • Lindoi (876-878)
  • Maiol I (878-911)
  • Gauger or Gualquer (c. 911)
  • Francis II (c. 911-924)
  • Odo I (924-933)
    • Volverad (with Odo, c. 924-926)
  • Matfred I (933-966 or 969)
    • Maiol II (with Matfred, 933-952)
  • Raymond I (c. 969-1019/1023)
  • Béranger (1019/1023-c. 1066)
  • Raymond II (1066-1067)
  • Bernard (1066-c. 1077)
  • Aimery I (1077-1105)
  • Aimery II (1105-1134)
  • Ermengarde (1134-1192)

House of Lara

  • Peter of Lara (1192-1202)
  • Aimery III (1202-1239)
  • Amalric I (1239-1270)
  • Aimery IV (1270-1298)
  • Amalric II (1298-1328)
  • Aimery V (1328-1336)
  • Amalric III (1336-1341)
  • Aimery VI (1341-1388)
  • William I (1388-1397)
  • William II (1397-1424)

House of Tinières

  • Peter of Tinières (1424-1447, ruled as William III)

House of Foix


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