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WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship

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Title: WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Satoru Sayama, George Takano, Tatsumi Fujinami, Johnny De Fazio, New Japan Pro Wrestling
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WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship

The WWWF/WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship is a former championship recognized by the World (Wide) Wrestling Federation and New Japan Pro Wrestling for wrestlers of smaller size. The title existed from 1967 through 1985.

In April 1994, the championship belt was used as a trophy for the first ever Super J Cup, which was won by Wild Pegasus.


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Title history

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days held Location Notes
1 Paul DeGalles 1 September, 1965
2 Johnny De Fazio 1 1967
3 Bradley Lowe 1
4 Jonny De Fazio 2
5 Jackie Nicholas 2 New England
6 Johnny De Fazio 3
7 Jackie Nicholas 3
8 Johnny De Fazio 4
- Vacated - 1972 - - De Fazio vacated the title in 1972 upon retirement.
9 Carlos Jose Estrada 1 January 20, 1978 3 Uniondale, New York Defeated Tony Garea to reestablish the title in the WWWF.
10 Tatsumi Fujinami 1 January 23, 1978 617 New York City, New York Moves to New Japan Pro Wrestling with the title.
11 Ryuma Go 1 October 2, 1979 2 Osaka, Japan
12 Tatsumi Fujinami 2 October 4, 1979 789 Tokyo, Japan
- Vacated - December 1981 - - Fujinami entered the heavyweight division.
13 Tiger Mask 1 January 1, 1982 125 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Dynamite Kid for the vacant title, then vacated the title in April 1982 due to injury.
14 Black Tiger
(original, Mark Rocco)
1 May 6, 1982 20 Fukuoka, Japan Defeated Gran Hamada in decision match.
15 Tiger Mask 2 May 26, 1982 312 Osaka, Japan
- Vacated - April 3, 1983 - - Tiger Mask was injured by the Dynamite Kid in a tag team match two nights before. On the same April 3, Dynamite Kid and Kuniaki Kobayashi fought for the title and no winner was declared.
16 Tiger Mask 3 June 13, 1983 60 Mexico City, Mexico Defeated Fishman in decision match.
- Vacated - August 12, 1983 - - Tiger Mask retired.
17 Dynamite Kid 1 February 7, 1984 268 Tokyo, Japan Won a tournament final over The Cobra on February 7, 1984 in Tokyo. Dave Boy Smith was watching from ringside. Vacated the title in November 1984 when British Bulldogs jump to All Japan Pro Wrestling.
18 The Cobra 1 December 28, 1984 143 New York City, New York Defeated Black Tiger in decision match.
19 Hiro Saito 1 May 20, 1985 69 Hiroshima, Japan
20 The Cobra 2 July 28, 1985 95 Osaka, Japan
- Vacated - October 31, 1985 - - Vacated and abandoned when New Japan and the WWF split.
Shiro Koshinaka defeats The Cobra on June 28, 1986 in Tokyo to become the first IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

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