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Yeo Yann Yann

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Title: Yeo Yann Yann  
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Yeo Yann Yann

Yeo Yann Yann
Born (1977-02-20) February 20, 1977 (age 37)
Other names Yann Yeo
Height 1.56 m (5 ft 1 12 in)

Yeo Yann Yann (Chinese: 杨雁雁; pinyin: Yáng Yànyàn; born 1977) is a Singapore-based actress. A pioneer-graduate of The Theatre Training and Research Programme (TTRP),[1] she has worked in theatre, television, and film; recent performances include Singapore Dreaming (as Mei), Thunderstorm 雷雨 (as Fan Yi 蘩漪) and a movie in August 2007, 881.[2] Besides acting, Yann Yann also hosts bilingual events and performs for corporate skits and projects. She was born in Malaysia, and is of Chinese descent.


Year Title of Performance Produced by
2011 Petaling Street Warriors Juita Entertainment
2009 Crab Flower Club Toy Factory Productions
2008 To Kill A Mockingbird Sharon Ang
2008 National Language Class (Rerun) Spell Seven Performance Club
2008 Chesty Nutty Bang Bang: The Hairspray of the Phoenix STAGES
2007 The Tosca Project The Theatre Practice
2006 Legends Alive Online : Mama Looking For Her Cat 2006 [1] The Theatre Practice
2006 Thunderstorm 雷雨 [2] The Theatre Practice
2006 National Language Class [3] Spell Seven Performance Club
2006 Stranger At Home 独在家乡为异客 DramaBox
2006 A Beautiful Companion [4] Theatreworks
2005 Separation Forty The Necessary Stage
2005 The Admiral’s Odyssey [5] Action Theatre
2005 Boxing Day [6] The Necessary Stage
2004 Wu Jun Ru And You and Me And Him 吴君如和你和我和他 The Theatre Practice
2004 Private Parts [7] Vizpro
2004 Tempest [8] The Theatre Practice
2004 Water Station [9] TTRP
2003 Lights Up The Theatre Practice
 ? The Day I Met The Prince The Theatre Practice
2003 Lim Tzay Chuen TTRP/Theatreworks
2003 Tartuffe TTRP
2003 The Tiger Tally TTRP
2001 Dragon Dance The Finger Players
2000 Invisibility [10] Drama Box
1999 Red Hawk The Theatre Practice
1998 Storm Toy Factory
1997 Comedy Of Mistakes Toy Factory

Film & Television

Singapore Dreaming

Main article: Singapore Dreaming

Her role as Mei in the movie, Singapore Dreaming also garnered rave reviews from the Press for her performance. Mei has been brought up against the favoritism of her parents. Mei is the underappreciated daughter of the family, married to CK, whom she occasionally henpecks. Indignant that younger brother Seng was sent overseas when she was the one whose academic performance was more distinguished, she bears a patent grudge against Seng. Mei's struggle against her family prejudice, career obstacles, financial difficulties allowed Yann Yann to fully display her flair in acting.

What was interesting was although the producers were unacquainted with Yann Yann, they used her face as a reference when writing for the character, Mei.

The film bagged the Montblanc New Screenwriters Award at the 54th San Sebastian International Film Festival, and was the first Singaporean film to receive an IFFPA-recognised international feature film award.


Feature Films

Year of Release Title Role
2013 Paper Moon Lead
2011 Petaling Street Warriors Lead
2010 Being Human Lead
2009 Love Matters Lead
2008 18 Grams of Love [11] Lead
2008 Muallaf (in post production) [12] Supporting
2008 12 Lotus [3] Bit part
2007 [13] Lead
2007 One Last Dance Bit part
2006 [15] Ensemble
2006 High Cost Of Living [16] Supporting

Short Films

Year Title
2007 Ah Ma [17]
2007 Flat Dreams [18]
2006 Tracks [19]
2006 Hello? [20]
2005 Heave
 ? The Last Flight of the Red Butterflies


Year Title
2005 GhostBoys (series for 3G phones)
2005 POV Murder (series for 3G phones)


Previously only noted for role as Chen Mei Li (陈美丽) in The Right Frequency, Yann Yann has been progressively seen more frequently on local television programmes since 2008. Notable performances include Food Goin' Bananas (2008) and The A-Go-Go Princess (2009). In 2009 also, she played as the female leading actress in The Iron Lady (女头家), produced by ntv7, Malaysia.[4]

Television Programme Listing

The Iron Lady (Malaysian TV series) (女头家)
The A-Go-Go Princess (穿越阿哥哥)
Food Goin’ Bananas
Stories of Love: Anthology Series
18g of Love – HD Telemovie
Do Not Disturb [21]
In Her Prime
Right Frequency (播音人)
A Date With Kym (钟琴有约)


Awards & Nominations

2010 Golden Awards NTV7 (Best Actress)[5] WINNER
2009 9th LIFE! Theatre Awards for Best Actress (National Language Class)
2007 7th LIFE! Theatre Awards for Best Actress (Thunderstorm) WINNER
2007 7th LIFE! Theatre Awards for Best Ensemble Acting (Mama Looking For Her Cat)
2006 1st Front Awards [22]
2005 5th LIFE! Theatre Awards for Best Ensemble Acting (Wu Jun Ru And You And Me And Him)



Yann Yann talks about her love of acting, her acting mentor (the late theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun)[23] and pursuing her aspirations (in Chinese). [24]

Radio station Lush995 speaks to Yann Yann on her recent and latest acting projects [April 2007] [25]

Speak Chinese Campaign

Yann Yann has also been featured in the Singapore Speak Chinese Campaign (华语cool!) in her character image for the Singaporean local film 881 by Royston Tan.


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