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Where the Heart Is (1997 TV series)

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Title: Where the Heart Is (1997 TV series)  
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Subject: Jason Done, Philip Middlemiss, Chris Fountain, Leslie Ash, Holliday Grainger
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Where the Heart Is (1997 TV series)

Where the Heart Is
Genre Family drama
Created by Vicky Featherstone
Ashley Pharoah
Starring the cast
Opening theme Prefab Sprout – "Where the Heart Is"
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 10
No. of episodes 110
Producer(s) United Productions (later Granada) with:
Anglia Television (1997–2001)
Meridian Broadcasting (2002—2005)
Granada Television (2006)
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel ITV
Picture format 4:3, 16:9
Original release 6 April 1997 – 10 September 2006

Where the Heart Is is a British television family drama series set in the fictional Yorkshire town of Skelthwaite. First shown in 1997, it was created by Ashley Pharoah and Vicky Featherstone and focuses on the professional and personal lives of the district nurses who work in the town. The original leads were Sarah Lancashire and Pam Ferris, who played sisters-in-law and colleagues at the Skelthwaite Health Centre. Both actresses had left the series by 2000, however, the format of at least two female leads continued with various actresses until the show's end. A typical episode would focus on one or two medical storylines interwoven with personal stories featuring one or both nurses.

One of ITV's longest-running shows, Where the Heart Is was known for being what has been described as a haven for former soap stars, including Lancashire, Philip Middlemiss, Samantha Giles, Kerrie Taylor, Brian Capron and Shobna Gulati. In October 2006, the series was cancelled after nine years, despite viewing figures of well over 7 million.[1]

The theme song "Where the Heart is" was performed by Prefab Sprout (written and sung by Paddy McAloon). It was released as a single and appears on the band's 38 Carat Collection.

The programme is now repeated on ITV3.


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  • Production 2
  • Cast 3
    • Final cast 3.1
    • Notable ex-cast members 3.2
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The show followed the lives of the people of Skelthwaite, a fictional small Yorkshire town; particularly the work of the district nurses at the town's health centre. It originally focused on the extended Snow and Goddard family — sisters-in-law and close friends Peggy Snow (Ferris) and Ruth Goddard (Lancashire) worked together as district nurses, while Ruth's husband and Peggy's younger brother Simon (Thomas Craig) was the town's main employer through his paper products factory. Peggy's husband Vic (Tony Haygarth) and her children Stephen and Lucy provided family-focused storylines which sat alongside the medical-based plots.

The programme underwent major changes at the end of series three and beginning of series four, with first Lancashire and then Ferris departing. Ruth and Simon split, with Ruth moving to Australia and Peggy tragically dying following a road accident involving a horse which also left her daughter Lucy fighting for her life. Storylines continued to focus on the rest of the family, with Simon and Vic adjusting to life as single men (and for Vic, as a single father), whilst old friends Anna Kirkwall (Lesley Dunlop) and Karen Buckley (Leslie Ash) took over at the health centre. Anna began a romance with Simon, only for her to reject him just before their wedding day, knowing that he wanted to be with Ruth and Alfie in Australia, whilst Karen's marriage to David (Philip Middlemiss) crumbled when she chose to focus on helping her long-lost son recover from his drug addiction (leading to Ash's departure from the series in 2003). Anna and David later became a couple, married and remained the show's lead characters for the rest of its run. Several other nurses would work alongside Anna during this time, most notably Sally Boothe (Samantha Giles), whose family became the focus of many of the non-medical storylines after the remaining members of the Snow family departed in 2002. In an echo of the Snow family's development, Sally was also killed off, with later storylines focusing on her family's attempts to cope without her.

Over the years the cast was expanded and the show became more of an ensemble drama, with typically three major nurse characters at any one time alongside other townsfolk (typically workers at Goddard's Paper Products and their families).


The series was filmed in the Colne and Holme valleys of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire using the real life villages of Marsden, Slaithwaite and Meltham for many of the external shots. The first series was mostly filmed in Slaithwaite, with some exterior shots filmed in the village of Baildon, but from series 2 onwards, Marsden was used as the principal filming location.


Final cast

Notable ex-cast members


Series 1

[01x01] Skelthwaite

[01x02] Things Fall Apart

[01x03] Summoned by Bells

[01x04] A Place In The World 51m

[01x05] King Walter

[01x06] Dream

Series 2

[02x01] TITLE

[02x02] The Healing Game 51m

[02x03] Fresh 50m

[02x04] Gone Fishing 50m

[02x05] Darkness Follows 51m

[02x06] Family Matters 51m

[02x07] Icepops 50m

[02x08] No Place Like Home 51m

[02x09] She Goes On

[02x10] Love

Series 3

[03x01] TITLE

[03x02] TITLE

[03x03] TITLE

[03x04] Letting Go

[03x05] Moving On

[03x06] Home

[03x07] Reach For The Stars 51m

[03x08] New Moon Arising 49m

[03x09] Not My Brother 50m

[03x10] A Special Language 50m

[03x11] TITLE

[03x12] Runaway 49m

[03x13] Union 49m

Series 4

[04x01] Breaking The Ice 49m

[04x02] No Regrets 49m

[04x03] The Dead Zone 50m

[04x04] TITLE

[04x05] Visiting Rights 49m

[04x06] The Leaving Party 49m

[04x07] A Freign Field 50m

[04x08] Unforgettable 50m

[04x09] A Good Day 49m

[04x10] TITLE

[04x11] Idle hands 50m

[04x12] Over The Rainbow 49m

[04x13] Modern Love 49m

[04x14] Legacy 47m

[04x15] Getting Better 50m

Series 5

[05x01] Happiness 48m

[05x02] Runaways 48m

[05x03] Sanctuary 48m

[05x04] Choices 48m

[05x05] The Ties That Bind 47m

[05x06] TITLE

[05x07] Faith 47m

[05x08] Pound Of Flesh 48m

[05x09] Damage 48m

[05x10] TITLE

[05x11] Temptation 48m

[05x12] As Time Goes By 48m

[05x13] Declaration 48m

[05x14] Cats And Dogs 48m

[05x15] TITLE

[05x16] The Team 48m

Series 6

[06x01] No Turning Back 48m

[06x02] Relative Strangers 48m

[06x03] Happy Returns 48m

[06x04] TITLE

[06x05] TITLE

[06x06] United We Stand 48m

[06x07] Hold My Hand 48m

[06x08] Don't Let Go 47m

[06x09] Never Alone 48m

[06x10] TITLE

[06x11] TITLE

[06x12] Extra Time 48m

Series 7

[07x01] My Way 49m

[07x02] TITLE

[07x03] The Need Of You 49m

[07x04] TITLE

[07x05] Not Waving But Drowning 49m

[07x06] A Time To Dance 49m

[07x07] Coming Home 48m

[07x08] Mister And Missus 48m

Series 8

[08x01] Bowl Of Cherries< 46mbr />

[08x02] TITLE

[08x03] Moon River 47m

[08x04] The Games We Play 47m

[08x05] Little Boy Blue 47m

[08x06] Skin Deep 47m

[08x07] Body And Soul 47m

[08x08] Never Can Say Goodbye 47m

Series 9

[09x01] Care 47m

[09x02] TITLE

[09x03] Stamp Of Approval 47m

[09x04] Sisters Under The Skin 47m

[09x05] Together 47m

[09x06] Legacy 48m

[09x07] Brief Encounters 47m

[09x08] Peaches And Cream 47m

[09x09] So Long 47m

[09x10] In A Prefect World 47m

Series 10

[10x01] RSVP 45m

[10x02] Greater Love 46m

[10x03] Home Grown 46m

[10x04] Walk Of Faith 46m

[10x05] TITLE

[10x06] Finding Heaven 46m

[10x07] Don't Look Back In Anger 46m

[10x08] Flesh And Blood 46m

[10x09] And On The Way I Dropped It 46m

DVD release

DVDs of the series in the UK are listed below, released by Network DVD. So far Series 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been released.

DVD Season Ep # Original aired Region 2 (UK)
Series 1 6 6 April – 11 May 1997 27 March 2006[2]
Series 2 10 19 April – 5 July 1998 21 May 2012[3]
Series 3 14 18 April – 25 July 1999 6 May 2013 [4]
Series 4 16 30 April – 3 September 2000 10 March 2014[5]
Series 5 16 22 April – 12 August 2001 TBA
Series 6 12 21 April – 7 July 2002 TBA
Series 7 9 6 July – 23 December 2003 TBA
Series 8 8 11 July – 29 August 2004 TBA
Series 9 10 26 June – 28 August 2005 TBA
Series 10 9 16 July – 10 September 2006 TBA


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