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Wulfhild of Norway

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Title: Wulfhild of Norway  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, Magnus the Good, Henry the Lion, Olaf II of Norway, Magnus, Duke of Saxony, Ordulf, Duke of Saxony, Astrid Olofsdotter, List of Saxon consorts
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Wulfhild of Norway

Wulfhild of Norway
Princess of Norway
Duchess of Saxony
Duchess of Saxony
Regin 29 June 1059 – 24 May 1071
Cornonation 1059
Predecessor Eilika of Schweinfurt
Successor Gertrude of Haldensleben
Spouse Ordulf, Duke of Saxony
Magnus, Duke of Saxony
Dynasty Fairhair (by birth)
Billung (by marriage)
Father Olaf II of Norway
Mother Astrid Olofsdotter
Born 1020
Died 24 May 1071
Religion Christianity

Wulfhild (1020 – 24 May 1071), Old West Norse: Úlfhildr Ólafsdóttir, Swedish: Ulfhild Olofsdotter, was a Norwegian princess and a duchess of Saxony, wife of Ordulf, Duke of Saxony.

Wulfhild was born in 1020 to Olaf II of Norway and Astrid Olofsdotter of Sweden. Her half-brother was Magnus the Good. She was likely born and raised in Sarpsborg. In 1028, she accompanied her parents to Vestlandet, and in 1029, she left Norway for Sweden with them. It is not determined whether she followed her father and half-brother on their trip to Russia or remained in Sweden with her mother, but she did live in Sweden between the death of her father in 1030 until she returned with her half-brother Magnus to Norway in 1035, when he became king. Wulfhild is described as a beauty, and is regarded to have been in a respected position in the capacity of the only legitimate issue of her father.

On 10 November 1042, she was married to duke of Saxony Ordulf of Billung, son of Bernard II and Eilika of Schweinfurt. This marriage was supposed to strengthen the alliance between Saxony and Denmark; her half-brother expected the support of her consort to strengthen his position in Denmark by fighting the vendians. The marriage ceremony was celebrated in Schleswig during these political negotiations. Her consort did remain loyal to the alliance, but the information about Wulfhild is limited and nothing is known of any of her opinions.

Wulfhild and Ordulf had a son, Magnus.


  • Norsk biografisk leksikon. Den store norske
Wulfhild of Norway
Cadet branch of the Yngling dynasty
Born: 1020 Died: 24 May 1071
German royalty
Title last held by
Eilika of Schweinfurt
Duchess consort of Saxony
Title next held by
Gertrude of Haldensleben
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